Package 1: We’ll spend a one and a half to two-hour session with you to determine what your goals are, where you’re in alignment –and where you’re not – and why. Consider it a deep strategy session, where we can learn about your business. It all starts with a foundation so we need to start there. What is your foundation? What message do you want to convey? What action items are part of that desired outcome? For example, buying a product or service, changing sentiment about an issue, etc.

We’ll listen to your desired outcome, assess and then provide a guidance to get you and your business in sync. After the interactive session, we’ll send you a proposal with recommendations to jump start you to the next level.

Package 2: Picking up where package 1 left off, we invite you back for a channeled session so you can feel that soul connection. Why is this important?

Ever work for a company where you love your job but not the corporate culture or CEO? The same applies to buying products or services – do you love their offerings but question their ethics? Remember, it starts with you, so you need to be in soul alignment for success and harmony to follow.  Come armed with your most pressing questions, which may uncover hidden forces that are stopping you from reaching your full potential, whether you run your own or work for someone else. Following the channeled session, you’ll receive the recording and suggested action items to accelerate the process.

Package 3: We recommend starting with Package 1 or 2, so we can get a better idea of your internal compass and what blockages are in the way from sustainable success, however neither package is a pre-requisite. If you simply want to work with us on branding, marketing and positioning, then you’re in the right place.

We’ll go through a comprehensive two-hour strategy session to learn about your goals and what image you’d like to embody or project for your products and/or services. Your branding needs to be in alignment with your vision, voice and niche. After our strategy session, we’ll create a plan, which will include recommendations for branding, messaging and positioning. You’ll not only leave with a foundation, but also understand how to execute.

Speaking & Presentations: Have a presentation or keynote coming up? Or, perhaps you’ve always wanted to give a TED or TEDx talk?

Renee has been a co-curator and producer of one of the largest and most prestigious TEDx events in the United States for over a decade and has coached dozens of speakers on their talks.

In addition to working with you to create the most compelling and provocative story that will emotionally uplift the audience, you’ll receive coaching on how to deliver your talk in a powerful way, so people will be motivated towards action. There are countless ways you can leverage your talks, your presentations and your “asks.” Whether it’s a keynote, speech at a conference or important event or a TED talk, we can help you create magic on the stage.

Renee has 30 years of experience as a Branding, Marketing and PR go-to-market strategist. Often called a force of naturewith an unstoppable vision, she has helped dozens of companies, artists, entrepreneurs, authors and visionaries from around the world, launch their creations into the market.

Whether you want an in-depth communications and PR strategy, a social media campaign, or a full-blown media relations program, we can create a foundation you can integrate into your overall marketing plan. If you want a more comprehensive solution, we can also execute onsocial media deliverables that are aligned with your vision (and voice).

Soul Alignment matters here too, because if your Higher Self (or Higher Mind) isn’t calling the shots, you’ll ultimately hit a wall. In order for success to be sustainable, everything must be in sync.

We’ve talked about branding, positioning, marketing and PR, but what about your platform and/or website? What are you using to funnel your leads? Are you using the most efficient ways to move those leads into long term customers or clients?

Combining our experience in writing, editing, naming, logos, design, tone, style and storytelling, we can create the content, recommend your look-and-feel and produce a responsive website that aligns with your vision.

You need clarity. You need alignment. You need a voice. You need a brand that people not just remember, but respect and feel drawn into–  and all of it needs to be in harmony and balance, which is so often where others fall short.We combine our Soul Alignment strategies with our marketing, branding and design experience to help you rise above the noise.