What is Your Soul’s Evolution™ ? We’ve developed a curriculum under the Study with Spirit® umbrella that takes you from the beginning of your spiritual journey through to an advanced level, starting with core courses (and selected ancillary courses) you can take in real-time with us via Zoom or from one of our pre-recorded “on-demand” offerings.

We call it Your Soul’s Evolution™ because each level allows you to go deeper into your soul’s journey while shifting your consciousness along the way. Although we include ancient wisdom and teachings across cultures, we have also created exercises and opportunities to interact with others so you can embody that knowledge in a way that is integrative and meaningful.

Unless you embody what you learn, you won’t open up your heart and surrender, which is necessary to truly live a spiritually-rich life. Without embodiment of the practice, conscious and heart-centered living simply isn’t sustainable.

The rich experiences that you will have from taking our live courses, classes at your own pace and/or joining our community will not only transform how you see your own life’s purpose but also how you view others and everything else around you, including the planet and even the universe itself.

You will begin to show up each and every moment of your day, shining your light to others which will shift your consciousness and everything around you. Through a quantum lens, they might call it a Ripple Effect. Once we are present to and conscious about what we do or say and how we think, we become aware of the domino effect we have on all energy, which includes all living things, including the void and the dark matter we can’t see or understand.

The core courses in the Your Soul’s Evolution™ curriculum include:

  • How to Connect to Your Spirit Guides
  • The Energy Body & the Soul
  • Healing Through the Chakras
  • The Art of Creation: Manifest Through Spirit

Some of the ancillary courses include:

  • The Gnostic Teachings
  • Channeling: How to Access Other Dimensions
  • The Seraphim Energies & Sacred Geometry
  • Modern Mystery School with Mary Magdalene
  • Ancient Wisdom from Yeshua’s Parables
  • Healing Through the ‘Angelic Realm’

We encourage you to watch our short video about Your Soul’s Evolution™ to learn more.

We also offer an Advanced Program by application only — you can find out more about our Blue Soul MASTERS Advanced Program here and be sure to watch our short video about the program as well.

Learn more about our ongoing subscription program as well called Blue Soul IGNITE! and if you’re a Mary Magdalene fan, check out our monthly membership program for women.

If you’re interested in joining us through all of the levels, then feel free to email us at info @ bluesoulearth.com.  Level 7 allows you to branch out and teach our courses to others as part of the Blue Soul Earth® family.

We’re committed to your personal and spiritual growth and hope to work with you on your journey.

In gratitude,

Renee & Anthony