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About Renee 

An empath and spiritual intuitive, Renee Blodgett is co-founder of Blue Soul Earth®.   Having traveled to over 90 countries and lived in 11, she is passionate about cultures & customs, particularly how they integrate higher consciousness & healing. Combining what she has learned across six continents, she incorporates wisdom from Shamanism & Buddhism, as well as pagan, ‘indigenous ceremony’ and sound healing into her work.

Her spiritual life wasn’t always the main core of her life as it is today.  Her formal studies and degrees from London stemmed from International Communications, Anthropology & Social Sciences, which led to a career in branding, public relations, journalism and marketing.  As founder of Magic Sauce Media™, she helped hundreds of brands, artists, musicians and entrepreneurs around the world get aligned with their vision and find their voice, one which would shine and stand out in a noisy and ambiguous world.

She is also the founder and editor of online magazine We Blog the World™, and has spoken about transformative experiences and journeys globally. Renee also published five photo books on travel and the human condition. She has partnered with organizations such as The Healing Summit, Gathering for Humanity, New Living Expo, Wisdom 2.0, IONS (Institute for Noetic Sciences) and the New York Times Travel Show.

As a spokesperson for many, she has appeared on and in Good Morning America, USA Today, Hollywood Reporter, Wall Street Journal, Travel & Leisure, Digital Hollywood, Just Breathe Magazine, BBC, CBS, Huffington Post, NPR and others.

Renee is also a curator of TEDxBerkeley, one of the largest TEDx events in the country and spearheaded content for TEDxUNPlaza, the only TEDx event held at the United Nations.

With a tagline that touted: Only Those Who See the Invisible, Can Do the Impossible, she has attracted many with a curiosity and purpose beyond what we perceive to be true. As she dove deeper into helping CEOs and engineers build and launch technology solutions, she saw people becoming more committed to a digital world and less connected to the beauty and messiness of all things human.

She is now dedicated to a calling she first heard when living in Africa, Europe and the Middle East in her twenties. That calling is focused on heart-centered living and helping others move beyond the constraints of the perceived struggle which so often holds us back from living our full potential. Renee is also a Solas Reiki Master, an Usui/Karuna Holy Fire Reiki practitioner and a certified sound healer.

Today, she is committed to awakening and igniting the soul with her partner Anthony through on and offline courses, an advanced spiritual program, retreats around the globe and other unique and hand-crafted experiences.

About Anthony

As the co-founder of Blue Soul Earth®Anthony Compagnone has been guided by Spirit for as long as he can remember, however he kept his most powerful healing gift as a channel at bay until the second half of his life.

Anthony a full embodied channel, who is clairvoyant, clairsentient, claircognizant and clairtangent. He is able to tap into those hidden and inner worlds that shamans and spiritual masters so often speak of and innately know – it is in this world of “Spirit” or “Higher Dimensions and Realms” where ancient knowledge and healing often takes place, working through the body which merely acts as a vessel for what appears to be transcendent to our human eyes and ears.

Call them what you may – elementals, spirits, ancestors, helpers, guardians or forces for good – the combined energies of all show up as ‘Ascended Masters & Guides’ when he channels…without religious dogma or structured belief systems.

Guided by Spirit for as long as he can remember, he kept his most powerful healing gift as a spiritual trance medium at bay until the second half of his life. Today, he connects directly with these ‘hidden realms’ to serve others, relaying healing messages and guidance from ‘guides’ to help people on their own journey.

Raised as an Italian catholic, he is now passionate about breaking down the barriers between structured and traditional religious dogma and pure spirituality. Acutely aware that stepping into a higher consciousness and embarking on a journey of awakening is a process that requires forgiveness, trauma clearing and divine love, his work with his partner Renee starts from a place of acceptance and embracing all walks of life.

It is not unusual to find them both buried in books on Buddhism, Wiccan, Judaism, Christianity, Islam and Shamanism all in the same month.

Anthony is also a Solas Reiki Master as well as a Usui/Karuna Holy Fire Reiki practitioner.  He is also a long time Vinyasa yogi and often meditates in their mystical garden where Buddha, humming birds, geese and gemstones dominate.

He has a number of Martial Arts accreditations and specializes in Kung Fu and Chinese Kempo, where he is licensed to teach self-defense techniques. He is a Sifu in Dan Black Belt Chinese Kempo and Black Sash in Shippalgi Korean Kung Fu, a Master of Iron Palm Training, as well as a Martial Arts Specialist in Combat Sports, Physical Fitness and a specialist in “Prana Yama:” The Art of Breath Control”.  Also a big fan of Qigong, he taps into some of its best practices to ground himself and stay centered before and after his spiritual work.

Passionate about linguistics, he speaks five languages: English, Spanish, French, Dutch and Italian. Well versed in semantics and cultural code switching, he is able to assist others who have a hard time integrating into new societies, especially when relocating to a new area.

With a masters in Education, Speech & Language Pathology and a credited CCC-SLP, he has helped under-served populations and schools for over twenty years with their speech disabilities and learning delays. He is founder of Speech Synergy™, which is dedicated to helping people with their speech needs. Additionally, Anthony has a degree in French and Italian Literature and Philosophy.  

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