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Our mission is to raise global consciousness and accelerate ascension. Some of the services we offer include private channeling sessions, group sessions in person or via Zoom, Blue Soul Circles, events and workshops. We also offer teaching through our Study with Spirit courses and Dining with Spirit, which is a unique private event you can book to have a channeling experience over dinner. We can also work off-site on a spiritual trip, cruise, safari or retreat or at a private dinner.

Anthony has the gift of clairvoyance, claircognizance, clairtangency (psychometry) and is a trance medium, whereas Renee has the gift of clairsentience, claircognizance, psychography (automatic writing), is an intuitive and an empath. We combine our abilities to help you on your Soul’s Journey, whether that be connecting to Higher Dimensions during a private session, event, with a group or helping you transcend in your life or business.

Private Channeling Session

You can hire us for a private full embodied channeling experience. Renee & Anthony both act as vessels or conduits to channel Ascended Masters from Higher Dimensions.   It is truly a unique ability we are honored to share with you as it has been validating and transformative for many.

Channeling to a Group

Currently, Blue Soul Circles are held in San Francisco and northern California in a sacred space. Our goal is to expand these experiences to other locations around the globe, so if you are interested in hiring us to lead one in your company, group, club, organization or even home, contact us.

You’ll be asked to fill out a short questionnaire after booking so we can best cater to your group’s needs and desires.   The circles serve to help those interested in accelerating consciousness, yearning for a deeper exploration of spirituality and how mindfulness and a spiritual life can transform who we are and everything around us.

There is no religious dogma here – all of our work at Blue Soul is about embracing everyone’s diverse gifts and honoring all divine walks of life, whether you stem from Buddhism, Shamanism, Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, Shintoism, Paganism or perhaps its none of the above and you simply have faith in Mother Earth or meditate and practice yoga as your source of inspiration and life charter.  As long as your practice involves tapping into a higher consciousness, it doesn’t matter where you sit, the labels you wear or the beliefs that you hold.

We are currently booking circles for group sizes of 4-50. The results for people have ranged from validating, affirming, peaceful and loving to aligned, deeply healing and transformative.  Read our testimonials to get an idea of what others have experienced from one-on-one sessions and our Blue Soul Circles.

Channel & Speak at Event or Workshop

Hire us to channel and speak at an event or workshop. Types of workshops that would make a great fit for the work we do include: building conscious businesses, living your life purpose, accelerating consciousness, East meets West philosophies, living your truth, spiritual and consciousness events, manifesting a business or new life, periods of transition, personal and professional empowerment, healing workshops, etc.

We find that the most effective group size is 25 or smaller although we can do workshops for up to 50, which include background on channeling, sound healing, meditation and more. If you’re holding a larger event or conference, we recommend break-out sessions throughout the day to accommodate more people in smaller groups so we have enough time to connect with people more personally and directly.

Curate or Lead a Spiritual Trip, Retreat or Cruise

We have a ton of experience in the travel industry. Travel is something we know well — having traveled to over 90 countries, having lived in ten, we are well versed in other cultures and languages. We also run We Blog the World, which has over 1,000 pages of content on inspiring destinations, hotels, wellness stays, safaris, cruises, food/wine, spiritual retreats, events and more.  Its tagline is Transformative Travel, which is about transformation inside and out, on the road and in our own backyard at home. It starts within.

What a better way to awaken and ignite your soul than to experience the Spiritual Realm in your favorite destination, on a sacred ground or during a relaxing cruise? We can channel the Other Side in a designated space on a trip (we find that our spiritual work is enhanced when in nature or on spiritually charged ground), on a cruise, safari or retreat.

In addition to leading Blue Soul Circles or workshops on-site, we can offer individual channeling experiences with guests and attendees …. on land or at sea. This would be a fee-based project for putting together and leading a customized experience for attendees plus travel expenses. Renee has over 20 years of experience in communications, public relations, marketing and event management, so rest assured, we can also add high touch elements to make your guests feel cared for and embraced.  We can create a customized experience in almost any destination.

Dining with Spirit

Imagine having a dining experience with Spirit at the helm. Our Dining with Spirit™ experiences are often in nature or on sacred land and include a teaching portion from the Ascended Masters we channel as well as an exquisite healthy dining experience.

Attendees have an opportunity to experience the Ascended Masters we channel before, during and after dinner. You’ll have an opportunity to ask your most pressing questions about the Soul’s Purpose, Journey, the trajectory of humanity, or even the Cosmos itself. Visit our Dining with Spirit page for more information and contact us to customize something for you.

Study with Spirit

We offer afternoon, evening and 4 Week Long LIVE Online Courses via Zoom on the Soul’s Journey, Heart-Based Living, Global Consciousness & beyond. Live channeling and energy healing is always part of these experiences so registered attendees have an opportunity to speak directly to the Ascended Masters we channel in real time. Visit our Study with Spirit page for more information and contact us to customize something for you.

Blue Soul Travel

Blue Soul Travel is the sister site to We Blog the World, an online travel magazine and site dedicated to Transformative Travel. Whereas We Blog the World is focused on more traditional aspects of travel, the content focuses on mindfulness, consciousness and sustainability at spiritual destinations, events, cruises, retreats and sacred sites around the world. We also co-create and co-produce sacred retreats and unique spiritual experiences around the world.

Content includes spiritual destinations and tours, wellness and spiritual cruises, holistic experiences, meditation and yoga retreats, safaris, events & festivals dedicated to helping humanity and raising consciousness, renewing trips in nature and more. If you want to host, sponsor or partner, contact us and be sure to check out We Blog the World as well for some inspiring reading.

Blue Soul Summit

Blue Soul Summit (s) take place on and offline throughout the year.  The Summit brings together some of the most powerful and passionate spiritual teachers, leaders, authors, visionaries and healers for a few days of magical connection.

Visit our Blue Soul Summit page.

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