So, What’s a Private Session Like?

You can schedule an appointment with us for a private full embodied channeling experience. Together, we act as vessels or conduits to channel the Ascended Masters who speak collectively as one voice.  It is a unique ability we are honored to share with you as it has been validating and transformative for many. See some of our testimonials.

What happens is truly up to the soul, which means that your soul calls forth the necessary information and/or healing that is needed at a particular time. Here are some of the things people may experience during a private session.

  • An increase in one’s “vibration” by being in the resonance field of the Ascended Masters we channel

  • Access to your Akash (Akashic Records) to retrieve information on how you’re connected to people in your life — this one or the past — as well as memory imprints from past lives.

  • Direct one-to-one communication with the Ascended Masters. (Yeshua, Magdalene et al)

  • Direct communication with one’s soul.

  • Direct communication with the angelic realms. (Seraphim, Archangels & Angels)

  • Direct counseling with the Ascended Masters concerning relationships, personal development & career.

  • Clarity on your soul’s purpose in this lifetime.

  • Acknowledgement of your soul as an ‘energy being.’

  • Healing and adjustments of the Chakras via scanning of your energy body.

  • Strengthening of your meridians to increase potential as an ‘energy being.’  

  • Cleansing of “DNA Plexus” to increase purification of your energy body.

  • Understanding of your own personal guides in this lifetime.

  • How to better connect with your own personal spirit guides in this lifetime.

Book Private Session

Sessions are done via Zoom so we can work with you on any time zone.  If there are no dates or times available in our schedule or if none of the dates presented work for you, email us at info @ bluesoulearth dot com.