sets ego aside to heal & uplift

The intense celestial energy of unconditional love which came through, assisted me in braking new grounds. The transmission of Love was extraordinary and lasted for several days. Personality and ego is set side so celestial beings can heal and uplift you through their LOVE for humanity.

Dr. Gabriele Hilberg
Ph.D., MFT Psychologist

masters at channeling messages we need to hear most

A master at connecting with Angels, Masters & Guides and channeling the messages that we each need to hear most. A truly rare gift, the words which come through resonate at a profound level.

Lynn Kirkham
TEDx Speaker Coach & Founder, YesYouCanSpeak!

deeply committed to healing & transformation

Anthony & Renee are a beautiful balance of the professional high quality offerings we all dream of, married with the depth of true spiritual experiences. They’re deeply committed to helping you heal and transform.

Merrily Black
Connecting Souls International

safe & enlightening on so many levels

The energy that resonated from this experience was safe, enlightening and comforting on so many levels.  What an amazing gift!  

Chris Robinson
Founder, MartialWay Kungfu

on a clear mission to serve

Both Anthony & Renee have an incredible gift of really seeing and holding you, and are on a very clear mission to serve with love and purpose!

Klaudeen Shemirani
M.A, SoulBody Wisdom & Rituals

holds a powerful container for miracles to unfold

The love and presence that I felt was palpable.  Renee and Anthony hold a powerful and safe container for miracles to unfold.  I feel awakened and amplified, grateful to have been part of such an intimate and spirit guided intention.

Sarah Cruse
Singer & Healing Artist

connecting with spirit is so healing

To connect directly with Spirit & have questions answered you’ve been wondering about for a lifetime is powerful.  I highly recommend anyone who wants a deeper spiritual connection to work with them.”

Natalie Petouhoff
VP of Fortune 500 Company

at the forefront of spiritual evolution

Renee and Anthony are at the forefront of the evolution of spirituality. Together, they are a beautiful balance of the professional high quality offerings we all dream of married with the depth of true spiritual experiences. Both are deeply committed to their path of helping you heal and transform. It is rare to encounter the level of love and service they bring to their work.

Merrily Black
Connecting Souls International

creates a sacred space

Renee & Anthony create a safe & sacred space for connecting to the Other Side to receive powerful healing messages. I wish their events were held every week!

Tariq Jalal
Medical Device Company Engineer & Yoga Teacher

opens your heart

All I can say is wow — I left with an open heart & more grounded connection towards my spiritual evolvement! The environment was warm and welcoming and the messages received were loving and profound.

Jennifer Sanchez
Dance Teacher & Producer

extraordinary & otherworldly

The ability to connect to & channel High Lightbeings is extraordinary and otherworldly. Experiencing Spirit through them is not to be missed.

Deborah Stuart
Founder, HighChi, LLC

explorers of both physical & spiritual worlds

Renee and Anthony are inspiring explorers of both the physical and the spiritual worlds.  They open our eyes to experiences that we would not have without their guidance.  I have always believed that we are all connected by a higher level of energy and they bring us into contact with it.

Steve Huggins

their teachings are profound & inspirational

The beautiful & sacred space held by Renee and Anthony’s teachings, channelings and healings, allows for a clear and loving transmission to occur during their courses and circles. As a couple, they are committed to supporting their community on and offline.

Kristen Eykel MHt
Yoga & Reiki Master & Entrepreneur

they transform the metaphysical into the physical

Working with Renee & Anthony is a wild adventure. They take the metaphysical worlds and make them physical through their channeling. It’s as if your beliefs and faith become physical in the process. Their Blue Soul Circles, events and teachings are always a powerful experience.

Andrew Kippen
Founder, The Subconscious Way

a profound gift to humanity

Blue Soul workshops & teachings are so desperately needed in our spiritually bankrupted society. Their offerings are connected to Spirit in a way that requires them to accelerate the healing of a broken society through spirit. Their care and clarity is a profound gift to humanity.

Sarita Patel
Culture Curator

“I couldn’t have been happier with Blue Soul MASTERS™ and am continuing my journey with Levels II and III. Their MASTERS program deepened my understanding of what’s possible and how consciousness plays such an important role not just for our own journey but how it connects to The All. I also got a lot out of their extensive 100 page workbook, a tool I use regularly and have developed friendships with those from their community as well. I am a fan of their work & the light they bring to the world!”

Katie Bopp Hunt
Napa Valley

“All I can say is Wow about Renee & Anthony’s Blue Soul MASTERS Advanced program! My spiritual growth accelerated at warp speed and my knowledge increased immensely as a result of the course. The powerful healings were like a booster shot that brightened the light in me and encouraged me to pursue my life’s purpose with vigor and a passion.”

Patricia Joan
Washington DC

“If you’re a “Seeker of Truth”, or a “learning omnivore”, there may come a time when books & seminars no longer resonate like they once did.  I’ve been on a spiritual path for decades & am astonished at what I’ve learned from Renee & Anthony’s Study with Spirit® courses & their Blue Soul MASTERS™ program which allowed a deep comraderie to develop with their guides & other participants. I’m looking forward to the next MASTERS course, which promises to be just as powerful.”

Patrick Roney, MD, MBA

“I have had the pleasure & opportunity to have taken several courses with Renee & Anthony including the Blue Soul MASTERS™ Advanced Program. I always come away with a better understanding of myself and how I fit into this grand plan. The teaching, channeling and MASTERS course experiences really helped me to connect to and channel my Guides.”

Kelly Jones

“Calm, centered, focused, open, hopeful, grateful. These are the words that come to mind after the Blue Soul MASTERS™ Program.  From the first moment their guides said, ‘Can you feel your wings (figuratively)?’ and I felt the accompanying chills and vibrations, I was hooked.  I wanted more.  I expanded from the ancient wisdom and comforting camaraderie from our group. I feel transformed from the experience and savor every delicious moment.”

Debra Kivisto

“I love the teachings & wisdom that come through Anthony & Renee’s guides. The messages really touch my heart. Together, they offer a rare combination of simplicity and passion that make these spiritual teachings understandable and relatable.  Blue Soul MASTERS™ is a great opportunity for anyone who wishes to receive in-depth insights that can help you access your true power. Backed by science, they bring you the key ingredients to evolve spiritually and transcend to deeper levels of awareness and consciousness.”

Teju Vijay

“The Blue Soul MASTERS™ Program is a unique experience because of Anthony & Renee’s ability to channel a vast number of Ascended Masters to assist others in the process of profound spiritual alchemy. Together, they are devoted to helping people achieve their highest potential. In their teaching, they allow others to deeply integrate spiritual knowledge & healing through sharing their own experiences & clarifying the messages that comes forth from their guides. This course taught me to stand firmly in my intuitive abilities & realize that I truly do have the capacity to heal others.”

Anne Pascale
New York

“I highly recommend the Blue Soul MASTERS™ Advanced course for any serious spiritual seeker.  If you do enroll, buckle up!  I started channeling during the last week of the course.  And now, I speak with and receive healings from my guides on a daily basis.  Working with Renee & Anthony and their guides really jumpstarted the channeling process for me.”

Benjamin Sunshine

“The Blue Soul MASTERS™ Advanced course opened the door for me to experience the energetic realms and dimensions I didn’t believe in or understand prior to taking it.  Not only did I learn that I can call upon my guides as needed and that I have access to these dimensions as well as to my Higher Self, but I also now understand what a Soul is, how its linked to the energy body, why it matters and how that understanding will help with healing and spiritual growth.”

Anne Johnson

“There are many channelers out there and they seem to proliferate like rabbits lately however I am really drawn to Renee & Anthony’s work because of the beautiful frequency of Love that they hold. Their lightness of being & sophisticated simplicity makes their courses truly profound & the community they attract feel like kindred spirits celebrating at the soul level. They help ignite the soul’s journey in all of us so that we may shine brighter for the whole human collective & beyond. Blue Soul MASTERS™ elevated my spiritual journey to a whole new level.”

Maraiya Tulippe
South Carolina

“The content that we received in Blue Soul MASTERS™ depended on the collective energy of participants; it was this process that created an interactive organic structure. This program is far from a typical course structure where the instructor dispenses info & you simply receive it.  If you’re interested in evolving your consciousness beyond the traditional linear fashion it is typically taught, then I’d highly recommend you sign up. It has expanded my connection to what I might term super-consciousness, which gave me the insight to build a healing electromagnetic energy coil. Yes, really. Powerful insights abound.”

Jeff Jones

“Working with Renee & Anthony was the epitome of coming for what I thought I needed but receiving what I truly needed. I was amazed by the many beings they are able to channel & while the information was spot on, it was the energy which came in that was through the roof! Receiving, integrating & clearing jumped me up to a whole new level & brought a sense of clarity & purpose I haven’t felt in years. When you work with them, come armed with questions but be open to the highest “potentials” coming forth.”

Malka Ahern

“I took Blue Soul MASTERS™ to be with like-minded people & was thrilled to meet exactly that. Their extensive workbook is full great content & videos to refer back to long after the course finishes. One of my favorite sections was on emotional mastery which I find is a key component to a more peaceful life; the meditations & visualizations were so powerful. I recommend this course to anyone who wants positive change and more love in their life. Renee & Anthony create a supportive and loving space to learn and grow.”

Ilena Andrews

“Renee & Anthony did an amazing job of presenting the Blue Soul MASTERS™ material in a digestible manner, which was important given the depth of the topics we covered. The content was a perfect balance of Science & Spirituality. My favorite part were the break-out sessions, where we were able to have intimate conversations with other group members, in addition to connecting with people from all over the world. Renee, Anthony & their guides held us accountable in a fun & light-hearted manner, which kept me motivated and engaged throughout the entire experience. I highly recommend this course!”

Ryan DeLuca

“Blue Soul MASTERS™ is a wonderful advanced course series for those who’ve been delving deeply into the mysteries of energetics in culture, relationships, history, self, and All That Is. Renee & Anthony’s Spirit Team will endeavor to answer all, but they also remind, “You already know the answer.” Bonus throughout the series are the pockets of healing from the Spirit Team, usually centered around the topic we’re covering. Additionally, wonderful hosts and channelers Renee & Anthony disseminate carefully gathered information and downloads from their years of research — so you too can have Cliffs Notes. Enjoy the Ride!”

Christine Tang
San Francisco

“The Blue Soul MASTERS™ Advanced program is a powerful, insightful, and deepening course. Renee, Anthony, and their guides delivered a transformational experience with rich learning, coaching, and profound growth.

I highly recommend taking their Blue Soul MASTERS™ series when you are finally ready to level up your spiritual journey.”

Joseph Jared Sanchis
SF Bay Area
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