Although we consider ourselves highly spiritual, let’s be clear — we are not religious. Guided to serve others on their Soul’s Journey, our hope is that we can connect people to a life driven by love and directed by their Higher Selves.

All of our work is about embracing everyone’s diverse gifts and honoring all divine walks of life, whether you stem from Buddhism, Shamanism, Christianity, Islam, Paganism or perhaps none of the above and you simply have faith in Mother Earth, use a meditation ritual or yoga as your source of inspiration and life charter. As long as your practice involves tapping into a higher consciousness, it doesn’t matter where you sit, the labels you wear or the beliefs that you hold. There’s no religious dogma here.

Our mission is Awakened Consciousness that leads to mindfulness, love and our integrity above all else. For every soul that moves closer to the light, the sooner we will get to a world that embraces Oneness, not one based on divisiveness and fear. We do our best to ensure that the space at our events is held with love and support, so everyone feels nothing short of joy and an “awakened soul” when Spirit comes through to communicate and connect.

We have both always felt a connection to the Other Side, but feared what might be lurking if we explored another realm. Additionally, we grew up with religious dogma from our Catholic, Methodist, Lutheran, Baptist and Episcopalian upbringings. The ambiguous rules of what was considered “good” or “bad” was enough to send any child running.

Although we learned that the so called Christian God we read about on Sundays was a loving one, he was also one to be feared. Depending on the church, some believed that one religion was superior over another, which is the kind of dogma that separates so many societies and cultures today.

This feeling that your belief system is the only one which matters creates hatred, misunderstandings, racism and a fear-based society that alienates and divides not unites. As we know, regions of the world even go to war over religious righteousness and dogma and many lives are unnecessarily lost.

We have been challenged by these rules which have governed our lives in some way, shape or form. Those belief systems dictated who was worthy and who wasn’t, which act was Christ-like and which one wasn’t, who should be judged and why and everything else in between.

Although our parents weren’t very religious, we were both thrown into church activities which indoctrinated who we knew God to be. This played out in our education, social settings, how we learned to treat boys and not treat girls and so on.  We’ve all been there.

When we pay attention to that conditioning and where it stems from, we quickly learn that most of it is rooted in fear, ignorance and for the most part, an “unknowing” that there is another choice. At least, this was the case for many people we knew and the views they held at the time were buried in a scarcity mentality.

It was a paranoid and suspicious world, one which was riddled with anxiety and deprivation rather than gratitude and being present.

If only we knew as children to stand up and say: “Everything (and everyone) is perfect precisely as it and they are.”  If only we knew as children to stand up and say “Abundance is possible for all.” Yes…if we only knew at the time. How would have things been different had we faced every situation with that trust and sense of knowingness? (Be sure to read our page on Manifesting).

Although fear crippled so many around us, there were others with invigorating ideas and inspiration. A few were family members, but many were not. These were the people who encouraged us to go after our dreams regardless of how far and wide they took us. But, it wasn’t always that way. And, we both had to go inward to see (and feel) the ultimate truth!

Here’s the jist of our experience “growing” into our combined gifts of clairvoyance, claircognizance, clairtangency (psychometry), clairsentience and psychography (automatic writing).

Growing up in a corner-house built on top of an old cemetery in upstate New York, I always felt an eerie feeling in certain rooms, especially on the top floor and never wanted to sleep alone. I felt Spirit’s energy early on in my life which always scared me as it often does with children who sense things they can’t explain. When children mention mystical experiences to an adult, they often dismiss it by telling them they’re living in a fantasy world or because it spooks them to think something they can’t feel themselves could in fact, be real.

It wasn’t until later in my life that I realized I had the gift of connecting to the Spiritual Realm and finally faced those fears. Once I stopped resisting and realized it was a blessing, not a curse, wonderful things started happening. I connected to Spirit and my world was forever changed. Now, Spirit guides me in extraordinary ways.”                                            —ANTHONY

During my early childhood, I used to feel what others felt when they walked into a room. Forever a misfit, I used to hide under tables and listen to adults talking as a child. Whenever I went to bed, I’d often fear sleeping alone and wasn’t able to drift into a deep sleep until I heard my parents’ footsteps on the stairs. I remember sliding on a child-sized blanket along the floor to the edge of the stairs and listening to them talking in the kitchen, seeking comfort in their voices, a much more “understood reality.”

Over time, that fear dissipated but dreams would haunt me as would my ability to feel everything around me, not understanding that as an empath and intuitive, I was incorporating the intensity of people’s pain or sorrow all the time.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     —RENEE

Both of us have tapped into our childhood memories as a way to better understand the gifts we carry with us today as twin souls finally living our Life’s Purpose. Clearly, mediumship is a big and integral part of the journey!

Most people in the United States have experienced a taste of mediumship through Teresa Caputo, the Long Island Medium and other celebrity mediums like John Edward, John Holland and James Van Praagh.  Sometimes mediums are called “channelers,” as they “channel” communication from the deceased world to the living one.

Anthony is a trance medium whose Soul embodies Spirit (s), which is rare in the world of mediumship. Renee acts as a vessel in which Gods and Goddesses are able to also embody Anthony to communicate, enlighten and heal.  Below, we explore mental and trance mediumship as well as other “clair” gifts.

We are both empaths and although we’ve learned to shield ourselves from the energy of others over the years, this awareness and awakening finally led to our own self-discovery beyond what science could explain.

People are drawn to mediums for their ability to “connect” to the Spiritual Realm in order to receive messages from deceased relatives and loved ones. As noted earlier, mediums are often referred to as “channelers” because they “channel” information if you like, from the Spiritual Realm to the Earthly one.

The mediums noted above and the majority of mediums you’ll come across around the world are what’s referred to as mental mediums, where they receive communication through one or more of their senses.

For example. Tyler Henry is a Clairvoyant Medium, which means he has the ability to “see” spiritual beings. Sometimes mediums can see spirits walking around as if they’re living (James Van Praagh wrote about that in one of his books) and other times, they see them in their mind’s eye or what some refer to as the mirror in their head they can’t explain.

We all have inherent psychic abilities to see, feel, hear and know things beyond what we can comprehend on the Earth plane, but so many choose to ignore those gifts out of fear or shame, depending on how they were raised culturally, spiritually or socially.

Some associate connecting to the Spiritual Realm as demonist which couldn’t be further from the truth – in fact, many women who tapped into their psychic gifts and powers to create herbs, oils and concoctions to heal in ancient times, were considered witches by the Catholic Church. Many of these healers were killed by The Church and other men of power because of their ignorance about their abilities.

It is often said that the Fox Sisters are credited as the “forerunners of Modern Spiritualism” in America, whereas Emma Hardinge Britten is considered the renowned pioneer of organized Spiritualism in Britain. They both have written about the misconceptions various religions have held about mediumship. It was believed that the Bible condemned speaking to the dead through séances or any other means.

In early times, mediums were severely misunderstood. For example, in Leviticus 20:27 mediums are condemned along with “Spiritists.” Also in the Old Testament, Deuteronomy 18:10–11 automatically lumps diviners, sorcerers, witches, wizards, anyone who casts spells, and practices child sacrifice in with mediums.

Consider what a medium does however. Think of a medium as simply an “intermediary” between the spirit world and ours.  Connecting to a deceased loved one, an Angel or a Spirit Guide who is assisting you on your path is like connecting to Love, but the purest form of love — without judgment or labels.

This is not to say that there are no negative energies and less than stellar spirits which exist on other plains. Just as there is negative energy around us in our daily lives, there are similar negative energies which exist in the Spiritual Realm.

Mediums who are the “real deal” and take proper precautions to only connect to High Light Beings will do just that – connect to “Source” for Love and Divine Healing. Others may use mediumship in other ways, however for the purposes of this overview, consider that if your intention (and the medium’s intention) is only to connect to “All Things Good, Positive and Loving,” then this is precisely the experience you will have.  Best practices, intention and grounding are always an important and integral part of the process.

If you’ve read a book by, seen or worked with a medium, chances are that they are a mental medium, as this is the most common forms of mediumship practiced in the world today. Although one of my favorite spiritual teachers Kala Ambrose writes about countless more “clair” abilities in her book The Awakened Psychic, the four most common forms of mental mediumship are 1) Clairvoyance 2) Clairaudience 3) Clairsentience and 4) Claircognizance. Mental mediums are typically strongest in one of these abilities and some have a gift in several.

  • Clairvoyance: As noted in the case of Tyler Henry, Clairvoyance is the ability to “see.” Sometimes mediums can see events in the future before they actually happen and in other cases, it could mean that they “see” spirits on the Earth Plane or someone’s aura, objects, people, places or things.
  • Clairaudience: This is common in mental mediumship; it means that they can ‘hear’ what Spirit is saying, which could be as real as if the words are coming from a living being or it could be a message they ‘hear’ in their mind’s eye. Mental mediums we have worked with have this gift & at times, will automatically speak back to Spirits as if they’re in the room, however no one else can ‘hear’ what is being said.
  • Clairsentience: Mediums who possess clairsentience have the ability to ‘sense’ the presence of Spirits in the room and also may be able to sense what they may be saying or feeling. They may also feel emotions of the Spirit and even cry or laugh depending on what is coming through at the time. In our case, Anthony will sometimes sense a male energy because it’s strong, big and bold or warrior-like. Of course, this can be misleading because men can be gentle & women can be tough. If a medium also has clairvoyance as a gift, they may feel an energy as well as see an image of a man wearing an overcoat & a hat for example. This is one way Spirit can help the medium differentiate & communicate what is coming through with more clarity.
  • Claircognizance: This is one of my favorites because it is associated with inner-knowingness, which all of us have. At the basic level, it’s our intuition or our “gut instinct” as our mothers used to say. Beyond that, mediums with much deeper gifts of claircognizance include precognition and retrocognition which means they can know something before it occurs or information from the past. Some mediums have psychic abilities as well but not all psychics are mediums.

To clarify this a little further, whereas mediums communicate with a Spirit (or group of Spirits as if often the case with us), psychics can “read the energies” of a person or a place and although they are receiving information from the Spiritual Realm if you like – another dimension beyond what we know on the Earth plane – they are not actually communicating with Spirits in the way mediums do.

Some people still think that mediums may also be witches, wizards, sorcerers, or necromancers, which automatically associates them with a negative connotation. To be clear, all of the mental mediums we have worked with or interviewed are ethical and dealing with what is often referred to as “White Light” beings, which are Spiritual Entities who are working at a very high level in the Spiritual Realm.

There are a few ways to determine this when you’re working with a medium. For example, after working with a medium, do you leave with a feeling of love, connectedness, and healing or discomfort, negativity and uncertainty? This is one sure way to know what and who you’re dealing with – use your intuition and be guided by your own innate gifts.

An exception could be if a medium is asked to connect with a deceased relative who could have negative energy and karma, which may mean that they’re not necessarily living in the Highest Realms on the Other Side. There’s no judgment here – our Spirit Guides talk about all souls with care. In their view, only the soul decides and chooses what it wants to learn when it returns to the Earth plane (or elsewhere in the Universe). Negative energies can attach themselves to people however and this is why grounding and clearing yourself and your home is so important. Anthony feels them at times off in the distance and describes them as low level murky energies who are lost.

The Legendary Edgar Cayce

If you’re interested in the world of channeling, you’d be remiss if you didn’t explore the work of Edgar Cayce, a renowned medium who passed away in 1945 from a stroke. Cayce’s readings covered roughly 10,000 different topics during his lifetime of channeling, which ranged from health, wellness, philosophy and reincarnation to dream interpretation, ESP and Psychic Phenomena to Spiritual Growth, Meditation and Prayer.

Known as the “Sleeping Prophet” by many, Christians questioned much of his work because of his so called “unorthodox” responses to controversial topics such as reincarnation and the Akashic Records which some doubt is real.

Despite this skepticism from the religious world, Edgar Cayce’s clients included famous luminaries such as intellectual and artistic greats like Woodrow Wilson, Thomas Edison, Irving Berlin, George Gershwin and others.

Although many of Edgar Cayce’s readings were related to health & psychic connection, we have been pointed to his work by many since Spirit started communicating with us, largely because of Cayce’s uniqueness, the fact that he was so avant garde for his time and to this day, is still considered a legend in the spiritual world.

We continue to read his work as well as the work of others who are and have been guided by his spiritual abilities. For those interested in learning more about his work, you can access the entire set of 14,306 readings through Edgar Cayce’s non-profit Association for Research and Enlightenment (A.R.E.), if you are a member. He founded it in 1931.

Anthony has the gift of clairvoyance, clairsentience, claircognizance, clairtangency (psychometry) and is a trance medium. Anthony embodies Spiritual Light Beings, such as Ascended Masters, Angels and Spirit Guides and communicates messages of divine wisdom, healing and purpose directly to individuals. He acts as a conduit during trance states while he channels messages and healing from the Other Side.

Through his Clairvoyance abilities, he is shown visual objects or sometimes people as they were in past lives, i.e., a man riding on a horse while fighting in a war. Clairsentience means that he is aware when Spiritual Energy is in a room. We were once in a chocolate shop in northern California which was housed in an old railroad car – it was clear to him that there were countless spirits hanging around the moment he entered the shop. It was as if he were in a noisy crowded room and they all wanted to talk to him.

His ability to know and feel spirits means that when a Spirit Entity is trying to communicate, he will be aware that it is connected to a person he is speaking to and/or someone else in the room. At times, he can get information from objects, which is referred to as clairtangency.

Think of it as “clear touching” if you will, which is the ability to sense information by holding an item. Rare is the medium who can touch an object in a room and be shown in their mind’s eye, an event that happened around the object a hundred years prior, but it has been done. Anthony’s ability is often connected to whether the object has negative or positive energy and whether there’s pain, love or some other emotion connected to it.

Unlike mental mediums, Anthony’s Soul literally embodies or incorporates a Spirit or group of Spirits who come through with words of inspiration, hope, love, healing and divine insight around a person’s Soul’s Purpose.

What our Spirit Guides say this about the process:

“We enter the Soul, not his body and this is how we can interact. Because the Soul resides inside the body, we can still maneuver his limbs and communicate directly through his larynx. Although it is difficult to get everything in psych (speaking, moving, motor movements), after many many months of daily practice, our abilities to connect get stronger and stronger all the time. With mental mediums, we only enter the mind, which is a very different and less intense process.”

Based on numerous conversations with our Spirit Guides (all of which has been confirmed by other mediums and psychics), Anthony made the choice to do this work during this lifetime. In fact, our Spirit Guides say that we made that choice together and part of that choice included Renee’s ability to connect with the energy of Gods and Goddesses so that Anthony could also incorporate their power to communicate, connect and heal.

According to our guides, we both opted to begin this “life of service” during the second half of our life and that everything prior to this turning point prepared us both for our journey.

Renee has the gift of clairsentience, claircognizance, psychography (automatic writing) and is an empath. She uses her clairsentient ability to create crystal grid boards for intention and emotional healing before events and acts as a vessel in which Gods and Goddesses are able to embody Anthony’s Soul to communicate, enlighten and heal. During circles and sessions, Renee “holds” the sacred space and grounding when Spirit comes through.

As a natural intuitive and empath, Renee feels people’s emotions, which may be current emotions or implants from past lives or experiences. Combining her clairsentient ability with her claircognizant abilities, she often has a sense of inner knowing about the person’s connection to certain things.

For example, during a trance experience at one of their Blue Soul Circles, Anthony channeled Spirit Guides who referenced a connection a woman had to American Indian culture. Renee “sensed” that this was correct but that it was from a past life, and intuitively felt that Spirit was trying to say that she should tap into more ancient wisdom to supplement some of the healing work she was already doing in her life.

As far back as childhood, she experienced psychography or what many refer to as “automatic writing” without understanding that Spirit was working through her. They still work through her when she writes today. It’s as if a flood of words come so fast that they must be written down instantly, whether it be physically on paper or through her fingers on the keyboard.

Either way, words and ideas flow like water. Thoughts appear out of nowhere and at times, could be about things she has limited knowledge about.

We’ve talked about Anthony’s gift as a trance medium whose Soul embodies spirits. Mediums can be trance mediums but not necessarily incorporate Spirit, which is a much rarer form of mediumship. As our Spirit Guides conveyed earlier, “for most souls, we enter their mind only.” You may be wondering why it’s so rare?

From the best of our knowledge, based on books, articles, talking to other mediums directly and to our Spirit team on the Other Side, it’s because the body, soul and mind must have certain qualities and work together: from the auric field and intention to willingness, trust and faith.

It can also take years for a medium to prepare for and adjust to embodying Spirit’s energy, especially if they want to be able to move or walk smoothly.

Control over the medium’s body by the Spiritual Realm can range from very light to a very deep level of control where the medium is asleep or “out” — John of God in Brazil is one of the most known medical trance mediums still living today. In some cases, the medium thinks they are elsewhere such as another Spiritual Plain and very well be – this is Anthony’s sense of it when Spirit is in him.

Imagine having a group of Spirits from a world you don’t understand take over your body to communicate, move your legs and arms and transmit energy to guide and heal others? It’s not for the light hearted, the medium who isn’t committed to a life path of service or those who sometimes “doubt” the Other Side.

For those interested in reading more about physical mediumship, be sure to explore the work of British medium Leslie Flint, who although deceased since 1994, is credited as being one of the last psychics to use what is referred to as “direct-voice mediumship.” He was apparently fully awake during his readings but joined in on the conversations with the Spiritual Voices that came through during his channeling.

We met a couple who sat in one of Flint’s “groups” in the 1980’s, which is when we first learned about the idea of a medium producing something called full ectoplasm-based materializations. We were told that if a medium is able to do this, it is necessary for them to stay in a deep trance throughout the entire process. Flint is still considered by many spiritualists & mediums to be one of the most renowned psychic mediums of the 20th century. The last physical medium to be tested by a committee from Scientific American was Mina Crandon in 1924.

Our Spirit team tell us all the time that they “work through both of us” in order to connect and do so initially through Renee’s crown chakra, which then moves into her and Anthony’s solar plexus and subsequently out his crown chakra.

How this works is unseen to us through the naked eye and despite the amount of times they have communicated this phenomena to us, we still try to analyze exactly how this works and despite our faith in the process, WHY! Anthony feels the connection more viscerally as they obviously incorporate his Soul. For Renee, it’s more of an emotional connection and a feeling she can’t quite describe, but knows is “present.”

It appears to us that trance mediumship is quite possibly one of the most misunderstood of mediumship phenomena. When you hear the word trance, no doubt, all sorts of images likely pop into your head. Trance in the literal sense is control by the medium’s Spirit Guides, Ascended Masters and Light Beings from the Other Side. The level of control varies from medium-to-medium.

When Anthony begins to go into a trance state, he begins to show signs of what we like to say as “Other Worldliness”. He may make clicking sounds with his mouth, move his head from side-to-side, straight back or forward, twitch his hands, and move into a state of deep audible breathing, not unlike what yogis refer to as the Ujjayi breath.

He often loses awareness of surroundings and people – “you almost feel as if you’re stoned and very light,” he often says. In other words, very relaxed, peaceful and in an altered state. Although it doesn’t compare to how we may feel when we meditate or practice going into a Theta brain state, both of these activities move us closer to connecting with Spirit in a deeper way.

When Spirit (s) take over Anthony’s body, they begin to use his vocabulary and knowledge to communicate their words of wisdom, inspiration, guidance and thoughts. People ask us all the time if Spirit embodying his soul is a voluntary choice and the answer of course is yes. In the beginning, he had a strong resistance to the process but this was before fully understanding how and why it was happening. Now, there’s a resonance, awareness and knowingness that this is his “life work,” and that his twin soul Renee is an integral and important part of it as Spirit works through both of them.
Remember that the trance medium is only allowing Spirit (s) to control their bodies temporarily, but for most mediums, even those who so called ‘trance,’ they don’t allow them to “work through their bodies” in the same way Anthony does.

Some trance mediums allow them to control them to assist with healing, John of God as mentioned above, being the most renowned living one today. When hands are placed on someone directly, there is no magnetic healing given, but it is Spirit healing: from Spirit, through Spirit, to Spirit if you will.

Often when Spirit comes through, they will communicate words of healing and purpose. They use Anthony’s larynx while he in this “altered” state so he has no control over what is being said and to whom. When this takes place, this moves into a form of mediumship called Physical Mediumship – Anthony can be seen as a physical and trance medium in this way. That said, whenever he wants to regain control of his body and voice, he just requests that they leave and they do. The majority of the time, Renee will participate in this “departure” and help to “ground” throughout the process.

Although more often than not, Spirits who work through us convey messages of healing, love and purpose to an individual’s soul, sometimes they will place Anthony’s hands somewhere on an individual’s body. Typically this is a chakra point they may wish to put energy in or take energy out. In other words, an energy transmission takes place.

Note that although this occurs during some of our sessions, we are not medical doctors and do not profess in any way that we can “heal” people nor do we suggest that this energy work (or any energy work for that matter) should take the place of medical advice from a doctor or medical professional.

Private Sessions    |    Workshops |     Blue Soul Circles

There are several ways to work with us. You can book a private session, hire us to host a Blue Soul Circle or workshop in your organization, company, community center, school, city, or even home. You can also hire us for a private session.

We can channel directly to you in a one-on-one session, to you and your partner or to a small or large group. This can be done in a private space or via Skype/Zoom. Blue Soul Circles can range from 3 to 5.5 hours long (4-18 is the right size) and we can also lead full day events which include channeling Spirit as well as educating people about the world of Higher Consciousness and Mediumship.

You can book any of the above by going to our Scheduling Page.

Spiritual Travel   |     Corporate Events    |     Private Dinners

We can also channel to guests at a particular destination, retreat or event. You can hire us to work with VIP guests at your resort, wellness spa, on a cruise, a safari, a corporate event or during a unique travel experience. We can also channel for a small dinner party of up to eight people, one of our favorite things to do.

Why? Spirit can be very powerful over and around a meal – it’s how and when they our Spirit team has grown accustomed to connecting with us, so they tend to be more casual in nature. Because the group is much smaller than a circle and typically the people at the table are connected, quite often there is a Soul connection, whether it be a karmic fulfillment or that individuals are part of the same Soul Group.

Email us with an idea about what you’d like to create for your guests & we can work with you to create a transformative experience at a destination, at your restaurant or in your dining room.

Marketing   |     Branding    |      Communications

Renee has 25 years of experience in marketing, branding and communications & can put together plans, social media and digital marketing strategies or help with personal branding alignment, which is always connected to your Soul’s Purpose. She now knows that her depth & breadth of experience launching products and branding companies for over two decades is no accident.

Her motivation today is to help individuals and companies — large and small — who are working to make the world a better place through products and services that accelerate consciousness, help with healing and holistic well-being and promote unity & connectedness over divisiveness & fear-based management.

Your personal alignment must be in sync with your business’ branding or success won’t be sustainable. It all starts with your Soul’s Purpose & understanding that everything (and everyone) is connected.

Once you realize that you are Soul & Spirit first and Body & Brain second, then things begin to shift automatically.  And, once you start to live that realization, you’ll find that your life will suddenly transform in miraculous ways.

We can help you & your business with this alignment process, as well as the branding, communications and marketing which follows.

Email us with your goals, timeline and budget and put Marketing Query in the subject line.

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