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Meet the people behind the scenes. We thrive on making a difference in the world and accelerating global consciousness and ascension, using our collective skills, talent and heart. May we ignite and transform the human experience together.

Renee & Anthony


Anthony Compagnone and Renee Blodgett are the voices behind Blue Soul Earth®, which is dedicated to elevating global consciousness and helping others get aligned with their Higher Self in all aspects of their life, from their personal relationships, health and well-being and their business. Blending their skills and passions together, they both serve as conduits to higher dimensions and deeper levels of consciousness. They are also both Usui & Holy Fire REIKI masters as well as certified in Pythagorean, Platonic and Egyptian healing methods.

As founder of Speech Synergy, Anthony has spent more than two decades as a bilingual speech and language pathologist & therapist helping children with linguistic, speech & language needs and is a talented martial artist in a number of disciplines, including Chinese Kungfu and Kempo. Renee’s 25 years of launching products & services into the market as founder of Magic Sauce Media are now directed to those who lead with purpose and a conscious. She is also founder of We Blog the World, an online magazine dedicated to Transformative Travel, is ranked a top digital media influencer by Forbes & the United Nations and has been a producer and co-curator of TEDxBerkeley for more than ten years. She is also a sound healer and certified FEMME Instructor through the Emotional Institute. Read their full bios.

Gabriele Hilberg

Ph.D., MFT, Psychologist: Advisor

Gabriele Hilberg, Ph. D., MFT, is a licensed clinical psychotherapist with more than 20 years of experience counseling individuals and couples in private practice. She is recognized by clients, peers, and other healthcare professionals for her ability to uncover core issues rapidly and generate breakthroughs with sustainable results.

For the past five years, she has been also the principal investigator of two distant healing studies: Hilberg, Tiller: Self-Compassion Study 2015 and Hilberg, Tiller, Chopra Foundation: Consciousness Field Project 2017. These studies investigate whether an energetic transmission of unconditional love (outside space and time) assist participants in increasing self-kindness and reducing self-judgment in significant ways.

Dr. Hilberg is passionate about helping people exit the prison of their ego-mind to most effectively support them on their spiritual path. She is pioneering new ways in the field of psychology of reaching large groups of people ready for personal change and spiritual growth.

Cheryl Banfield

Spiritual Advisor

A natural empath with gifts of the clair-essences since childhood, Cheryl Banfield had an awakening while recovering from a traumatic injury over ten years ago when she discovered alternative healing methods. Since 2008, she has been using her mediumship ability to communicate with those beyond this plane and for the past eight years, has been channeling and teaching a new modality for healing.

A former Reiki master, she is now using her new healing system, which is an accelerated awakening system to bring people deeper into their own spiritual evolvement. She implements this transformational system combined with sound healing to bring more peace, love, grace, and light to each individual and in turn through all of us, to the world. Cheryl works with individuals and groups at her center in Maine and gives workshops and seminars throughout the United States. She also is also host of an online show on spirituality on Awake TV. She asserts that “this world needs each of us to shine our pure light. Living our own life purpose not only heals ourselves, but the planet.”

Tommy Clifford

Digital & Video Producer

Known as a technology influencer, Tommy wears several hats from his home base in America’s beautiful Midwest, from running his blog TommyLog that covers trends, cool new products and life to his role as Chief Problem Solver at TRC Media.

Tommy spent over 25 years in the printing industry and has held management positions running the North American prepress operations for RR Donnelley’s Book Group. Prolific on social media since 2008, he is known online as tommytrc. He is a self-proclaimed Tech Geek, Marketing and Printing guy, Mac Head, PC Guru and passionate about the video and digital world.

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