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You may find this informational stream of consciousness more intimate than most you’ll read, since it includes personal anecdotes and experiences as well as reflections from our childhood and spiritual beliefs. Our story is an extraordinary one, which keeps morphing and evolving as we do on this life path.

First, we’ll dive into some misconceptions and misunderstandings people have about channeling and then explain how we channel so you can put it into context.

History & Modern Observations…

Most people in the United States have experienced a taste of channeling through Teresa Caputo, the Long Island Medium and other celebrity mediums like John Edward, John Holland and James Van Praagh. There are also young publicly known people like Tyler Henry (the Hollywood Medium TV show) and New England-based Matt Fraser.  Those interested in the mystical world often head to England, for it has long been considered an epi-center for the spiritual world. For example, Ershamstar School of Mediumship and the infamous Arthur Findlay College is housed in the UK. Friends of ours sometimes refer to Arthur Findlay as the “Hogwarts” for mediums since they teach everything from the core of mediumship and spiritual healing to psychic awareness and related disciplines.

We joke about Hogwarts whenever we watch a Harry Potter re-run. Imagine having access to a Hogwarts School as a child?

For those interested in reading more about physical mediumship, be sure to explore the work of British medium Leslie Flint, who although deceased since 1994, is credited as being one of the last psychics to use what is referred to as “direct-voice mediumship.” He was apparently fully awake during his readings but joined in on the conversations with the Spiritual Voices that came through during his channeling.

We actually met a couple who sat in one of Flint’s “groups” in the 1980’s, which is when we first learned about the idea of a medium producing something called full ectoplasm-based materializations. We were told that if a medium is able to do this, it is necessary for them to stay in a deep trance throughout the entire process. Flint is still considered by many spiritualists and mediums to be one of the most renowned psychic mediums of the 20th century. The last physical medium to be tested by a committee from Scientific American was Mina Crandon in 1924.

We have both always felt a connection to another dimension beyond our so-called physical “reality” since childhood, which helped to shape who we have become as adults and why there’s no dogma in any of our teachings and work. Maybe some of you who are reading this can relate?

The Legendary Edgar Cayce

If you’re interested in the world of channeling, we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention the work of Edgar Cayce, a renowned medium who passed away in 1945. Cayce’s readings covered roughly 10,000 different topics during his lifetime of channeling, which ranged from health, wellness, philosophy and reincarnation to dream interpretation, ESP and Psychic Phenomena to Spiritual Growth, Meditation and Prayer.

Known as the “Sleeping Prophet” by many, Christians questioned much of his work because of his so called “unorthodox” responses to controversial topics such as reincarnation and the Akashic Records which some doubt is real.

Despite this skepticism from the religious world, Edgar Cayce’s clients included famous luminaries such as intellectual and artistic greats like Woodrow Wilson, Thomas Edison, Irving Berlin, George Gershwin and others. Although many of Edgar Cayce’s readings were related to health & psychic connection, we have been pointed to his work by many since Spirit started communicating with us, largely because of Cayce’s uniqueness, the fact that he was such a renegade for his time and to this day, is still considered a legend in the spiritual world.

We continue to read his work as well as the work of others who are and have been guided by his spiritual abilities. For those interested in learning more about his work, you can access the entire set of 14,306 readings through Edgar Cayce’s non-profit Association for Research and Enlightenment (A.R.E.), if you are a member, which was founded in 1931.

Channeling: The Confusion

Some people are drawn to mediums for their ability to “connect” to receive messages from deceased relatives and loved ones.  The mediums noted above are what’s referred to as mental mediums, where they receive communication through one or more of their senses. For example. Tyler Henry is a Clairvoyant Medium, which means he has the ability to “see” spiritual beings. Sometimes mediums can see spirits walking around as if they’re living (James Van Praagh wrote about that in one of his books) and other times, they see them in their mind’s eye or what some refer to as the mirror in their head they can’t explain.

We all have inherent intuitive abilities to see, feel, hear and know things beyond what we can comprehend on the Earth plane, but so many choose to ignore those gifts out of fear or shame, depending on how they were raised culturally, spiritually or socially.

Hundreds of years ago, many women who tapped into their psychic gifts and powers to create herbs, oils and concoctions to heal in ancient times, were considered witches by the Catholic Church. Many of these healers were killed by The Church and other men of power because of their ignorance about their abilities.  It is often said that the Fox Sisters are credited as the “forerunners of Modern Spiritualism” in America, whereas Emma Hardinge Britten is considered the renowned pioneer of organized Spiritualism in Britain. They both have written about the misconceptions various religions have held about mediumship. It was believed that the Bible condemned speaking to the dead through séances or any other means.

In early times, mediums were severely misunderstood. For example, in Leviticus 20:27 mediums are condemned along with “Spiritists.” Also in the Old Testament, Deuteronomy 18:10–11 automatically lumps diviners, sorcerers, witches, wizards, anyone who casts spells, and practices child sacrifice in with mediums.

Consider what a medium does however. Think of a medium as simply an “intermediary” between the spirit world and ours.  Connecting to a deceased loved one or a guide can bring you healing and assistance on your path.

Mental Mediumship

If you’ve read a book by, seen or worked with a medium, chances are that they are a mental medium, as this is the most common forms of mediumship practiced in the world today. Although one of our favorite spiritual teachers Kala Ambrose writes about countless more “clair” abilities in her book The Awakened Psychic, the four most common forms of mental mediumship are 1) Clairvoyance 2) Clairaudience 3) Clairsentience and 4) Claircognizance. Mental mediums are typically strongest in one of these abilities and some have a gift in several.

  • Clairvoyance: As noted in the case of Tyler Henry, Clairvoyance is the ability to “see.” Sometimes mediums can see events in the future before they actually happen and in other cases, it could mean that they “see” spirits on the Earth Plane or someone’s aura, objects, people, places or things.
  • Clairaudience: This is fairly common in mental mediumship – it means that they can ‘hear’ what Spirit is saying to them, which could be as real as if the words are coming from a living being or it could be a mental message they ‘hear’ in their mind’s eye. Mental mediums we have worked with often have this gift and at times, will automatically speak back to Spirits as if they’re in the room, however no one else can ‘hear’ what is being said.
  • Clairsentience: Mediums who possess clairsentience have the ability to ‘sense’ the presence of Spirits in the room and also may be able to sense what they may be saying or feeling. They may also feel emotions of the Spirit and even cry or laugh depending on what is coming through at the time. In our case, Anthony will sometimes sense a male energy because it’s strong, big and bold or warrior-like. Of course, this can be misleading because many men can be gentle and many women can be tough. If a medium also has clairvoyance as a gift, they may feel an energy as well as see an image of a man wearing an overcoat and a hat for example. This is one way Spirit can help the medium differentiate and communicate what is coming through with more clarity.
  • Claircognizance: This is one of my favorites because it is associated with inner-knowingness, which all of us have. At the basic level, it’s our intuition or our “gut instinct” as our mothers used to say. Beyond that, mediums with much deeper gifts of claircognizance include precognition and retrocognition which means they can know something before it occurs or information from the past. Some mediums have psychic abilities as well but not all psychics are mediums.

Our Childhood

Although we learned that the so called Christian God we read about on Sundays was a loving one, he was also one to be feared. Many believed that one religion was superior over another, which is the kind of dogma that separates so many societies and cultures even today. This feeling that your belief system is the only one which matters, creates misunderstandings, racism and a fear-based society that alienates and divides not unites. As we know, regions of the world even go to war over religious righteousness and dogma and many lives are unnecessarily lost.

We have been challenged by these rules which have governed our lives in some way, shape or form. Those belief systems dictated who was worthy and who wasn’t, which act was Christ-like and which one wasn’t, who should be judged and why and everything else in between. Although our parents weren’t religious, we were both thrown into church activities which indoctrinated who we knew God to be. This played out in our education, social settings, how we learned to treat boys and not treat girls and so on.  We’ve all been there.

When we pay attention to that conditioning and where it stems from, we quickly learn that most of it is rooted in fear, ignorance and for the most part, an “unknowing” that there is another choice. It was a paranoid and suspicious world, one which was riddled with anxiety and deprivation rather than gratitude and being present.

Although fear crippled so many around us, there were others with invigorating ideas and inspiration. A few were family members, but many were not. These were the people who encouraged us to go after our dreams regardless of how far and wide they took us. But, it wasn’t always that way. And, we both had to go inward to see (and feel) the ultimate truth!

Here’s the jist of our experience “growing” into our combined gifts of clairvoyance, claircognizance, clairtangency, psychometry, clairsentience and psychography (automatic writing).

Growing up in a corner-house built on top of an old cemetery in upstate New York, I always felt an eerie feeling in certain rooms, especially on the top floor and never wanted to sleep alone. I felt Spirit’s energy early on in my life which always scared me as it often does with children who sense things they can’t explain. When children mention mystical experiences to an adult, they often dismiss it by telling them they’re living in a fantasy world or because it spooks them to think something they can’t feel themselves could in fact, be real.

It wasn’t until later in my life that I realized I had the gift of connecting to other realms and finally faced those fears. Once I stopped resisting and realized it was a blessing, not a curse, wonderful things started happening. Now, I am guided in extraordinary ways.”


During my early childhood, I used to feel what others felt when they walked into a room. Forever a misfit, I used to hide under tables and listen to adults talking as a child. I’d often fear sleeping alone and wasn’t able to drift into a deep sleep until I heard my parents’ footsteps on the stairs. I remember sliding on a child-sized blanket along the floor to the edge of the stairs and listening to them talking in the kitchen, seeking comfort in their voices.

Over time, that fear dissipated but dreams would haunt me as would my ability to feel everything around me, not understanding that as an empath and intuitive, I was incorporating the intensity of people’s pain or sorrow all the time.” 


Our Beliefs

Although we lead a spiritual life, let’s be clear: we are not religious. Guided to serve others on their soul’s journey, our hope is that we can connect people to a life driven by love and directed by their Higher Selves.

All of our work is about embracing everyone’s diverse gifts and honoring all divine walks of life, whether you stem from Buddhism, Shamanism, Christianity, Islam, Shintoism, Sufism, Paganism or perhaps none of the above and you simply have faith in Mother Earth, use a meditation ritual or yoga as your source of inspiration and life charter.  As long as your practice involves tapping into a Higher Consciousness, it doesn’t matter where you sit, the labels you wear or the beliefs that you hold.

Our mission is awakened consciousness that leads to mindfulness, integrity and above all else, love. We subscribe to an interconnectedness and oneness, which is rooted in love, not one based on divisiveness and fear.

Our foundation is based on heart-centered living and that love is the glue that binds us all. We also tap into and subscribe to the wisdom from the Void herself or what some refer to as the Life Force. We subscribe to it by surrendering into it, for we remind that this Universal Life Force flows through the planet and beyond as well. It’s all connected.

“For my ally is the Force, and a powerful ally it is.

Life creates it, makes it grow. Its energy surrounds us

and binds us. Luminous beings are we, not this crude matter.”

– Yoda from Star Wars

Our Intuitive Gifts

Through Anthony’s Clairvoyance abilities, he is shown visual objects or sometimes people as they were in past lives and clairsentience means that he is aware when other energies are present. We were once in a chocolate shop in New Hampshire which was housed in an old railroad car – it was clear to him that there were countless energies hanging around, so much so that we left….sadly, without chocolate in hand. Sometimes, he can get information from objects which is referred to as clairtangency. Think of it as “clear touching”, which is the ability to sense information by holding an item. Anthony’s ability is often connected to whether the object has negative or positive energy and whether there’s pain, love or some other emotion connected to it.

What our guides say this about the process:

“We enter the auric field, which is how we can maneuver his limbs and

communicate directly through his larynx.

After years of daily practice, our abilities to connect get stronger and stronger all the time.

With mental mediums, we only enter the mind, which is a less intense process.”

Renee has the gift of clairsentience, claircognizance, psychography (automatic writing) and is an empath. As a natural intuitive and empath, Renee feels people’s emotions, which may be current emotions or implants from past lives or experiences. Combining her clairsentient ability with her claircognizant abilities, she often feels and senses a person’s connection to certain things.

As far back as childhood, she has experienced psychography or what many refer to as “automatic writing”. She has often sensed that something beyond her was working through her. Sometimes, it’s as if a flood of words come so fast that the ideas and words are coming faster than her mind can process them. Words and ideas flow like water.

Our Channeling

Many would call what we do channeling, yet we’d argue that we are all channelers; we simply do it in different ways. Channeling is nothing more than receiving energy and expressing it in a unique and creative way. As one famous jazz musician friend describes it, “I have access to the universe because I am the universe.” He went on to say, “we all do.” In case you’re wondering whether ego is directing his life, he’s one of the most humble people we know.

If we each have access to the universe or one could argue, the multiverse and all energies within it, then how do we parse out what is most useful? Put another way, if the entire creative force is accessible, how do we make sense of what comes through in a meaningful way that is practical to our everyday lives? And how do can we be discerning when we may be unknowingly applying our own self-serving filters?

Fair questions.

We may not realize it, but we are all portals to other worlds. It sounds like science fiction but in essence, it’s simply a connection to our Higher Self which has access to more than we can possibly imagine with our linear minds.

Some call it the imaginal world or pure creative flow whereas others call it dimension, realms, quantum projections or even alternate realities. As we mentioned earlier, it is also referred to as energetic information in the biofield or as we sometimes like to say, the field of the I am consciousness. I am who I am. I am that I am. I am.

Now let’s move onto discernment. When you bring forth divine energy from that expansive field, ask yourself: is it of love or of fear? Which one does the message feed? Does it have an agenda? Does the information serve the best interest of the individual? What about the collective best interest? Herein lies your answer to discernment. Focus on love and oneness, and it will steer you in the right direction and allow you to surrender into it.

It goes back to the core teachings again. We are love and we are you, you are us. You are God and she is us. We are Universal Consciousness: we are nothing and we are everything.

It is that divine presence of love, compassion and connection that all human beings have felt at one time or another and for those who meditate or do other practices to still the mind such as yoga, chi gong or tai chi, they connect to that feeling of oneness much more often.

If you want to call it channeling, you can and we sometimes do, but we also realize that since we all channel in our own unique ways, the language that you use for it is simply that: language. And the way to describe the very same thing may differ just as our jazz musician friend describes.

There is no one answer because there is no one reality.

We are constantly tapping into perceptions in this poetic dance of frequencies we are made up of which is both sound and light and like elegant waves in the Void or Aether, we vibrate and carry a resonance when we do.

Sometimes, the guides will work with a particular chakra or part of the body and an energy transmission takes place. Note that although this occurs during some of our sessions, we are not medical doctors and do not profess in any way that we can “heal” people nor do we suggest that this energy work (or any energy work for that matter) should take the place of medical advice from a doctor or medical professional. We believe healing is most powerful when you combine best practices from both spirituality and science.

What Makes our Channeling Unique?

Each person connects to energy in their own unique way and we all receive and express it differently as well. In our case, we use both of our auric fields or as some scientific circles refer to it as, our biofields to receive that energy, and then funnel it through one of us — Anthony — to express it.

If you have seen any of our videos, you’ll notice that Anthony’s physical appearance, voice and gestures are altered in the process whereas Renee acts as more of a grounding cord and stays rooted in this dimension.

In this way, we integrate both the masculine and feminine energies so that the flow of that energy is in harmony with the natural order of all things, including the human body.

When Anthony begins to go into an altered state, he begins to show signs of what we like to say as “Other Worldliness”. He may make clicking sounds with his mouth, move his head from side-to-side, straight back or forward, twitch his hands, and move into a state of deep audible breathing, which is what yogis refer to as the Ujjayi breath. During meditation or when you go into a theta brain state, it helps you connect to these other dimensions.

When the guides take over, they begin to use his vocabulary and knowledge to communicate their words of wisdom, inspiration, guidance and thoughts. Often, the guides will communicate words of healing and purpose. They use Anthony’s larynx while he in this altered state so he has limited and sometimes no control over what is being said and to whom. That said, whenever he wants to regain control of his body and voice, he just requests that they leave and they do. Renee grounds both of them during this process.

Science Meets Spirituality…

We also believe in using the best of scientific advancements together with evidence-based best practices in holistic and integrative healing. Additionally, we utilize our own empirical data from experiences with clients and students over the years to navigate the landscape in our teaching. Never do we proclaim to be something we’re not and don’t ever suggest that energy work and holistic approaches should be a substitute for consulting with medical doctors, psychological or mental health practitioners. You see, everything is an exchange of energy and because it’s forever flowing, the art is understanding that it’s a process.

When you realize this, you become acutely aware of the present moment and when you’re in that place, you can truly connect to your Higher Self where the clarity will emerge because your vital life force is now working through you and for you without resistance. Within this framework, it should be no surprise to learn that our teachings are very aligned with the controversial spiritual greats like Yeshua who taught about surrendering into the divinity and expansiveness of who we are, which is pure and simple: Love. Sufi mystic Rumi couldn’t have agreed more.

“Step out of the circle of time and into the circle of love.”

– Rumi


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