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Behind Blue Soul Earth®

Welcome! Called to lead a spiritual awakening and ignite global consciousness, we are the channelers, healers and voices behind Blue Soul Earth®. Combining our gifts, we inspire and heal through events, workshops, content, spiritual travel, and teaching. We offer Study with Spirit® courses (available offline and online via Zoom) where we teach ancient wisdom and channel a group of Ascended Masters who speak collectively as one voice.

In our work, we essentially access the hidden and inner worlds that shamans and spiritual masters so often speak of and innately know – it is in this world of “Spirit” or “Higher Dimensions and Realms” where ancient knowledge and healing often takes place, working through the body which merely acts as a vessel for what appears to be transcendent to our human eyes and ears.

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Call them what you may – elementals, spirits, ancestors, helpers, guardians or forces for good – the combined energies of all show up as “Ascended Masters & Guides” when we channel and they do so without religious dogma or structured belief systems. What comes through is ancient wisdom in the form of messages for individuals as well as healing, which is done energetically through us — we simply act as vessels to these Higher Dimensions for the healing to occur. We also incorporate sound as a healing modality into our work as well as Holy Fire Reiki.

Renee and Anthony, the channelers, healers, voices and founders behind Blue Soul Earth®

Our Mission is to help accelerate global consciousness for those yearning for a deeper exploration of spirituality and to better understand how mindfulness & a spiritual life can transform who we are and everything around us. There is no religious dogma in anything we do — we support all faiths, beliefs and walks of life. We embrace & honor all divine walks of life, whether you stem from Buddhism, Hinduism, Shintoism, Shamanism, Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Paganism or perhaps none of the above & you simply meditate, connect to yoga and have faith in Mother Earth.

Our Purpose is to help others re-awaken their Soul and come to that raw but beautiful realization that we are all connected and part of Universal Consciousness. It should be no surprise that our favorite quotes are related to the invisible and unseen worlds and walking on a wild side of life that embraces sacred, light and magic in perfect harmony.  Helping others on their Soul’s Journey, our hope is that you can embrace a life truly guided by your Higher Self and reconnect to who you really are, calling upon light and love as your daily source of wisdom and decision making.

So, Who are the Ascended Masters really? 

So, who do we channel really? We interchangeably use the words Spirit Team, our Spirit Guides and Ascended Masters who make up the higher dimensional beings we channel on a regular basis.  These Ascended Masters make up the souls of spiritual masters that humanity across cultures knows well. They are many, however they speak collectively as one voice. 

If you consider the truth that we are all made up of energy, then it becomes much easier to come to terms with the idea of energy “light beings” existing outside of time, space and the only dimension we are aware of — the one where we exist in our human bodies.

In this reality — the physical human one — we think in linear terms because that’s all we know, however the truth is that Science and Spirituality are coming closer together every day and even renowned teachers and visionaries are sharing about non-duality, quantum realities and unseen energies in books, interviews and at major events.

Higher Dimensional Energies

Who comes through depends on who we are working with, either individually or as a group. They include the likes of Yeshua, Kuan Yin, Elohim, Raphael, Mohammed, Mary Magdalene, Buddha, Isis, St. Germaine, Metatron, Durga and countless others. When Goddesses come through ‘to speak’, consider them feminine archetypes that someone’s soul is bringing forth for a particular reason — it is the person’s soul we are working with who decides what comes forth depending on what message and healing is most needed. Remember that we are master manifestors — as above, so below.

“They” come through as a ‘collective’ to teach and to heal from multi-dimensional fields — to truly understand this, you must move to Quantum rather than Linear thinking! We merely act as vessels for the information and healing to take place. (in this reality and in this timeline).

As we noted, they speak collectively as one voice, which is hard for our linear minds to understand. Einstein attempted to explain this when he said:A human being is part of a whole called by us “Universe.”  We are not separate from it but part of it and yet, we each have our own individual personality and thread if you like that is part of that whole.

The Hidden Forces at Play

Indigenous elders across the world have always tapped into spirit guides and energies to learn, connect, observe and heal and, still do today.  In the west, we’ve come to recognize the power of these “hidden forces” and traditional doctors are even starting to incorporate modalities they once rejected, such as cranial sacral, acupuncture, reiki and even sound healing.

If you consider that we don’t exist outside of space and time, but that we ‘are time and space,’ then you will better understand that there is a field of energy beyond what the ‘human eye’ can see.  We all have the ability to access it but most shut it down because of fear, conditioning or education that taught that ‘proven science’ is the only true reality.  Even Einstein said that “all religions, arts and sciences are branches of the same tree.”

We’ve all heard stories about how people have been miraculously healed when doctors say it was impossible. Or, human bodies which have been dead (the brain was no longer functioning) and then returned to life only to share with doctors a vision of their spirit looking down upon the operating table and telling them what occurred. How can this be?

If we are indeed time and space and if consciousness is available to us (even after the body dies), then we can start to make some sense of a different reality. And, this opens up limitless possibilities for us as a species.

“There comes a time when the mind takes a higher plane of knowledge but can never prove how it got there.” — Albert Einstein

Our/Their Teaching is Focused on Heart-Centered Living!

Our Spirit Guides convey that our power to bring love through and heal is ten-fold together. “They” teach us a bit like “masters” do, graciously and unselfishly with patience and….heart. They also help us overcome obstacles in our external lives as well as at home in our relationship.

When big boulders come our way or we get frustrated and want to give up, our Spirit Guides show us how to turn to and foster love when nothing else is working. They teach us about the importance of flow, faith, surrender and trust to truly manifest our desires.

These Ascended Masters never ceases to surprise us with their love and guidance and together, we laugh and cry. They amuse us often with their unworldly ways and wake up our human brains to ideas and things we never thought were possible.

“The World Surrenders to a Silent Mind.”

It is in this uncertainty and discomfort that we truly grow, flourish and thrive. We invite you to embrace the unknown and the wild side of the unseen and unknown spiritual plains and realms, using love as your guide. Surrender and let your Inner Voice speak. Surrender and let your Soul’s Purpose lead. Surrender and let go of what your ego tells you to do. Surrender and just let it all go. Surrender and just BE!

Words from the Ascended Masters

As we said before, we interchangeably use the words “Spirit Team”, our “Spirit Guides” and “Ascended Masters”. Our Spirit Team acknowledges other energies, beings and souls from different spiritual realms and galaxies. And, even other Universes. It is said that many are advanced and here to help humanity awaken and evolve into a higher dimension and vibration. If you’re wondering what higher dimensions and vibrations (or vibrational patterns) mean, for simplicity sake, consider it to mean a Higher Consciousness that is focused on Love as the Driving Force.

When we ask questions from an analytical and linear perspective, our spirit team humorously tells us that our question is valid but there are no absolutes because in a quantum view, there are multiple possibilities, multiple realities, and multiple timelines we are living in simultaneously.  In other words, the life we are living now is merely one ‘projection’ or one ‘reality,’ and that we have access to the knowledge from the other “you’s” that exist in other dimensions and other Universes.

Our Spirit Team teaches us that when we’re out of sync in our lives, it is the result of imbalance in the totality of who we are: physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual. When things are out of alignment, the aspects of ourselves which help us navigate life, such as the ego, fight or flight response and our brain’s cortex which drives thought and action, are leading our lives.

While the logical parts of our brain help us reason & make senseof aspects of our lives, if it drives all decision making, our intuitive selves take a back seat. This is when we can all too easily resort to fear and ego versus trust and love.

When the brain is overworked or doesn’t allow time to just “be,” we start to lose our way. Throughout the course of life, the balance between our physical, emotional, spiritual and psychological states shift and if we’re not on top of maintaining balance, that off kilter state can show up in a myriad of ways, from sadness, depression and low energy levels to physical ailments or if left unattended over time, even disease.

For everyone who moves closer to living their Soul’s Purpose, the sooner we will get to a world that embraces Oneness, not one based on divisiveness and fear. Love truly is the most powerful energy in the universe today — it always has been and hopefully always will be.

Our Beliefs

Although we consider ourselves spiritual, we are not religious nor do we channel or teach anything that is connected to dogma or a structured religion. All of our work is about embracing everyone’s diverse gifts and honoring all divine walks of life.

Being raised among Catholicism and moderate Christian churches with dogma and rules to subscribe to, we ultimately came back to our own inner knowing of spiritual truths — that inner gnosis if you like.

We’re fully aware that regardless of how spiritual or aligned to source we feel, there is plenty of shadow work we need to do. It’s not just ego that gets in the way, but scars, trauma, past memories and imprints which play havoc on our decisions on a regular basis.

We take a more grounded approach to spirituality, honoring the imperfections in ourselves, for it is in those imperfections that we can see all the layers, textures and colors of humanity. When we learn to love our own imperfections, we can learn to love them in others, for what we face in life, everyone else does too. It is in this non-dual awareness that we can begin to let go of our conditioning in this and past lifetimes.

Our Spirit Guides tells us often that we are Spirit first, Human second and our Culture third. When you see things through this lens, those deeply rooted associations we have to our culture begin to melt away. While this may seem tragic to those whose identity is primarily focused on where they hail from, they are merely reminding us that when we realize we are Spirit first and that the human body is no more than a costume we are wearing in a play (in this lifetime if you will), we can then look at the world and everything in it in a fresh and boundless way.

Suddenly, we begin to see that everything is interconnected and one. We understand that nature is fundamental to living a healthy and balanced life. What impacts the trees and wildlife around us also impacts the oceans, plants and our own DNA.

We begin to see all living beings as sacred, not just those we most relate to, whether it be color, race, religion, culture or social and economic status. Gone are the boundaries and constraints which define us on the Earth plane. Gone are the labels of who and what we identify to – what’s left is a lovely engagement between spirits in our human “costumes,” without judgment and the need to control or be in control. Once fear and ego is lifted, only understanding, empathy and love remain.

Our Intention 

Together, we are committed to helping others awaken and heal on a mental, emotional, physical and spiritual level. Our work is focused on awakening your Higher Self and supporting the Soul’s Journey. When we channel Higher Dimensions, our and your spirit teams assist us in helping you remember your Soul’s Purpose in nurturing and loving ways.

That self-awareness and re-awakening helps you re-integrate activities and rituals in your life you may have left behind, add new ones that support your deeper calling and move past negative patterns that prohibit you from living a joyful live. Think of it as a re-integration with your Higher Self so you can make healthy decisions that are more harmoniously balanced.

By combining both of our skill sets and gifts, we each have 30 years of experience in therapy, writing, linguistics, leadership, management, teaching, marketing, public relations, coaching, branding, creating and curating. Whether you want a direct connection to the Spiritual Realm, to hire us for an event or you want to brand or market your conscious-focused business or brand, we can help.

Above all, we have ethics, integrity, heart and passion for best helping you succeed on your Soul’s Journey, in both your personal life and in your business one.

Anthony’s Story

I always knew I had the ability to sense and feel things that others couldn’t for as long as I can remember. Raised in a small town, our house was built over a cemetery and it was these lurking spirits who called to me as a boy. Without an understanding of who and what was “knocking,” I retreated and spent my childhood in fear of this unknown world. That fear left me closed to the Spiritual Realm until the second half of my life.

Raised as an Italian Catholic, I’ve always identified with the cross, however I somehow felt that it was more connected to being Italian than Catholic. Today, I wear a yin yang pendant made of black onyx and pyrite, a cross and a pagan circle which should give you an idea of where I sit today. It wasn’t until my thirties and forties that I dabbled in other spiritual paths, including Buddhism, Wiccan, meditation and yoga, the latter two of which are still an integral part of my life.

Living in the Bronx, I always felt like I was on guard, so much so that I trained as a martial artist across a number of disciplines, including Kung Fu and Chinese Kempo. I felt isolated from my Soul’s Purpose and it took neurological pain to wake me up to what I was meant to do in this lifetime. The extraordinary pain led me to specialists, depression and soul searching.

It was yoga and meditation which introduced me to a different reality and way of life, one which was driven by light and deeper meaning.  Later on, I saw my martial arts training as a gift, not just as a way to protect myself, but as a path which taught me about honor, integrity, discipline and faith.

Meeting my twin soul Renee opened me up even further to a path of love and light, although at the time, I didn’t know what a twin soul was or that souls are connected and on a journey of learning and teaching together…in the spiritual realm and on the earth plane.

Spirit broke me wide open after moving to California, teaching Renee and I night after night about our Soul’s Purpose together and how to lead, teach and heal. I’ve learned that the key is true surrender to Spirit (divine love) and once I stopped resisting, my channeling abilities began to flourish and my neuropathic pain disappeared. When we’re out of alignment and not living our soul’s purpose, it can manifest in physical or emotional pain or even worse, both. They are connected after all.

With my gift as a pure channel, I allow our Spirit Guides to enter my Soul so unlike mental channelers, Spirit navigates all parts of me, from my limbs to walk and heal to my voice box to speak. While my ability to connect is truly a gift, it is also a choice –- think of it as a symbiotic and gracious relationship between human and spirit. The Ascended Masters who work with and through Renee and I are of pure love, joy and light and this is what we wish to bring to others in our work.

Renee’s Story

As an empath, I always felt people’s pain and sadness but thought that somehow everyone was made that way. A deep yearning to cry for and with people as they processed their daily load, it wasn’t until later in life that I understood and embraced my clairsentient and claircognizant abilities. In my twenties and thirties, I gravitated to what felt like never ending personal growth, spiritual events and teachings — from Wayne Dyer, Tony Robbins and Deepak Chopra to Pema Chodron, Esther Hicks, Rumi and Eckhart Tolle, I devoured them all.

Despite being raised working class in the Northeast, where abundance always took a back seat, my life was blessed. Although abandoned at one and raised by my grandparents, they embraced and raised me like their own, passing on their biggest gifts: awareness, love, gratitude and fearlessness.

While there’s no shortage of shadows and trauma in my family history, part of that chaos led to experiencing multiple religions early on in life. I was baptized Episcopalian, Methodist, Lutheran and Baptist, sent to private Catholic school and lived on a kibbutz in Israel in my late teens.

The nomad approach to spirituality ultimately led to a nomadic life as I traveled to 90 countries and lived in 11. In addition to living abroad and leading trips to some pretty profound places, I was forever hungry for knowledge and ancient wisdom, which led to studying in London, Amsterdam, Greece, Austria, Australia and South Africa. From Anthropology, Philosophy & Sociology to Religions Across Cultures, International Relations and Marketing, I oscillated between exploring outward and going inward to digest each of them.

The result was abandoning all religion until resonating with Buddhism & Paganism more than anything else. Truthfully, it is nature that best guides me and what I return to for renewal again and again. Today, Anthony and I walk the same path, which is none and all of the above, where our primary spiritual guidance revolves around divine love, surrender and oneness.

When I met Anthony, I felt as if I had known him for thousands of years. When he began to trance, our lives dramatically changed. Once concerned that Anthony wouldn’t understand or like my classical and spiritual tracks, vibrationally-charged music began to fill our home daily. New souls were sent to us to teach and guide us and “Spirit” began working through my writing and reading at unprecedented rates. Suddenly, I was churning out 5,000 words in less than an hour and reading five books at a time.

While we both resisted a path of service at first because of the commitment that channeling brings, we began to connect to our Spirit Guides which always led us back to our purpose. when ancient wisdom fills your life on a regular basis, it’s impossible to turn back. These mysterious ‘guides’ teach us about love in a myriad of ways as the path forward — love is what fills us, feeds us and guides us. And so, here we are on a journey of discovery, uncertainty and trust. Committed to serve (and love) is part of that journey.

Working with Us

Blue Soul Earth® is the umbrella for Blue Soul Circles®, Blue Soul IGNITE!, Blue Soul Travel, Blue Soul Summit®, Blue Soul WISDOM series, Blue Soul Chats, Blue Soul MASTERS, Blue Soul LOUNGE and Blue Soul Publishing, all of which are dedicated to elevating global consciousness, awakening and igniting your life’s purpose and journey. 

We also run Dining with Spirit® events (spiritual events combined with food/wine) and Study with Spirit®, which are courses held offline and online via Zoom. We also lead spiritual retreats to sacred destinations as well and would love to collaborate with others who wish to co-create with us.

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We hope that you will join us on a journey of conscious awakening & connection.

In light & love,

Anthony & Renee

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