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Called to awaken others to their life’s purpose and step into their highest potential, we are the founders and voices behind Blue Soul Earth®. We offer courses and programs for individuals as well as consulting and programs for businesses. Feel free to check out our bios to learn more about our backgrounds and keep reading to learn more about our philosophy and approach.

Renee Blodgett and Anthony Compagnone, Blue Soul Earth® founders

“What is your philosophy & approach?” 

Our work integrates best practices from both science and spirituality to help people navigate their personal and professional lives with harmony, ease and grace. We empower you to see your own veils of illusion and conditioning.

People often ask if we integrate indigenous practices, mushroom concoctions, ayahuasca journeys or psychedelics and when we say “no,” quite often the response is: “so, that means we really need to really do the work?” We are not suggesting that we consider these practices to be what some have come to refer to as spiritual bypassing, but merely that we don’t use internal substances as a gateway to deepen that connection to your Higher Self or to other realms and dimensions.

Does that mean people need to really do the work, whatever that implies? Yes and no.

Yes, because each person has their own unique journey and to get to the place of bliss, serenity and connection that humanity is so wired to receive, it may take some longer than others. It’s also yes because many of us have gone through dark night of the soul transitions, deep traumas, heartaches and loss, but there’s also a no answer if you choose it. You see, when we can accept not needing to know whether we’re doing “it” correctly each step along the way, the path to serenity can be much faster since we start to move from our head space to our heart space, which is when you are truly aligned with your purpose, where the real magic happens.

Alignment simply means this: being in sync with your Higher Self so that you’re one with “it” in all areas of your life: when you interact with your partner or kids, make business or important life decisions or simpler choices like what vacation to take or who to spend your time with.

How do you know if it’s your intuition and what we often refer to as your spiritual compass guiding you or the ego with all of its walls, fears and excuses? If it’s not in alignment with your Higher Self, the “Self” who knows the non-duality of our existence, then far too often, you end up on a hamster wheel repeating the same patterns again and again.

Ultimately, it shows up as an inauthentic mask to the outside world.

What will you choose? Analysis paralysis, data overload and constant searching outside yourself or experiencing the world through your heart where the present moment and alchemy awaits you?

“Do you work with individuals or businesses?”   

Together, we combine practical empirical data and our intuitive gifts with scientific knowledge to help others ignite the spirit within and when that alignment occurs, dramatic shifts begin to happen in both your personal and professional lives. You see, we help individuals and businesses get aligned with who they truly are at a soul level, because happiness and success are never sustainable when you’re not in sync with your Higher Self.

“Wherever You Go, There You Are!” Jon Kabat-Zinn

When you show up present to your Higher Self, the ego no longer dictates your life. What follows are creative and powerful manifestations each and every day and that’s where the real magic lies. In your personal relationships, your intimate ones and with your kids. And naturally, you’ll see the alchemy in your professional relationships, your brand, your business and beyond as well. It’s pure flow. Expanded awareness and consciousness becomes who you are, and what follows is a beautiful ease and grace in all areas of your life. When you surrender into it, grace becomes you and you become it. 

It is often in uncertainty and discomfort that we truly grow, flourish and thrive. We invite you to embrace the unknown and the wild side of the unseen and unknown realms and dimensions, using love as your guide. Surrender and let your Inner Voice speak. Surrender and let your soul lead. Surrender and just be. From that place, alignment is the game and you are no longer a chest board pawn.

“What makes your work unique?”

First, we combine both spirituality and science in our work. Our professional backgrounds stemmed from the worlds of technology, speech and language therapy, branding, journalism, science and entrepreneurship – three decades of it. All of it is integrated into our teachings and consulting work.

Additionally, we channel as a couple and teach about consciousness and the spiritual awakening process with individuals, groups and businesses.

Did you say channel? 

Yup. We access the hidden and inner worlds that shamans and spiritual masters so often speak of and innately know – it is in this world of Spirit or Higher Dimensions and Realms where ancient knowledge and healing often takes place, working through the body which merely acts as a vessel for what appears to be transcendent to our human eyes and ears. For those new to working in these realms, it may sound a bit too esoteric for your ears, but if you’ve ever been curious about spiritual awakening and consciousness, and science hasn’t satisfied you with you all the answers you seek, then read on.

Many would call what we do channeling, yet we’d argue that we are all channelers; we simply do it in different ways. Channeling is nothing more than receiving energy and expressing it in a unique and creative way. As one famous Oscar and Grammy award-winning jazz musician friend describes it, “I have access to the universe because I am the universe.” He went on to say, “we all do.” In case you’re wondering whether ego is directing his life, he’s one of the most humble people we know.

If we each have access to the universe or one could argue, the multiverse and all energies within it, then how do we parse out what is most useful? Put another way, if the entire creative force is accessible, how do we make sense of what comes through in a meaningful way that is practical to our everyday lives? And how do can we be discerning when we may be unknowingly applying our own self-serving filters?

Fair questions.

We may not realize it, but we are all portals to other worlds. It sounds like science fiction but in essence, it’s simply a connection to our Higher Self which has access to more than we can possibly imagine with our linear minds.

Some call it the imaginal world or pure creative flow whereas others call it dimension, realms, quantum projections or even alternate realities. As we mentioned earlier, it is also referred to as energetic information in the biofield or as we sometimes like to say, the field of the I am consciousness. I am who I am. I am that I am. I am.

Now let’s move onto discernment. When you bring forth divine energy from that expansive field, ask yourself: is it of love or of fear? Which one does the message feed? Does it have an agenda? Does the information serve the best interest of the individual? What about the collective best interest? Herein lies your answer to discernment. Focus on love and oneness, and it will steer you in the right direction and allow you to surrender into it.

It is that divine presence of love, compassion and connection that all human beings have felt at one time or another and for those who meditate or do other practices to still the mind such as yoga, chi gong or tai chi, they connect to that feeling of oneness much more often.

If you want to call it channeling, you can and we sometimes do, but we also realize that since we all channel in our own unique ways, the language that you use for it is simply that: language. And the way to describe the very same thing may differ just as our jazz musician friend describes.

There is no one answer because there is no one reality.

We are constantly tapping into perceptions in this poetic dance of frequencies we are made up of which is both sound and light and like elegant waves in the Void or Aether, we vibrate and carry a resonance when we do. In our case, we integrate both masculine and feminine energies when we channel so that balance and harmony is part of every message and healing.

“What’s your foundation?”

Our foundation is based on heart-centered living and that love is the glue that binds us all and secondly, we embrace Inner Gnosis or what some refer to as innate wisdom or noetic intuition. Our framework is focused on the interconnectedness of all things and knowing that we’re not separate from others or from the planet herself. In other words, we are one with Universal Consciousness or as some refer to as the All That Is and yet, humanity’s predominantly materialist perspective is dead bent on ensuring that a message of separateness rather than unity, continues to be the only respected world view. That said, it doesn’t have to be your reality.

Spirituality and science and are cut from the same fibers; they merely use different language and tools to come to the understanding of the age-old questions about humanity and our existence: who are we? why are we here? are we eternal? and are we alone in the universe? Although an increasingly number of scientists, philosophers, biologists and even medical doctors have begun to challenge conventional wisdom, we have a long way to go.

We also tap into and subscribe to the wisdom from the Void herself or what some refer to as the Life Force. We subscribe to it by surrendering into it, for we remind that this Universal Life Force flows through the planet and beyond as well. It’s all connected.

“For my ally is the Force, and a powerful ally it is.

Life creates it, makes it grow. Its energy surrounds us

and binds us. Luminous beings are we, not this crude matter.”

– Yoda from Star Wars

You might say that we ignite a torch within each person so they can lead a heart-centered life – not just sometimes – but every single day. Being truly present in each moment of our day, has a profound ripple effect on everyone, but first and foremost with ourselves.

“So, what does it mean to be aligned with your Higher Self?”

  • Have you ever been so in synch in a board room or closing a business deal that everything just flowed without a hitch?
  • Have you ever played a sport competitively or for fun and felt unstoppable?
  • Have you ever been drawing, painting, creating content or playing music and you felt as if time stood still?
  • Have you ever conquered a fear only to realize that the fear was an illusion after the fear was behind you?  

This is your Higher Self at play it is when you show up in the world trusting in something higher than yourself regardless of what your belief system may be. Perhaps you do believe in God, Godde or the Goddess or perhaps you don’t, but you’re innately aware that there is something else in this expansive universe that is by design…perfect as it is. Think of is as the unfolding of truth as “it is” for you in a particular moment.

What or who is your Higher Self? It’s the collective energies (and frequencies) that make you up as an energy being. Ever wonder why you are drawn to certain things (a stone, song or a piece of art) or to certain places in the world (India, Ireland, Peru, Egypt)Perhaps you connect to ancient Celtic and Roman Goddesses, Indian or Chinese Gods, or maybe it’s animals and nature. These are clues to your strengths, talents, abilities and connections. These clues can be used to access powerful wisdom that can push us beyond the boundaries of our human/physical understanding, all of which exist in our limited linear constructs. 

When we’re focused on the “here-and-now” and not trying so hard to mold, change or force a situation to anything other than its natural rhythm, this is when we struggle and get lost. This struggle is simply a perception or an illusion until we let go and surrender. Then, that universal flow returns and we can settle into simply being, our true nature.

When we’re out of sync in our lives, it is the result of imbalance in the totality of who we are: physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual. You see, for when things are out of alignment, the aspects of ourselves which help us navigate life, such as the ego, fight or flight response and our brain’s cortex which drives thought and action, are leading our lives.

While the logical parts of our brain help us reason and make sense of aspects of our lives, if it drives all decision making, our intuitive selves take a back seat. This is when we can all too easily resort to fear and ego versus trust and connection.

When the brain is overworked or doesn’t allow time to just BE, we start to lose our way. Throughout the course of life, the balance between our physical, emotional, spiritual and psychological states shift and if we’re not on top of maintaining balance, that off kilter state can show up in a myriad of ways, from sadness, depression and low energy levels to physical ailments or if left unattended over time, even disease.

For everyone who moves closer to living their Soul’s Purpose, the sooner we will get to a world that embraces oneness, not one based on divisiveness and fear. From that place of oneness, the path to Soul Alignment begins.

Suddenly, we begin to see that everything is interconnected and one. We begin to see all living beings as sacred, not just those we most relate to, whether it be color, race, religion, culture or social and economic status. Gone are the boundaries and constraints which define us on the earth plane. Once fear and ego is lifted, only understanding, empathy and love remain. Our work is committed to that harmonious balance and from that place, your business, personal life and health just gets better and better.

“When you say we’re connected to everything, what do you mean?”

Einstein attempted to explain this when he said, “A human being is part of a whole called by us ‘Universe.’”  We are not separate from it but part of it and yet, we each have our own individual personality and thread if you like that is part of that whole. If you consider that we don’t exist outside of space and time, but that “we are time and space,” then you will better understand that there is a field of energy beyond what the human eye can see. We all have the ability to access it but most shut it down because of fear, conditioning or education that taught that proven science is the only true reality.  Even Einstein said, “All religions, arts and sciences are branches of the same tree.” 

“All religions, arts and sciences are branches of the same tree.” 

– Albert Einstein

If we are indeed time and space and if consciousness is available to us (even after the body dies), then we can start to make some sense of a different reality. We begin to understand that consciousness exists outside of the brain, which opens up limitless possibilities for us as a species. In other words, we are so much more than the skin, bones and limbs we wear in this dimensional reality.

We’ve all heard stories about how people have been miraculously healed when doctors say it was impossible. Or, human beings who have died (the brain was no longer functioning) and then returned to life only to share with doctors a vision of their spirit looking down upon the operating table and telling them what occurred. How can this be?

“There comes a time when the mind takes a higher plane of knowledge

but can never prove how it got there.”

 Albert Einstein

“We are so much more than our physical perceptions, that’s how…”

Because of the dominant paradigm in science, at least in the west, we tend to only think of ourselves as physical beings with organs, bones, blood and fluids and that after the physical body retires, it’s game over. That said, western science has also told us that everything is energy, not just human beings but every living thing we see around us is energy too – animals, trees, the stars in our galaxy, the plants on our porch and so on. But it doesn’t stop there.

The physical table that this laptop, iPhone, and cup of tea sits on at this very moment also carries energy. The art on our wall is made up of energy as is the Buddha statue behind us.

You see, we are so much more than bones, organs and fluids. We are truly energetic beings who are electromagnetic in nature, made up of sound, light and waveforms and they all exist in a vast spectrum of frequencies.

The musicians who are reading may start to pay a bit more attention now. Every sound has a different frequency, doesn’t it? Every word we utter has a its own unique frequency and how we say them also has its own unique frequency.

What does this have to do with connecting to other dimensions and energies which exist there in this vast multiverse of ours?

Music is the mediator between the spiritual and the sensual life.” 

– Ludwig van Beethoven

If we are electromagnetic in nature, you might liken each and every person as having a radio signal that emits energy from their energetic field, always tuning into something — that something could be a conversation, an experience, such as a play or an opera, expanded knowledge at a seminar or through a movie or book, or something more invigorating such as ziplining through the Peruvian jungle. Some people feel the energy of everything around them whereas others are more apt at only tuning into one aspect of the experience and filter out the rest.

That’s the beauty of humanity’s diversity; one person may extract a teaching from a textbook that propels them to be a quantum physicist whereas another may go on to explore the interconnectedness between trees and humans. Same content, different focus, different outcome. What frequency we choose to tune into is where we will find meaning, but then we use a dance of discernment and surrender in order to translate that meaning to something practical. In other words, what frequencies from an energy transmission do we most resonate with?

When we get into a meditative state, we filter out the noise of one experience and tune into another one, which may exist in a vibration outside the one we typically see, feel, sense and taste with our most known senses. Someone next to you just sensed a bad vibe from someone you just met, but you didn’t. Why? She or he was simply tuning into a frequency you didn’t sense.

So, within that infinite number of frequencies that exist, we can zero in on just one, a few or a collective. Just as the internet can access just about anything you want to know, you also want to hone into what is most relevant when you’re searching, parsing and curating content. Translate that to your auric field and ask: what resonates most with your unique frequency?

In a pure consciousness state, you can tune into a manifested or known energy or you can tune into the emptiness of energy…the Void or the nothingness that Taoists and Buddhists often speak about.

In our work, when we tune into other frequencies, collectively we connect to what is known in esoteric circles as the Akashic Records or the Akash, which is simply a depository of memories attached to a particular life or experience. It is said to be part of the magnetic grid of our planet. In scientific terms, you might call the Noosphere. Others take bolder leaps and call it the quantum field. Whatever it is, this very aware and very omnipresent field of always alive-information exists beyond our linear understanding given the instruments and data we currently have access to, however, fortunately more is being uncovered every day.

When a medical intuitive tunes into your auric field (or biofield), one might say that they’re tuning into or honing in on the frequencies of your organs and can detect where there’s interference or noise. Those who practice acupuncture, reiki, cranial sacral, or use tuning forks and sound modalities for healing are doing a variation of the same thing. In his work, Dr. Joe Dispenza works on heart and brain coherence as a path to healing. Naturally, we all want more coherence in our body so that everything is working together in harmony for when it’s in disharmony, it leads to emotional distress or if left stagnant, disease over time.

We realize that for some of you, this may be an overly simplification of what’s going on and for those who only listen to data points and studies, there are plenty of them available. There are also plenty of respected biologists, psychologists, medical doctors, scientists, quantum physicists, researchers and therapists who have brought this data to the forefront so you too can make your own choices.

It’s so simple, yet we make it hard, for we either find it difficult to embrace because it sounds too simple or the contrary: too unbelieveable. Those who have ears will hear….We continue to resist, which only makes it harder for it will continue to persist as Pema Chodron reminds us in her books. Others have echoed similar words, including Carl Jung.

If we could only listen to (and truly hear) those who understood that love or that divinity of who we truly are, we can then walk in that place of serenity, that place of surrender, that place of I am who I am. Yet so many of us ignore new scientific evidence drawing more and more bridges between the esoteric and physical world where Newtonian rules apply. And, we tend to ignore the insights from spiritual greats and even political ones as well.

“Physical strength can never permanently withstand the impact of spiritual force.” 

 – Franklin D. Roosevelt

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