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So, what are Blue Soul Darshans? Darshans are most known and understood (in Hindu tradition) as the experience of seeing and feeling a deity or holy person. Some see this as symbolic whereas others feel the actual presence of an incarnated avatar greeting them in the physical realm.

Our work stems from a combination of teachings, including Gnosticism, Hinduism, Shintoism, Buddhism, Christianity, Judaism, the Kabbalah and Paganism. Through this rare blending of traditions and ceremony, we have created a unique experience we call Blue Soul Darshans.

They do incorporate some of the ceremonial aspects of Hindu practice, such as chanting, mudras and even Kriyas; however, we also integrate some of the rituals from Pagan, Judaic and Christian traditions, but without the dogma or rigidity that suggests that one way is the only way to enlightenment and that inner peace we all seek. Also woven in are practices that blanket many traditions, such as breath work, meditation, sound healing, intention, and collective energy healing.

As a couple, we not only tap into spiritual traditions and cultural rituals in our work, but also use the skills and gifts from over 25 years of experience in therapy, research, teaching, coaching, communications and sound as a healing modality. Together, we have brought this extraordinary blend together into our Blue Soul Darshans, which are designed to awaken and renew the soul’s calling and innate knowing.
So, how do you feel afterwards? What does a soul renewal actually mean? Here’s how others describe the experience.

We hold them online as well as in sacred spaces throughout the United States, most often in California, Arizona and Nevada but occasionally on the East Coast.  If you are interested in learning more or being on the mailing list for both online and in-person events, ping us at info @ bluesoulearth dot com. Equally, if you’d like to invite us to your city, state or country to hold a sacred retreat or Blue Soul Darshan experience, put Blue Soul Darshan Inquiry in the subject line of your email.




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