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Blue Soul Summit™ is a physical event on sacred land as well as a series of summit series of interviews online.

The Summit (s) bring together some of the most powerful and passionate spiritual teachers, leaders, authors, visionaries and healers for a few days of magical connection. If you want to sponsor, partner, host, speak, teach or lead a workshop, contact us.

Topics explore include but are not limited to:

  • Awakening & Consciousness Across Cultures
  • Akashic Records & their Usefulness in Modern Day Life
  • Blue Indigo Children: Helping Them on Their Journey
  • Channeling: Understanding the Gifts
  • Connect to & Awaken Your Soul Thru Dance & Movement
  • Connect to Your Soul Thru Yoga
  • Businesses & Communities with Mindfulness & Purpose
  • Crystals & Their Power for Connecting & Healing
  • Death & Dying Honorably
  • Integrating Divine Masculine & Feminine Energies
  • Emotional & Physical Healing
  • Emotional Trauma: Letting Go
  • The Power of Goddess Rituals
  • Grounding: Why it Matters
  • Inner Happiness Explored
  • Lucid Dreaming: its role in Consciousness
  • Light Language & Crystal Bowls: How Frequencies Can Heal
  • Martial Arts: Modern Day Usefulness
  • Medical Intuitives: The Future of Healing
  • Meditation: Moving & Still
  • Psychology: Science + Data vs Love + Healing
  • Qigong, Tai Chi & Beyond
  • Sacred Ancient Circles
  • Shamanism: Wisdom of our Ancestors & the Earth’s Energy
  • Theta Healing & Connecting with Spirit
  • Where Science Meets God
  • A Unified World: We are All One
  • Vibrational Shifts on Earth
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