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Welcome to Blue Soul Summit®

Blue Soul Summit® is an online video platform that brings some of the most powerful visionaries together who are making a significant dent in consciousness. By registering for Blue Soul Summit®, you’ll discover…

  • ancient wisdom across cultures
  • the latest in psychology, medicine and science
  • the connection between cosmology, quantum physics and spirituality
  • how to heal yourself and others
  • life-changing books, courses and resources
  • why leading a heart-centered life will improve your health
  • a supportive and inspirational community of like-minded people
  • spiritual teachings without the dogma
  • off-the-beaten path research that will reshape how you see the world and much more….

Every season highlights five speakers and each one tackles a specific topic in an interactive dialogue with hosts Renee and Anthony, the founders of Blue Soul Earth®. From mind-bending ideas in the modern world to ancient esoteric wisdom, we’ll cover profound new developments in science, health, spirituality, technology, sustainability, philosophy, cosmology, education, the arts, and more.

There are also gifts from speakers along the way, and it’s free to register – just click on the registration button below for complimentary access.  It is free to register for each season – simply visit our Blue Soul Summit® site to register for the latest season (s).


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