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Blue Soul Summit® takes place on and offline with events that happen on Zoom and other online platforms as well as on sacred land in various destinations around the world.

The Summit(s) bring together some of the most powerful and passionate spiritual teachers, leaders, authors, visionaries and healers for a few days of magical connection. If you want to sponsor, partner, host, speak, teach or lead a workshop, contact us.

Topics explore include but are not limited to:

  • Awakening & Consciousness Across Cultures
  • Wellness and the Biofield: How are practitioners using it to assist with healing?
  • Channeling: Why is it controversial? Is it real?
  • Martial Arts: Why energy modalities such as soft martial arts can assist in the wakening process
  • Connect to Your Soul Through Yoga
  • Businesses & Communities with Mindfulness & Purpose
  • Death & Dying Honorably
  • Integrating Divine Masculine & Feminine Energies
  • The Connection Between Emotional & Physical Healing
  • Trauma: Letting Go
  • Karma: Does it exist? If so, how does it serve us or does it?
  • The Power of Rituals
  • Grounding & Earthing: Why it Matters
  • Inner Happiness Explored
  • Lucid Dreaming: Its role in Consciousness
  • The Voice for Healing: Mantras, Chants, Kirtan & Light Language
  • Medical Intuitives: The Future of Healing
  • Meditation: Moving & Still
  • The Chakra System: It’s Usefulness in Healing
  • Psychology: New Breakthroughs for Emotional Healing
  • Qigong, Tai Chi & Beyond
  • Sacred Ancient Circles
  • Shamanism: Wisdom of our Ancestors & the Earth’s Energy
  • The Power of your Breath
  • Brain Wave States: Their Usefulness in Awakening
  • Where Science Meets God
  • A Unified World: We are All One
  • Vibrational Shifts on Earth
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