Join us for Move with Spirit™, a Blue Soul Earth® offering that embodies our teachings through breath work, stretching, movement and Kung Fu.

Move with Spirit™ is an integrative approach to exercise that helps to strengthen your entire “energetic body and soul”.  Through the movements of Kung Fu and breathwork, Move with Spirit™ aims to energize your body, mind, and spirit in a fun and meaningful way. Although Kung Fu is often seen as a fighting art used for self-defense, Move with Spirit™ classes focus more on one’s coordination of movements with one’s own breath creating physical flexibility, strength, and stamina. The 7 main chakras of the energetic body will be incorporated as a means to demonstrate how to disrupt a target chakra while performing a variety of strikes, kicks, and blocking techniques. Both silent and moving meditation will also be an integral part of each class. 

For those who wish to take Move with Spirit™ to the next level from a our regular classes, Master Instructor Anthony Compagnone will offer those students who are willing and ready to move up the Blue Soul Earth® Kung-Fu sash level through a unique curriculum designed solely for those BSEKF students. Participants in Move with Spirit™ will have the opportunity to challenge themselves further by joining the BSEKF classes separately if they choose and move from a series of sash levels from no sash to black sash as they advance of the sash latter from beginner, intermediate, advance and master levels. 

Move with Spirit™ classes as well as BSEKF classes are simply a means to an end as we strengthen and create the flexibility of our energetic bodies together as a community. Remember the words of the Ascended Masters, “what we do in this earth realm, we do in the others”. We are a reflection of our own selves in every realm in which we exist. So let us all work together to be the best and highest vibrations that we can in this earth realm for the benefit of all humanity.

This offering will go live later in the Fall of 2021 and classes will be offered via Zoom a few times a month. You can either subscribe to Move with Spirit™ program for reduced rates or ‘drop-in’ whenever your schedule allows.

We will update this page with dates and links to sign up as soon as the program is finalized.


Renee & Anthony