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 Blue Soul IGNITE! Membership Program

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Why Join Blue Soul IGNITE!

Blue Soul IGNITE!™ is a membership program where you have an opportunity to connect with a community of like-minded individuals each month as well as ask questions from the Ascended Masters Renee & Anthony channel. There’s no dogma here: the teachings cross borders, cultures and belief systems and are about oneness above all else. The ancient wisdom bridges science and spirituality in a myriad of powerful ways.

Blue Soul IGNITE!™ is a fit if you’re curious about life and want answers beyond what science can explain, the human eye can see & the linear mind can fathom. You know that there’s something deeper and greater in our universe beyond what we know. You believe that there’s a Higher Consciousness beyond what we can understand in logical terms.

Perhaps you realize that we’re not on a solo journey after all….that we are all interconnected somehow to each other & perhaps even to all living things. Or, perhaps you’re just curious and feel an interconnectedness and want to learn more.
Perhaps you’ve been worn down from religious dogma and yet you still have faith in something. Or, perhaps you grew up without religion and are agnostic. Or, maybe you have always been drawn to science but are curious where spirituality fits into the picture.

Regardless of what you connect to or believe in, there’s a Higher Consciousness that we are all part of and connected to – and from that place, perhaps you’re ready to consider that simplicity could be the answer. In that simplicity of being, maybe there’s an inner knowing that love is the primal force which drives you or you would like to drive you.
Perhaps you’re ready to embrace a life without internal struggle, anxiety and over-thinking. You’re tired of being in your head all the time and the analysis paralysis because it doesn’t bring you peace.

The monthly gatherings with Blue Soul IGNITE!™ as well as the membership program’s other benefits are designed to get YOU back into the driver’s seat so your Higher Self (not your ego) can lead, dictating what your life should look, feel and even taste like.

JOIN US if you crave community and want to connect with like-minded souls on a journey to further awakening and deeper consciousness.  

JOIN US if you want to play in both the worlds of spirituality and science and be part of a community that first and foremost, is based on oneness and heart-centered living.  


“Isn’t it time you painted your own life’s canvas rather than being confined by your ancestor’s & other people’s stories?”

“Isn’t it time to free yourself from the fears that dictate too many of your daily decisions?”


Benefits of Blue Soul IGNITE!™

Regardless of where you hail from in the world, you can join a community of like-minded souls who are interested in global consciousness – accelerating their own spiritual journey as well as others.

Here are some of the benefits you will receive as a Blue Soul IGNITE™ member!

Monthly Zoom video calls with Renee, Anthony &Yeshua & Magdalene together with visits from other Ascended Masters they channel. You’ll have a chance to interact with their guidesand the community. Recorded replays available for members.

Members will receive discounts off selected Study with Spirit®courses, workshops and events throughout the year. Preferred discounts assist you to stay in community with others who share your vision & passion for personal growth and spiritual development.

Access to the Blue Soul Earth® Community. When like-minded people gather, there is support, learning & soul-expanding experiences you can share with one another. Connecting with others on a similar path is also very healing and collaboration can only flourish

Register earlyfor Spiritual Retreats and Workshops held in the states and to sacred destinations around the world with live channeling & healing on-site. You’ll also get early registration access to selected Blue Soul Summit® on & offline events.

Member Gifts: As our thank you, you’ll receive both the eBook&video versions of YOUR SOUL SPEAKS™. For those who opt for the annual membership, you’ll also receive guided meditations to help align your chakras & balance the masculine and feminine energies you hold within.

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