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 Blue Soul IGNITE! Membership Program

Holistic Alignment | Spiritual Development | Community | Access to Live Channelings!

 Energy Healing | Offers to Exclusive trips & Spiritual retreats | Discounts off events & products | Curated resource library | Access to Special Content & more!

Are you ready to take a journey with us? 

Why Join Blue Soul IGNITE!

Welcome to Blue Soul IGNITE!™, which is a membership program that offers exclusive access to on and offline teachings of ancient wisdom, discounts, monthly calls with live channelings, energy and sound healing, a vibrant community around the world and more.

Blue Soul IGNITE!™ is designed for those who feel they’ve been called to step into their Higher Purpose & access their Higher Self. It is for those who yearn to live a more holistic and balanced life. Perhaps…

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Does any of this resonate?

Our teachings and the Blue Soul IGNITE!™ Community we have created is all about living a more purposeful, intentional and heart-centered life, where you learn how to tap into your intuitive abilities and to design a life you can get excited about every single day. We all have those aha aligned moments, but if we’re not living there most of the time, then something isn’t aligned.

We encourage community and connection, allowing you to go at your own pace while having fun along the way.

Your clients/customers or colleagues will notice the difference. Your partner and kids will see the difference. If you’re single, your friends will feel the difference. And as for YOU, the goal is to get aligned with your soul’s calling and feel joyful, connected and empowered each and every day.

Are you ready to take a transformative journey with us? 

Imagine having access to ancient teachings from different dimensions? Not only will you have access to Renee & Anthony’s 30+ years of wisdom and experience working with a myriad of healing disciplines and spiritual teachings across six planets, but you’ll also have direct access to the Ascended Masters & Spirit Guides they channel.

There is no religious dogma in any of our work. Whether you connect with Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism, Christianity, Shintoism, Islam, Daoism, Wiccan, Shamanism, Paganism, Gnosticism or none of the above, and simply look to Mother Earth/Gaia or your yoga practice as the hidden force of higher consciousness, we support it all. We focus on Heart-Centered Living, helping others step into a more holistic & enriching life, one which is guided by your Soul and Higher Self, not your ego or anyone else’s story for how your life should be.

What Makes Our Channeling Unique!

Unlike so many channelers, we both act as vessel to other realms and dimensions so the Ascended Masters & other loving spirits can work through us using both divine feminine & masculine energies to create harmony and balance.

These “guides” are teachers of ancient wisdom and spiritual teaching but without religious dogma.

We enter through Renee’s Crown Chakra & then through to Anthony through his Solar Plexus – we connect to his Aura & Soul which allows us to communicate directly through his limbs & larynx. With mental mediums, we only enter the mind, which is a less intense process. We weave together the energies of both divine feminine & masculine which we use to heal.” – The Ascended Masters

As vessels, we must both allow our egos to step aside, so healing & ancient teachings can come forth in a divine way.

“Your life will transform once you begin to live from the heart and listen to your soul’s calling rather than what your mind ‘thinks’ you should do. When you allow your mind to lead, you miss being present. In that place of the ‘here-and-now,’ and innate knowing that we are all interconnected with all that is, magic starts to happen. And, when that magic starts to manifest miracles and love in your life on a daily basis, there’s no turning back.” – Renee & Anthony, Blue Soul Earth® founders


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