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Teresa uses intuition, guidance, compassion and laughter to access transformation, magic, healing, and the deeper meanings in people's lives. As a professional in private practice for over thirty-five years in Northern California, she has collaborated in healing collectives with other alternative practitioners as well as psychiatrists, psychologists, therapists and medical doctors. She's a psychic reader, energetic healer, metaphysical teacher, spiritual counselor and sacred space designer. She also leads workshops, and spiritual tours to local and international sacred sites. As a serious student of metaphysics, esoteric and Shamanic traditions, she has spent a lifetime training and practicing as a psychic reader and energetic healer. Being part Cherokee, she has studied with native shamans in Native American traditions of spirituality and healing. Teresa received a Master's Degree at Sonoma State University, concentrating on Jungian and Transpersonal Psychology.
11 05, 2018

Visit Sacred Sites to Make Sense of the Cosmos

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I have been privileged to visit many sacred sites throughout the world, having been called from early childhood to visit them in person. All the earth is sacred, but these [...]