Imagine having a dining experience with “Spirit” and the “Ascended Masters” at the helm. Our Dining with Spirit® experiences are often in nature or on sacred land and include a teaching portion from the Ascended Masters we channel as well as an exquisite healthy dining experience.

Attendees have an opportunity to experience the Ascended Masters we channel before, during and after dinner. You’ll have an opportunity to ask your most pressing questions about the Soul’s Purpose, Journey, the trajectory of humanity, or even the Cosmos itself.

“Their Dining with Spirit® experiences are truly unique. It’s like attending the best dinner party you’ve ever gone to but in a quantum reality — magic happens throughout and you learn a lot about the Soul’s Journey along the way.” — Janet from San Francisco

We can co-create a unique experience as well, so if you’re a restaurant, hotel, property manager, resort organizer or cruise line, we can also craft something very tailored for your audience.

They can be small, intimate and casual for roughly a dozen people (as above) or more formal in nature and be up to 50 people. We can create Dining with Spirit® channeling experiences for both brunch and dinner.

The possibilities are endless. Think vineyards, weddings, remote beaches, special occasion gatherings, resorts, river cruises, retreats, vacation homes and more.

Email us your needs and desires and we can put together a personalized dining experience for you.