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Imagine taking a retreat to a magical destination where channeling, ancient teaching, yoga, sound baths, crystal healing, exquisite food experiences and more were part of the experience?

Our Blue Soul Travel™ crafted experiences are designed to awaken and transform the senses, the body and the soul.

“A truly magical life begins with the journey that is furthest from your comfort zone.” — Renee & Anthony, Blue Soul Travel

We are interested in teaming up with travel partners to create and curate unique experiences on the ground, from safaris, immersive nature experiences and cruises to deeply connecting to local cultures, customs and history, join us.

Transformative Travel Meets Spiritual Awakening

Ready to ignite your soul on sacred land? Join us for a transformation experience. Transformative travel isn’t about the destination nor is it about what you do “at the destination.” It is a mindset and it is a journey into the deepest parts of your soul.

Magic truly happens on an inward journey — when you explore the inner parts of you. In this place, you can hear your Higher Self speak. You will learn about your Soul’s Purpose and everything will simply feel aligned. You will return home understanding that not only are you never alone, but truly connected with every living thing and all that is.

Ready to stretch yourself further? Go beyond your comfort zone? Isn’t it time that you set your soul free? A transformative journey turns you upside down and inside out — our trips are crafted in just that way.

A handful of the possibilities for 2020 and 2021 include:


  • Mary Magdalene & Yeshua channeling in southern France: discover the caves she spent time in over 2,000 years ago.
  • Art & Photography Meets Channeling, Meditation & Sound Healing in Europe.
  • Discover the ancient ruins & spiritual memories in ancient Greece. On-the-ground channeling will include wisdom from the masters who once created magic here.
  • Spiritual Italy: we’ll explore some of the most spiritual & sacred sites, hearing the ancient wisdom from true masters of the time.
  • Horseback riding, healing waters, meditation & channeling ‘the land’ in Iceland.
  • Meet the Elementals & Celtic Goddesses of Ireland & Scotland.

Horseback riding in northern Iceland


  • Meditations, Channelings & Energy Transmissions in the ancient tombs & pyramids of Egypt.
  • Glamping Safari in Botswana, South Africa or Kenya: Learn from the Stars & Connect to the Spirits of the Land.

Natural beauty in the sacred Karoo of South Africa


  • River Cruise in Asia: listen to channeling from the Ascended Masters & Spiritual “greats” who once walked the land. Daily channelings & meditations on deck at sunset.
  • Explore the ancient wisdom of the Shinto Masters in Japan. See some of the most powerful shrines that still hold the energy of the Kami.
  • Sacred retreat in Thailand: connect to the land and some of the culture’s ancient Goddesses.
  • Life Purpose Retreat in Bali: channeling, meditation, yoga and sound healing.

Learning from Shinto Masters in Japan

“Are you ready to have a

transformative experience?

Access Higher Dimensions

on sacred land?


If interested in collaborating or if you’re interested in going to a specific destination, We’d love to personalize something for you so let’s connect.  If you’re a travel agent, tour operator, cruise line or safari company, reach out via email and let’s co-create something together.

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