Blue Soul Travel™ creates, produces, curates and leads retreats and immersive experiences around the globe as well as virtually through content and online courses and events. Their crafted experiences are designed to awaken and transform the senses, the body and the soul: from sacred rituals on-the-ground, wine tasting in nature, yoga, movement and meditation to hiking, forest bathing, sound healing and much more.

“A magical life begins with the journey that is furthest from your comfort zone.” — Renee & Anthony, Blue Soul Travel

We are interested in teaming up with tourism, sustainability and other industry partners to create and curate unique experiences on-the-ground. Categories include: wellness, holistic and integrative health, nature (think forest bathing, horses in the wilderness, dolphins, safaris, river cruises, etc.), photography, cultural immersion, spirituality (sound healing/baths, channeling, yoga, meditation) food/wine and history. Unique in our approach, we combine the best of travel, science, spirituality and philosophy together.

If interested in collaborating, please reach out and let’s chat. You can email us at info @

Transformative Travel Meets Spiritual Awakening

Ready to ignite your soul with us? Join us for a transformation experience you won’t forget. Transformative travel and spiritual exploration was never meant to be about the destination nor is it about “something you do.” It is a mindset and a journey into the deepest parts of your soul.

Magic truly happens on an inward journey — when you explore the inner parts of you. In this place, you can hear your Higher Self speak. You will learn about your Soul’s Purpose and everything will simply feel aligned. You will return home understanding that not only are you never alone, but truly connected with every living thing and All That Is.

Ready to stretch yourself further? Ready to step beyond your comfort zone? Isn’t it time that you set your soul free?

A transformative experience turns you upside down and inside out — our trips, events, seminars, courses and retreats are crafted in just that way.

A handful of the possibilities include:


  • Southern France: discover the caves Mary Magdalene taught in alongside the female apostles over 2,000 years ago.
  • Greece: discover the ruins & historical imprints as you learn about the wisdom from the masters who once created magic here.
  • Spiritual Italy: we’ll explore some of the most sacred sites while we learn how history and a patriarchal culture shaped and reshaped what became Christianity today.
  • Iceland: Hot mineral healing waters under the stars, horseback riding, ice lagoons and mind/body experiences in nature.
  • Ireland, England, Scotland: connect to the elementals & Celtic Goddesses on sacred land.

Horseback riding in northern Iceland


  • Egypt: meditations and energy transmissions in the ancient tombs and pyramids.
  • Botswana, South Africa, Kenya: glamping safari by day and connecting to the stars and spirits of the land by night.

Natural beauty in the sacred Karoo of South Africa


  • River Cruise: learn from the ascended masters & spiritual greats who once walked the land. Photography, yoga and meditation offered at dawn. Sacred movement at dusk followed by wine tasting on the deck at sunset.
  • Japan: explore the ancient wisdom of the Shinto masters. Experience some of the most powerful shrines that still hold the energy of the Kami.
  • Thailand: connect to the land and some of the culture’s ancient goddesses.
  • Bali/Java: life purpose retreat that combines yoga, meditation, channeling, sound healing and chakra alignment.

Learning from Shinto Masters in Japan

The Americas:

  • California: Horses, meditation, channeling, yoga, sound healing and wine tasting in a sacred container for 3 days.
  • The Adirondacks: experience a soul awakening experience in upstate New York where there are more trees and lakes as malls.
  • Peru: connect to the animal and nature spirits of the land while you tap into the hidden mysteries that lay in

“Are you ready to have a transformative experience?

Then, come on a journey with us!” 

If interested in collaborating or if you’re interested in going to a specific destination, we’d love to personalize something for you so let’s connect.  If you’re a wellness experience creator, holistic practitioner, yoga teacher or sound healer, travel agent, tour operator, cruise line or safari company, reach out via email and let’s co-create something together.