Blue Soul Earth 2019 Holiday Gift Guide

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Blue Soul Earth 2019 Holiday Gift Guide

T’is the season and we love this time of year for so many reasons — people are in a giving mood, there are plenty of gatherings and parties, we get to bake our favorite pies and make our favorite festive dishes and of course see friends and family we haven’t seen in a long time. We also look forward to gathering fun products and services for our annual gift guide. Here are some of our interesting finds for 2019. Enjoy!

Sacred Geometry Healing Discs

We met Barbara Evans, the creator of these beautiful Healing Discs at New Living Expo earlier this year, an event we love to attend every year in the SF Bay Area. She has 11 healing discs, which were all created from Barbara’s Chakra Key paintings, one disc for each of the Seven Major Chakras, plus the Soul Star, Stellar Gateway, High Heart and Earth Star Chakras. Each Chakra Healing Disc is designed to “speak to us” at the cellular level to enhance our well-being on every level across Body, Mind and Spirit.

These discs transmit high vibrational frequencies to clear, balance, activate and refine the entire Chakra System. And, according to Barbara, they set the vibrations for healing, providing energetic and spiritual support to facilitate deep connection with our inner essence, activate our gifts and ignite our true potential. You’re probably wondering what that means in reality and in more layman’s terms.

How can that help you in your every day life? Essentially, the discs are designed to provide high vibrational healing energy to balance refine and heal the Chakras, so even if you’re not a health practitioner or energy healer, simply gazing into a disc helps to attune with the essence and intention that it holds. You can also use them to amplify innate healing ability by placing on the body or moving them intuitively through the energy field. They’re also just beautiful to look at, so you can place them in your home and they create a relaxing calming effect. You can purchase them over on Barbara’s website (as a set or individually).

She also has the most beautiful silk scarves that make a great holiday gift.  This exquisite line of silk scarves combines the luxury of pure Silk Crepe de Chine with the beauty and high vibrational energies that epitomize Barbara’s sacred geometry-based designs. So yes, she actually builds her sacred geometry paintings into the scarves.  Each scarf is 52” square and there are five designs to choose from.

They feel luxurious and soft and have a unique sacred geometry imprint as well, using fun and vibrant colors, sure to cheer anyone up.

Cannabath Products

We are new to the Cannabath line and were interested in reviewing some of their products focused on muscle relief and relaxation. For example, their Muscle Relief Bath Salts are an all natural bath salt soak with a unique blend of therapeutic grade essential oils of peppermint, rosemary, lavender and eucalyptus oils to help ease the aches and pain from everyday stress. Included is about 250 mg of hemp based CBD per bag. Their products have no artificial ingredients and are all natural, specially formulated for sensitive skin.

Their sleep bombs also come in a variety of choices — our favorite is their lavender and CBD infused bath bomb which contains approx 60 mg CBD and is sulphate free. This product is specially formulated for sensitive skin and helps reduce pain and inflammation. It also has a soothing effect on dry skin and helps promote better sleep. Also in their sleep bombs are fractionated coconut oil, witch hazel and soothing Epsom salts, which we’re huge fans of for relaxation and clearing energies. They offer an exfoliating body wash as well.

We are also fans of their CBD muscle rub (below left) which helps to ease chronic aches and pains. Their all natural muscle rub contains 200 mg of hemp based CBD per bottle combined with essential peppermint and eucalyptus oils.  Alternatively, their regular body lotion (below right) includes hydrating organic Aloe Vera, coconut oil, shea butter, organic vanilla bean and hemp-derived CBD.

They also offer bath pillows which make great stocking stuffers and they come in a couple fun colors as well as white.

Canna Bath Co is a woman owned business which has combined their dedication to holistic wellness with their background in cultivating medical marijuana massage/aroma therapy to create natural, perfume-free products. They assert that their essential oils and CBD are therapeutic grade and are tested for quality and potency.  For more information on their line of products and how to order, be sure to visit their website.

Good Chocolate

We fell upon Good Chocolate on Instagram. Little did we know when we first discovered the brand that they’re based in San Francisco and that their products have no sugar, which is so perfect for our readers, who embrace all things healthy and organic, but don’t want to give up the finer things in life.

All of the ingredients are organic, including the exquisite cacao nibs, Erythritol, Cacao butter, Ginger root, Mesquite powder, Stevia and vanillaan. A friend of ours who isn’t a Stevia fan (for taste alone) loved the square we gave her to test out so much so that she was surprised that Stevia was added.  They offer them in squares as well as full sized bars.

They’re currently offering a great gift combo of their squares so you can ‘gift‘ a variety of flavors: Dark, Mint, Almond, Ginger, Salt and Milk.  And, their prices are so reasonable, it’s an easy YES for any gift — they would also make great stocking stuffers for your loved ones including kids, but without the sugar.

Our favorites? Himalayan Salt and Salted Almonds, both of which have 65% dark chocolate and get this: only 1 gram of net carb.  

In addition to squares, they offer bars. They come packaged in a cardboard box, making it easy to store them. We entertain a lot and don’t always have time to prepare something elaborate for dessert. An easy solution that doesn’t require any time and always goes down well is an organic vanilla frozen yoghurt topped with chocolate. We cut up a few of the bars into little squares and sprinkled them on top. Add just a mint leaf and it also makes for a beautiful presentation.

I bet many of you don’t realize that there are over 61 different names for sugar used on food labels, such as Agave, Honey and Dextrin. We love the fact that The Good Chocolate contains none of them. Instead, they use a curated sweet-blend that is 100% organic and sourced from fruits & plants: Mesquite powder, Stevia & Erythritol. With no added sugar, Theobromine, the long-lasting active ingredient in chocolate, can do its magic without interruption by sugar‘s highs and lows. Theobromine and lowers heart rate, dilates arteries, improves blood flow to our brain, raising concentration levels.

Additionally, The Good Chocolate has on average 37% fewer calories than other leading chocolates made without sugar. Even compared to other leading chocolate bars made-without-sugar, The Good Chocolate is on average 20% lower in calories. Head on over to their website for more information about them, their flavors and how to order.

Sacred Woman Gift Box

We came across Sacred Woman Gathering and Sacred Woman Retreats recently and learned about their special gift box specifically for women, or you could say the Goddess in all of us. They designed the box to make it easy for you to create your own sanctuary for sacred connection. In other words, they include items you can use to host your own Sacred Woman Gathering.

Everything in your box is woman-made by hand in Los Angeles with love and intention, including this limited-edition wooden box. We loved the idea so much, we wanted to test it out and see for ourselves n>and besides, it is such an amazing idea as a gift for the holiday season.

Inside the gift box, there’s a hand sculpted goddess, a  ceramic tray with a Palo Santo bundle for clearing energy, a talking stick made from driftwood collected on Whidbey Island (we love this place), a hand poured soy candle with clear quartz and lightly scented with essential oils of cedar and sweet orange , an instruction booklet with a precious cover and a Selenite Tower made by mama Earth. (btw, Selenite is powerful for all sorts of things, but in particular, it can be used for protection, but also for balance, harmony and peace.

This particular Selenite tower is a great size for any altar btw and we often use them in creating our crystal grid boards as well as when we hold circles. It is known for cleansing negative energies which can build up over time as well, both within the physical and etheric body. And, for those not familiar with Palo Santo, it is used around the world for energy cleansing and healing and is often used in conjunction with Sage and Cedar. You’ll find it used in South America and Mexicoan quite a bit — it’s great for raising your vibration as well as enhancing creativity.

Behind the magic at Sacred Woman Retreats are Tia Tuenge and Staci Levine. For more information about them, their retreats and gatherings and their unique gift bundle, visit their website.

Collective Hearts Jewelry

The Heart of Gold necklaces from Collective Hearts Jewelry are so precious. Their signature heart necklace is the size of your actual heart. The idea is that when you put on a heart necklace in the morning, you remind yourself of your promise to lead a heart-centered life. We love the idea of this. Handcrafted in Northern California, the 3 inch heart is made of 14k goldfilled and the 16 inch chain is actually adjustable with a two inch extender. 

They offer a variety of other heart necklaces to choose from (silver and gold) as well as gold filled. For example, there are several heart necklaces with a similar design, with different colors and stones. This Gold Luminous in Sunkissed heart necklace is a limited edition collaboration with designer Caitlin Greene.

The embedded crystals are meant to help increase feelings of confidence and courage. It is 14k goldfilled with warm honey crystals and like most of their offerings, there’s an extender. We love that every purchase contributes to the Jacmel Children’s Center in Haiti.

They also offer the heart necklaces with pyrite stones on the inside, mixed metal, and one they refer to as moonlight. They also offer petit heart hoops and Heart Hoops which come in both sterling silver and gold.  They’re super lightweight and are roughly two inches in diameter. They include a 100% recycled paper heart, embedded with wildflower seeds with every order.

For more information on their jewelry range and to purchase, visit their website.

Seren James Malas

We love the jewelry by Seren James — we reviewed their beautiful hand knotted long Boho vintage Buddha Mala earlier this year: where Jade, Agate, Pyrite and Citrine meet. Also in the necklace is Stardust Gunmetal and African Trade Glass and it is hand knotted using silk. Oh so gorgeous, right?

They infuse their jewelry with “good intentions” and love, saying to their clients “be true, be blissful, create, express, believe, hope, dream, explore and above all else, be YOU!” Their passion? To create extraordinary work, set a fire in your soul, and create a radiant glow around you, igniting a curiosity for all of the world’s vast wonder and entwining rarities from around the world.”

They also have lovely bracelets as well and there’s quite a diverse range of options to choose from — gemstones, style, size and colors.

Seren James Jewelry was founded by Nikki Chaffin who was inspired by her grandmother who was an artist who also created beautiful jewelry.  Says Nikki, “I learned this beautiful craft from her and am extremely grateful to have learned from her wisdom.” Check out their Etsy store for more and to order.

The Tao of Thoth

The Tao of Thoth by Ethan Indigo Smith is a fascinating read.  The Tao of Thoth unites Eastern and Western principles and practices.  Ethan reveals The Eighth Tenet of Thoth through Taiji principles and practices of enhancement and the tale of Thoth Energy.

The lessons within The Tao of Thoth unite Eastern and Western self-development ideas through The Bagua, The Ogdoad, and much more. The Tao of Thoth reveals the missing Eighth Tenet to enhance the more well known Seven Tenets of Thoth. There are principles and practices within The Tao of Thoth which will enhance your thinking and being, knowledge for wisdom. Through The Ogdoad and The Bagua numerous surprising paradigms arise including revelation of the secret symbolism of 33.

It’s available both as a paperback and on Kindle.

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