Yoga for Transformation: Beyond Asana Into Awareness

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Yoga for Transformation: Beyond Asana Into Awareness

Hypnotherapist, Usui/Karuna Holy Fire Reiki and Yoga Master, Kristen Eykel MHt leads a few programs we’d like to highlight. Starting this Tuesday, May 5, she’ll be leading a six week program called Yoga for Transformation that includes both live/online meetings via Zoom and course work that you do on your own each day for 42 days — in other words, consider it a class that incorporates daily practices for six weeks to transform and shift patterns in your life and bring in new and healthier ones.

Every day, there’s something to do — ranging from a simple five minute simple thing to do, such as using a Mudra, and affirmation for the day, a simple breathing practice, or a particular posture. Nothing is so challenging that you can’t do it. You simply read the practice for the Day, and while you put a timer for five minutes, you meditate in your mind on the affirmation for the day.

Kristen also has an audio recorded version of her book with the same title you can just listen to as well. Included in the course are vivid photographs, video recordings of meditations and on the seventh day, you review what you’ve done, recording things in your journal along the way. On Day 10, you build a vision board (btw, we LOVE these and are huge fans and believers of their power). On each Tuesday, there are live group coaching calls and many find it transformational.

Credit: Kristen Eykel

Yoga for Transformation trains you to:

  • Tap into abundant energy every day
  • Replace fear & hesitation, with curiosity and enthusiasm
  • Use sleep as a function of healthy living.
  • Improve communications with your most important relationships
  • Feel self-confidence & deep loving, self respect
  • Create a sense of knowing who you are & what matters most to you instantly.

What a better time to sign up for a masterful and life transforming experience than now, when we are all being asked to go inward and truly define what’s important to us. It’s time to get rid of old patterns and habits that don’t serve us and bring in new ones. As the Coronavirus spreads, and we the lock downs are being extended, people are turning to fear more than ever — this is precisely the time to stay unplugged from that ‘fear grid,’ for living in fear only manifests more fear. In fact, as Kristen says, “the energy that you feel in each & every moment is the fertilizer for the next moment.”

While we are all being asked to go inward, things won’t shift in our lives automatically – we need to do the work. Kristen asserts that for you to actually benefit from this time of restructuring though, a few things within you need to shift.

It involves learning to access your Inner Knowing & trust it completely and shifting the path you were previously on to the one you really want to be on. She helps you use clarity, consciousness & creativity to thrive and learn how to honor that you are here on purpose, with purpose and for a purpose.

Habitual tendencies & beliefs that cause doubt, make you sell yourself short, and keep you stuck are rapidly shifted in six weeks with a 5 minute, daily practice of Yoga for Transformation. Instead, this blending of unique mental, vibratory, auditory and physical systems cause you to feel a calm, self-assured identity that is magnetic, a new sense of confidence, self-reliance, mastery that allows you to stay present and more focus and balance in your daily life.

Just like learning to eat better is a long-term solution & not a crash diet, Yoga for Transformation is a life practice, one rooted in the ancient science of yoga, but purposefully integrated for the unique demands of our current time.

As part of this course, you’ll receive weekly live coaching calls via Zoom to answer questions, get support and go deeper into your unique experience, six weekly video reviews that provide deeper, practical understanding of each week’s progress, her guided meditations to help illuminate your progress, demonstration videos that help to make Pranayama simple and discovery of your limiting habits and beliefs so you can change them into empowering habits for a more fulfilling life.

She also includes audio recordings for each day’s practice, daily emails and a copy of her book Yoga for Transformation.  Check out the course on her website for more information and to register as well as the main website which has more information on her work. She also teaches Usui/Karuna Holy Fire Reiki and does so online via Zoom – they are powerful courses (we’ve both done them and highly recommend her work). Her next Reiki I is being held on Saturday May 3 and Reiki III is being held on Saturday, May 23. See her Reiki courses for more information and how to register. (Both include a formal certification btw).

“The energy that you feel in each & every moment is the fertilizer for the next moment.” — Kristen Kykel MHt

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