Welcome to Blue Soul MASTERS™

Welcome to Blue Soul MASTERS™

We are excited to announce our new Blue Soul MASTERS™ program, which is an Advanced Study with Spirit™ course taught via Zoom three times a year & once a year, in person.

If you’re interested in deepening your spiritual awakening, path to self-realization, and soul’s purpose as well as stepping into your authentic light, then you’re in the right place. We teach through full-embodied channeling of the Ascended Masters during each class, but without the dogma of so many other teachings. Energy transmissions and healing is part of the six week experience.

Each week will build upon the last, include homework, interactive discussions, team breakout sessions, the ability to ask the Ascended Masters questions as well as powerful energy transmissions to strengthen your auric field and energy body.

The Blue Soul MASTERS™ course is a great fit if you want to deepen a connection to your Higher Self and stretch beyond where you’ve gone in the past by working directly with higher dimensions of reality and consciousness. We start by getting you fully aligned with your soul’s purpose and calling.

When you’re in complete alignment, divine guidance comes from beyond your linear comprehension. Together with our Spirit Guides, you will receive deeper teachings of ancient wisdom that spiritual masters across cultures and over time knew and practiced. The weekly guidance as well as the reading and homework you will do individually and together in small groups will help to propel you forward.

In some spiritual circles, you may have heard the words “ascension upgrades” and “activations”, however our approach & language is a little different. The quantum DNA each of us have surrounding our physical body exists in our energetic body and it is always active. Our guides will work individually with you as well as collectively as a group to enliven those DNA layers within your energy bodies so you can more effectively access the knowledge and memories you already have.

Ever have an ‘aha’ moment where you suddenly feel aligned or in the flow? The deeper energy work is designed to get you into that flow and stay there so you can step into your power on a conscious and consistent basis. Come with an open mind and an open heart, ready to receive.

Connect With Community

If you’ve been on a spiritual journey for awhile, you realize the importance of reflective inner work where awakening & shedding of old skins happen during a solo journey. This is the time when we go inward, rip open the dark night of the soul, move through it and come out the other side fresh and anew.
With support from community, our higher self & guides, we can move beyond the confines of limited belief systems, outdated conditioning & emotional trauma.
We can see ourselves as interconnected to all living things beyond what we can see or understand with our human eyes and linear minds. Community serves to strengthen our fields of resonance and what becomes our “reality,” so why not tap into a community who breathes and lives within a vibrational resonance of love?
So what next?

Apply to Get the Process Started

If interested in participating, you must apply as we only take a limited number of people for each course. Here’s a link to the application.

What to Expect

We will meet twice a week for six weeks: one evening during the week and one morning (PST) on a Saturday (afternoon for those on EST & evening for those in Europe)

  • Weekend Class: the format of the weekend classes are largely centered on live channeling of the Ascended Masters. Each week will focus on ancient teachings around a specific topic, which may include but are not limited to identity and belief systems, emotional mastery, purification, health & well-being, and the balance of the divine feminine & masculine. Each class will include vibrational energy shifts and healing which we will discuss how to manage in the first class.
  • Mid-Week Classes: the format of the weeknight classes are largely centered on interactive sharing of emotions, blockages and other insights that come up for you individually and as a group from the teachings and channelings. You will also break-out into smaller groups for discussions.
  • Preparation & Homework: there will be reading & other preparation homework to do in between classes. We will be providing a workbook to guide you along the way where you can record your insights however we also recommend having a separate notebook (in whatever format that works best for you) so you can jot down your deeper reflections. The “in-between”work is designed to serve as a catalyst for discussion and to deepen your awareness of the topics we address in each week’s class.
  • TuitionYour tuition for the 6 week course is $333.33. There is quite a bit packed into this course curriculum, each week building up the last. Nearly all of this content has been channeled by the Ascended Masters and energy transmissions to enhance and strengthen your quantum field and DNA layers will be part of each class. Note that the tuition covers:
    • 12 sessions across the six weeks
    • 2 additional team break-out sessions
    • An 85+ page workbook and guidebook
    • A 25 page Channeled eBook on the Energy Body’s Quantum Layers
    • A guided channeled meditation that balances the divine masculine & divine feminine energies
    • Channeled Energy Transmissions from Renee & Anthony’s guides
    • Note: we will be offering a few scholarships that offer reduced tuition to those who are aligned and a fit for the course but are financially strapped at this time.

  • Dates: We will be offering the Blue Soul MASTERS™ course three times a year: in the fall, the early spring and summer. Once you have applied and are accepted for the course, we will reach out to all accepted participants with proposed dates. Course meeting times are currently slated to run on Saturday mornings (PST) and one mid-week evening (PST) over the course of six weeks. That said, if we have a large number of people register from the East Coast (USA), Europe or another time zone, we can look at more suitable times for the group.

When you apply for Blue Soul MASTERS™, you will be asked a list of questions about your personal journey and lifestyle. There is no right or wrong answer.

This feedback helps us and our guides determine where you’re at, which is helpful as we create the content and break-out teams.

We want the course to be as transformative as possible for those who participate, so your input helps us tailor the topics covered each week in a way that best serves you as well as the group as a whole.

If you’re aligned with our work and truly want to commit to a six weeks of exploration with us, then there are some prerequisites. In essence, commitment and trusting in the process are the key ingredients to moving the needle for you.

Remember we are all connected, so the dynamics of the group will also serve to accelerate and strengthen your journey.

Ready to take your spiritual journey to the next level? Check out the main Blue Soul MASTERS™ landing page for more information which includes a list of prerequisites as well. You can also watch the below video where we talk about the course and our mission for it. We hope that you will join us.

In love & light,

Renee and Anthony

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