Sound Healing Conference in San Francisco

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Sound Healing Conference in San Francisco

Sound Healing isn’t new. Let’s face it, it’s been used for thousands of years in many cultures around the world for healing, even though they didn’t necessarily use the wordhealing” at the time. Even today, sound is important to Eastern cultures — they integrate chimes, the harp, crystal bowls, Tibetan bowls and tuning forks into their lives, which can be very powerful and deepen any meditation.

Shamans use drums, Tibetans use gongs, the Chinese use (among other things) Transverse Flutes and End-Blown Flutes and in Peru, they use Inca wind instruments.

Sound healing conference

Sound healing is a powerful force to balance the mind, body and spirit

Indeed, ancient indigenous cultures have been using various kinds of sound to heal and tap into higher levels of consciousness for thousands and thousands of years.  Although the use of sound to calm the mind and to expand consciousness is more widely practiced in Eastern and South American cultures than it is in the west, it is growing in awareness throughout the world.

Sound Healing Conference

We had an opportunity to attend the Sound Healing Conference, which is put on by the Sound Healing Center in San Francisco.

The workshops at the Sound Healing Conference on day one was useful to learn about how the value of sound for healing is being raised and discussed in education, entertainment, hospitals and beyond — in other words, the scope has extended beyond traditional use in meditation, retreats or the popular kirtans (Sanskrit: कीर्तन; IAST: Kīrtana) which takes place at a lot of yoga studios today. If you haven’t been to one, they’re powerful — in its simplest form, think of them as shared narration, chanting and singing in harmony. 

Chanting, tones and tuning forks have proven to be powerful in our own personal meditation and since we just started to integrate them into our Blue Soul Circles with profound results, we are are huge believers and supporters of the power of sound.

“All Matter is Vibrating at Specific Frequencies.”

At our first all day event, Serena Malkani performed magic with tuning forks while Anthony was in a trance state and at our September event, Mytrae Meliana had us all on the ground heading to the Fifth dimension as she played her crystal bowls. You see, all of these higher pitched sounds ride on different frequencies and harmonics, which can not only bring us deeper into relaxation but balance the body and mind.

Remember that sound healing is based on the premise that  “all matter is vibrating at specific frequencies.”

There’s Even Science Behind Sound

Even science has now proven that sound, or vibration, has a strong impact upon substance. For example, Dr. Emoto showed how sound changes the molecular structure of water and changes consciousness.

According to the Sound Healing Center, “binaural beat frequencies are used to entrain people into very specific states of consciousness, sound is used to alter brainwave states to help people with sleep disorders, facilitate creative expression and help with major transitions such as life and death.”

They also assert that “listening to one’s own root frequency enables an individual to create a more centered and grounded awareness within their life. The technique called Bio-Tuning uses root frequencies and binaural beats, played back through a sound table, to entrain people into specific brainwave states.”

Sound Healing in the Medical World

Sound healing is being integrated into hospitals but what they’re doing there is a far cry from what is happening with integrated medicine and holistic practitioners. The folks at the Sound Healing Center are teaching doctors at Kaiser.

Sound Healing Conference

David Gibson, Director of Sound Healing Center, leading a workshop the day before the official Sound Healing Conference started.

A few areas where we need more work is in research, education and media. And, of course government, so lobbying groups need to be setup.

Apparently, doctors are now finding the resonant frequency of organs in order to help vibrate them back into a healthy state. And from the research and support through the Sound Healing Center, they are excited about sharing their knowledge with others in medical professions and training. What they are excited about most at their center is the “cutting-edge research that shows how sound might be used to disintegrate diseases such as cancer.” How powerful would that be?

Sound Healing in Education

David Gibson and his team have been integrating sound healing into two Montessori schools: San Mateo and El Cerrito. David has been working on course curriculum and they currently have 2,500 exercises in Monterssori format.

Sound Healing Conference & Sound Healing Center

David Gibson, Director, Sound Healing Center

They are working on the Physics of Sound and the Physics of Vibrations as two examples and showing how it manifests all aspects of reality. Apparently Crystal Tones actually donated some crystal bowls to some of these schools and in working with them, the kids trying to determine which bowl is their natural frequency.

With ADD going through the roof, one teacher feels its related to screen time which is also through the roof. The “flicker” of the screen is not our natural frequency as human beings.

Teachers are crying out for children to get back into their “bodies” and away from their screens. Using sound, they have seen results, where through different vibrations and frequencies, children are “returning to their bodies.”

In kids where there are a lot of Asian kids in American schools, teachers want to use music and sound as a way to teach them to better express themselves. Whereas American kids learn early on to shout and express, Asian kids don’t learn in the same way, so “sound” can be an effective and healing way to get them there.

“We are professional sound healers when we are born.” — David Gibson

In some schools, they are also working with ways to release stuck emotions, using voice as early as age 6. Some ascertain that 99% of diseases are caused through stuck emotions stored in our bodies which are not being released in a healthy and balanced way.

They are also working with babies starting at 3 months old — they give babies sounds as a way for them to express love. For example, in one pre-school, they asked kids to send love to everyone in the classroom using a sound. At the conference, we also did the exercise, using our own individual sounds to send love to everyone in the main room. In the case of the kids, they also used sounds to send someone’s sick kitty love and then, to send love to themselves. Imagine if we could teach kids about self-love and the importance of it this early on? It could indeed transform the world.

These basic exercises are starting to change kids at a profound level. Sound is helping to get kids engrained to their natural rhythms.

Sound Healing in Entertainment

We heard about a movie idea that is a bit of a sequel “concept” to where the merging of Close Encounters “education” and “entertainment” ended. Imagine connecting with other universes and worlds (and the so called aliens or rather outer-worldly beings from other planets and galaxies) and through this higher frequency and geometry, our hearts would light up with love. In the end, every heart and every disease would be cured.

Sound Healing & Nature

Nature and musical flow in the body = a healthy, natural ecosystem. A healthy ecosystem is all about “flow.” We can use music as a way of learning how the universe works. Music and certain tones are also being used combined with nature as a way to balance our bodies and get in sync with our natural rhythms.

In the western world, our biggest suffering is of the heart. With nature, we can learn to heal within and combining nature with sound can accelerate this process. If you consider that 99% of our learning (in schools) is done indoors and 99% of our time at work is spent indoors, it’s no wonder we are getting more and more disconnected to nature and the environment.

With kids being encouraged to connect to nature via a screen (the screen is not our natural rhythm), we become further disconnected to the Earth (and her glorious nurturing energy) which we come from (and are made from). Remember that we are all energy after all and everything is interconnected, so the more aware we can become of this, the more we will naturally gravitate back to nature and to healing sounds. Think: the sound of a brook, a waterfall, birds chirping at dawn.

“We can use music as a way of learning how the universe works.”

Crystals and gemstones are also part of nature and plants. Zen masters are deeply grounded in the Earth and get their “zen” from light energy. Plants are so important for our soul if you like. Once we begin reconnecting with nature in this way, we can learn how to truly reconnect to ourselves and our Higher Self‘s deeper calling.

Below are some of the exhibitors from the Sound Healing Conference.

Sound Healing Conference

Above and below, crystal bowls from Crystal Tones at the Sound Healing Conference

sound healing conference

Below are instruments from Dave Merrill and The Healing Lyres. They were showing (and playing) the instruments on-site. They also throw workshops where you can build your own.

Sound Healing Conference

Above and below, instruments by Healing Lyres

sound healing conference

Sound healing conference

Wild Herbs, Guardian Angel, Live Pine and more natural products for healing

They held a crystal bowl meditation ceremony as well as sound yoga and movement. Randy Masters led a Harimonics of the Divine Feminine in Sound and Sacred Geometry whereas Ryan Moore led a session on Embodied Rhythm Mandalas. A panel discussed frequencies which are transforming the planet, and Silvina Vergara led The Sound of Your Light.

We heard from Eric and Lynn Miller in a session on Bio-Guided Music Therapy with Native Flute and Vocal Toning, from Lis Addison on how to Activate your Light Body with Chant and Dance, and from Lisa Lippincott on sound healing instrument research and brainwave entrainment.

We explored Consciousness Expansion with sound with Dr. Jeffrey Thompson, the dimensions of the Crystalline Sound Matrix with Paul Utz and Lupito and from Lisa Rafel on What Your Voice Can Do For You! Gerald Savage led The Pharmacology of Frequencies, Sound and Music and Elizabeth Krasnoff led Sound, Consciousness sand Healing: The Science of Vibration. There was also a lovely Sound of Love Concert led by Scott Huckabay, WAH, Silvina Vergara, Claire Victor, Dan Hansen, Ken Becker and Ryan Moore.

Below is a quick video snippet of some of the sounds we heard at the event.


Some of the sound healing classes and workshops you can discover at the Sound Healing Center’s Sound Therapy Center include Root Frequency Entrainment, Vibroacoustic Therapy, Sound Healing with the Voice, Neurophone Therapy, Chakra Balancing, Tuning Fork Treatments, Sound Design for the Soul, Computer Voice Analysis, Bio-Tuning, HydroAcoustic Therapy, Tibetan/Crystal Bowl Massage and more.

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