Sacred Geometry: A Triangle of Harmonious Energies

///Sacred Geometry: A Triangle of Harmonious Energies

Sacred Geometry: A Triangle of Harmonious Energies

As I continue to channel, three unique “energies” persistently make themselves known through Renee and myself more. At times, it is difficult to separate these “singular energies” because they all seem to have the same frequency codes.

Those who have channeled for many years likely understand that the ‘spiritual energies’ (or whatever you wish to call them) that we connect with are really more like frequencies in a similar way that music is a frequency in which to communicate and shift our consciousness.

Triangle sacred geometry

Sacred geometry and the power of the triangle: it represents harmonious balance, including: Divine Masculine, Divine Feminine and Christ Consciousness energy (Divine Love) which is called by different names in other parts of the world (and universe)

Think of it as a knob of an old transistor radio moving one millimeter at a time to tune into each station precisely. The only true sense that these energies give me is an image in my mind’s eye of whom they truly are — in other words, who their essence or soul is coming through to communicate ‘as’. Note: remember that the soul is the connection point and they merely connect to us using language and “beings” we are familiar with and once were in human form.

These “energies aka frequencies” have often told me to sit quietly and focus on one energy at a time and to learn how to become accustomed to its energy, the sight of it and its feeling so I can more effectively assimilate and integrate it over time. “They” will show me pictures of whom I perceive them to be and not what or should I day dare say, whom they truly are. I try to keep an open mind about all of it and have faith in God/Source which ultimately comes through (and is available) to us all. This faith and surrendering to it is what is key to connecting. Faith in a higher power or better yet, Myself for there is no separation from God/Source and us.

During our last Bay Area circle while Renee and I were working with each person individually during the healing portion of the evening, one participant with whom we were working asked me, “are you speaking as Jesus”? And I could hear myself feel/say/think, “I am incorporating the energy and soul of whom was once Jesus/Jeshua”. These energies convey to us at a soul level that we are here (and our souls decided as such) to teach and heal together as the divine masculine and the divine feminine.

The Triangle of Energies

And so, the triad at least in our case is Jesus/Jeshua’s soul/energy, Mary Magdalene (or Miriam of Magdala as some refer to her) as the divine masculine and divine feminine energies.

As I had mentioned in my last blog post, Christ Consciousness is the energy of pure divine love that exits around planet earth and most importantly, an energy that each of us possesses.

“Christ Consciousness” wants all of us to tap into this energy and to remember whom we truly are and that we are Love first and foremost. This too, was the energy that filled Jesus and the one that he often referred to as the “The Father”. It was the phrase that he and Miriam used during their time of teaching as this was the only thing that people could understand at the time and later, religion changed the meaning of it from their original teachings.

For Jesus, I believe that “God the Father” and “Christ Consciousness” were one in the same energies for him. Both these energies are extremely strong and represent ‘Infinite Love’ that has no limits and no conditions. We will speak of this and “The Holy Spirit” at another time and how these energies are similar and separate as well.

As our spirit guides have told Renee and me on numerous occasions, we are not alone in the Universe nor in our Milky Way Galaxy. I mention this because they have also told us that Christ Consciousness is not unique to our planet alone but encircles all planets wherever there is life or wherever there is no life. I can only surmise that this is the case because for no matter how infinitesimally small an object is or how infinitely large an object is, it is in its nature Divine.

As a result, where there is Divine Love, you will find Christ Consciousness. Although others from different faiths and belief systems (and of other worlds) may call it by another name/frequency, it is still the same essence/energy in the end: Pure Divine Love.

The triangle of energies of what comes through when we channel is: the archetype of the divine masculine (in our case Jesus/Jeshua/Yeshua), the archetype energy of the divine feminine (in our case Mary Magdalene) and Christ Consciousness (divine love). In another belief system, that feminine divine archetype could be Kuan Yin or Durga.

Soul versus Energy Codes

What is the difference between a soul and its energy code that it represents? Well, I am by no means a theologian nor am I a physicist, but what I can tell you is how they relate it to us. According to our spirit guides, there is no difference between the soul and its energy frequency: it is in fact one in the same. As “they” have explained it, each soul is quite unique and they liken these frequencies to radio stations consisting of various frequencies.

When I first started to channel, they would often tell me to “slow down your frequency so that you can vibrate higher”. I’m still not 100% sure what that all means, but I think what they were attempting to say is to slow down your breath and relax your nerves so they could connect with me easier.

So, what is the difference between the soul of Jesus/Jeshua and his energy? Nothing. They are one in the same. However, the man who once walked this planet over two thousand years ago: Jesus/Jeshua or Yeshua in Hebrew was much different than the soul. The man Jesus/Jeshua/Yeshua was a human being just as you and I are today. He had the same needs as all us and was really no different than any other human being during his time.

In fact, he was a shaman/light worker as many of us are and was perfecting his healing and teaching abilities just as so many light workers and energy healers are doing today. He was a human being having an extraordinary awakening and wanted to tell the world about it. Just as Jeshua the human is different than his soul, Mary of Magdala too is different than her soul.

Each of us has a soul that carries its own unique frequency patterns that makes us uniquely us. I will also speak at greater length about Mary of Magdala and some of what she has related to me about her life with Jeshua, the apostles, how she and Jeshua came to be united and how they healed & taught together.

She has a energy signature with a story to share. Renee and I look forward to working with her loving energy and sharing it with the world. In a future post, I will write about the differences between one’s consciousness, ego and how they differ from one’s soul and why the Galactic energies we also channel will say that they work through my consciousness and not my soul.


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