Understanding Prime Source Energy

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Understanding Prime Source Energy

Renee and I work with a myriad of Spirit Guides who teach and heal through us during our sacred circles and when we work one-on-one with individuals.  They consist primarily of “Ascended Masters” who speak as a collective voice. Who are these Ascended Masters? It largely depends on who is in the room when we do our work. While the collective consists of hundreds if not thousands of ‘energies’, it is the ‘energy’ that the Soul needs most which comes forth to speak and to heal. They include but are not limited to Yeshua, Miriam of Magdala, Indigenous Healers, Shinto Masters, Goddesses and more.

Often times, you will hear our “Spiritual Guides” use the language: “Prime Source Energy” or they might also say “your prime energy is of….” a particular ‘source’.

We have asked our guides on many occasions what this means, how it relates to ourselves and to the people with whom we are working.  I will attempt to explain these two terms and give a few examples of each in order to clarify what they are trying to convey in simpler terms.

We have heard them say “You are of Prime Source Energy”, but then again, aren’t we all of “Prime Source Energy” that being of “God” or “Source”? When they speak of “Prime Source Energy” they are often referring to the “God”/ “Goddess” source (s) of energies that you (aka your soul) has chosen to bring forth in this particular lifetime.

I must admit that this concept is extremely difficult and frustrating to try to comprehend in its fullest, especially with our limited linear minds which aren’t trained to think in a quantum way, but let’s try nevertheless.

Our Spirit Guides almost always speak as one ‘voice’ regardless of how many are present at any one given time. Furthermore, when our spiritual guides come through to teach and heal, whether it be in community or during a private session, they will always state, “It is an honor and privilege to be in your presence, Gaia” when they address and acknowledge Renee. They have said to Renee on endless occasions that she is “Gaia” or at best represents “Gaia Source Energy Prime One”.  Prime what say you? “Prime One” is another way of saying that you’re close to the light of Source and Universal Consciousness. “They” are attempting to tell Renee that her energy on this Earth plane, (at this time), is Gaia Energy, which is close by design to Source Energy.

Gaia Energy

So, what is Gaia energy then? Gaia is an energy that represents Mother Earth on this planet. Gaia is an energy source however that apparently surrounds all planets. Here, we call it Gaia and on other planets, it has other names (or frequencies).

Suffice to say that Gaia represents the energy of all planets that contain life or where the potential of life may exist. That is to say that, all planets in our solar system and all the solar systems in our Milky Way Galaxy and in fact all galaxies in our universe have Gaia energy that surrounds them. These messages may bit difficult to understand but when I am in trance and channeling, our “Spirit Guides” also provide pictures associated with their messages to help me better understand so that I may pass these messages and their meaning on to others.

Prime Source Energy

Now let’s go back to our original question: what is “Prime Source Energy”? Our “Spirit Guides” see everything as Divine – in other words, there is no evil among us. Rather, they explain things in polarity — for example, some of us are “closer to the Light than others” or you could say “choose” to be closer to the Light than others.

As I mentioned, I am given visuals which show me that some of us have chosen to either be part of the Godhead (or Goddess) or Source Energy where others choose to be further away from Source Energy (in this lifetime). All of this is being said without religious dogma btw – whatever Source is to you is what we mean here.

They have also shown me that we are all originally from Source Energy, but there are those souls who intentionally elect to be further away from it or disconnected from Source in order to learn and/or have a particular experience.  Why would we choose to have an experience that is further from the Light if our Soul knows Enlightenment? In other words, why go down the dark hole? Only in a place of judgment can we say that those who are further from the light aren’t playing a valuable role to assist humanity in some way shape or form. What is IS! To experience what it is like to be further from or closer to the light and even from a place of ‘so called’ darkness, we can assist other Souls on their journey.

You see, it is neither better nor worse to be a part of, close to or far from Source Energy. It is nothing more or nothing less than an experience. In each lifetime, we, (the “Soul) chooses the experience that we would like to have and learn from, which may include helping others in a Soul Group.  We can choose to be awake or not, to love or not, to feel connected or not. It truly is our own choice and we are the manifestors of our own spiritual journeys.

Where to go from There?

If we are not “Prime Source Energy” in this lifetime, then what and who are we and where do we go on from here? Good question and the answer, (drum roll) is I do not truly know. As a spiritual teacher and healer, I have come to realize that the more I learn, the less I really know. It’s a pretty sad realization (at least in our human-ness) that just keeps you in a place of perpetual asking of questions the more enlightened you become.  However, what I have come to understand is that nothing is permanent except Love. Love always seems to be that one simple universal force that never goes away and is forever with us wherever we may be. It doesn’t really matter what your prime source energy is in this lifetime, but what does matter is that you carry Love with you and share it with others wherever you may find yourself. Divine Love is truly the glue that binds humanity together and not just on this planet.

Just be Love

Our “Spirit Guides” will forever tell you what your prime source energy is if you ask them or in some cases, keep pestering. I add the latter as a bit of humor because they won’t always share your essence initially – sometimes, the Soul isn’t ready to hear it. We’ve had people attend circles for a few months before the Soul is ready to hear a message. Sometimes, that message will show up in a community/group setting and other times, more appropriate and left for a private session where you can process it in a way that serves you without the energy and input of others.

But remember, “be careful what you ask for” because there truly is no going back once you open the door to a journey which could best be described as an “awakening process,” because that enlightenment we all seek isn’t a button click – it’s a lifetime process of peeling back layers of onions that never seem to end.

The Big Take-Away

If you are of the Galactic energies, then be of a wise and ancient Love. If you are of the Elemental Realm, then be of a fierce and earth-bound Love. If you are of the Ascended Master Realm, then be of a humble and purposeful love. If you are of the Angelic Realm, then be of a joyous and healing Love. And, if you have chosen to be in this lifetime of God or Source Energy, then just simply be of Divine Love.

Love is love in its truest form, pure and divine. It really doesn’t matter where you are from or what your origins are, because You are Divine and most importantly, You are of Love and that is the most important energetic message that all of us can receive and be a part of in this lifetime.







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Anthony Compagnone is co-founder of Blue Soul Earth and Blue Soul Circles, and is a trance medium. Working with people directly, Light Beings come through while Anthony is in a trance state with messages, wisdom and healing energy from the Other Side. He is also the founder of Speech Synergy, which is based in northern California. Anthony has spent more than two decades as a bilingual speech and language pathologist & therapist where he helps people and children with linguistic, speech and language needs. As a talented martial artist, he has also practiced and taught a number of disciplines, including his favorites Chinese Kungfu and Kempo.