Reflecting on the Teachings of Celestial Energies

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Reflecting on the Teachings of Celestial Energies

Today, I sit here in Pete’s Coffee with this incredible need to write. First, I would like to thank all of those souls who continue to support Blue Soul Circles with your love and patronage. None of this is possible without all of You. Second, I would like to give thanks to Renee for her tireless pursuit of spirituality and her continual commitment to our cause as spiritual healers and teachers. She truly is a force to be reckoned with.

Since Renee and I have embarked on this spiritual journey together, I have seen incredible shifts in our consciousness and those with whom we are working and guiding. It truly is like seeing little miracles in the making each time we hold our Blue Soul Circles and observing how spirit work their magic with each and everyone of You. I’m sure if Spirit could cry even more when they are working with each of You they would do so. I know this because this is how they make me feel. I often have to hold them back to let them know that i have cried enough tears on this spiritual journey to fill the oceans of this planet. But, they don’t listen to me all the time and often tell me that “a good cry is very cleansing for the body, soul and consciousness”.

I would like to start regular writings on some of the subtle differences of three unique energies who continue to make their presence known during our circles. These three energies of Love, Light and Healing include: Christ Consciousness, Yeshua and Miriam or better known as Mary Magdalene or Miriam of Magdala.

Each one of these energies is unique and quite different when “it” chooses to come through to speak and to heal. I say “it” because it doesn’t present itself as neither feminine or masculine but a bit of both. The beauty about the English language is that “it” is neuter being of neither one or the other. It doesn’t surprise me that our society is starting to move towards a more gender neutral way of living and that many of our youth are beginning to identify with neither male nor female. There are no coincidences that our earth is going through an awakening period and our young people are beginning to feel it at an accelerated rate. Many of our galactic family members present themselves of neither gender or a bit of both. It should come to no surprise that we are slowly moving towards this ascension process as well. Let us all rejoice in this miraculous process.

So, who and what is the Khristos/Christos/Christ energy aka Christ Consciousness that comes through to heal? It’s very strong and makes my entire being shake when it is present within and through me. From what our spiritual team has related to Renee and I on an ongoing basis is that this Christos/Khristos energy (Christ Consciousness) energy is an energy of Pure Love and that this Pure Love energy surrounds not only planet earth, but all planets. That is to say, wherever there is a planet in our universe, there is Khristos energy that surrounds it. Again this is not surprising given the fact that our scientists are discovering new planets each week both in our own galaxy and others.

Furthermore, this particular energy is the energy that was most associated with the shaman teacher and healer, “Iesus” which by the way happens to be the Latin name for Yeshua. Christ energy is also known as the “anointed one” but we should all be cognizant that we are all the “anointed” ones as well. There is no separation between the Khristos energy and ourselves. All energies are interconnected on this planet. We need only to sit and feel it, become it and then, most importantly, put it into practice. I am the luckiest man on earth because I have been gifted with the ability to sit and play with children for a living. I get to feel love and become love each day of my life with each little child with whom I work. I believe the great Buddha would call this “correct.”  I often wonder if my choice of professions was by no coincidence to work with the under served and poor communities and with those little ones that have no voice? Probably not….

I believe this post is sufficient for today and I will write more upon the energies of Jesus and of Mary of Magdala. These two particular energies are becoming more and more prominent and powerful as they work their love and healing energies through both Renee and me. They continue to show to us both who we truly are in this lifetime and what our true purpose is as light workers and teachers. I can tell all of You this, that it is nothing short of miraculous, sacred and divine in all its nature.

As an aside, Renee practiced some very powerful Reiki healing on me last night and placed her gentle hands upon my throat chakra. She intuitively knew that there, I was in need of healing. As a result, I do believe that I have found my voice. Perhaps that is why I have felt such an incredible need and urgency to write and express myself. Ahhh, yes, there are no coincidences indeed.

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Anthony Compagnone is co-founder of Blue Soul Earth and Blue Soul Circles, and is a trance medium. Working with people directly, Light Beings come through while Anthony is in a trance state with messages, wisdom and healing energy from the Other Side. He is also the founder of Speech Synergy, which is based in northern California. Anthony has spent more than two decades as a bilingual speech and language pathologist & therapist where he helps people and children with linguistic, speech and language needs. As a talented martial artist, he has also practiced and taught a number of disciplines, including his favorites Chinese Kungfu and Kempo.