Spiritual Egypt: A One Day Workshop

///Spiritual Egypt: A One Day Workshop
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Discover Ancient Egypt through Guided Meditations, Channeling Egyptian Goddesses & the Ascended Masters on Saturday July 18, 2020.

SPIRITUAL EGYPT: a day workshop that will take you back in time. See event landing page here.

During the one-day guided journey:

  • Renee & Anthony’s unique live channeling & direct dialogue with Ancient Gods & Goddesses of Egyptian Lineage
  • Kristen’s Alternate Timeline Techniques will usher you into deep, meditative states to help illuminate your personal connection to ancient Egypt.
  • Sense, feel, see or know information from that timeline that is relevant to your life today.
  • Clear ancient trauma or energetic ‘stuckness’ that may have been lingering in your karmic connection.
  • You will experience direct information transmitted specifically to you and the unique group that comes together for this powerful journey.
  • Additionally, the presence of Master Teachers will usher in energetic ‘up-leveling’ for all those who wish to receive it.
  • Many attendees report physical sensations: tingling, buzzing, floating, emotional clearing and high vibrational re-attunement that can linger for days, often much longer.
  • Others who have worked with Renee, Anthony and Kristen call their experiences transformative, and make sustainable positive changes in their life as a result of their workshops and courses.
  • You will return from this experience with a renewed understanding of your own personal journey, who you are in your ‘spiritual self’ and why your time on Earth in this body now is so important.

You can register here.

When you register for this STUDY WITH SPIRIT™ WORKSHOP on SPIRITUAL EGYPT, you will RECEIVE:

  • Live Channeling: direct dialogue with Ancient Gods & Goddesses with Egyptian Lineage (Sekhmet, Isis, Thoth)
  • Guided Meditations taking you back in time
  • Egyptian Healing Methods
  • Ancient Wisdom Teachings

Who is this Course for?

This Study with Spirit™ workshop is designed for anyone with an interest in Egyptian Spirituality, Culture, Heritage of History and for those who feel spiritually connected at this time, or wish to….

This riveting workshop will be led by Blue Soul Earth™ teachers, healers and channelers Renee Blodgett & Anthony Compagnone and Spiritual Teacher, Author & Master Hypnotherapist Kristen Eykel MHt.

In this riveting workshop, you will explore the inner worlds of Spirit Within You. On this journey, you’ll experience the inner sanctity that spiritual masters across cultures and time so often speak of and innately know.

You will discover by tapping into your body, that you truly are a powerful vessel for Higher Dimensions and Realms to flow through you, a realm where ancient knowledge and healing takes place.

We will dive into the the spiritual mystery and teachings of Egyptian lineage. And, we will explore the traditions and customs, including Egyptian temples where sacred ceremony was revered.

Planning for this Journey:

This workshop will enrich your senses, transform your perceptions and leave you with new knowledge, a deeper spiritual connection and a richer experience with the higher dimensions.

  • Go back to the time of your Soul’s Journey with the Pharaohs: Kristen Eykel will guide you on a journey into the time of your soul’s connection to this realm. This guided regression journey illuminates past lives and alternate timelines you may have been connected with in ancient Egypt.
  • Full Embodied Channeling: Healers & teachers Renee Blodgett & Anthony Compagnone will channel ancient Egyptian Goddesses and Ascended Masters, including Thoth, Isis & others.
  • Get a personal glimpse into the traditions of the Egyptian temples where your sacred ceremony will be revealed .
  • Receive Energetic Re-attunement through Egyptian Energy Healing.


The Details:

The course will run via Zoom on Saturday, July 18, 2020:

  • 9am to 2:00pm PST
  • 12pm-5pm EST
  • 6pm-11pm Brussels

Your Teachers:

This riveting workshop will be led by Blue Soul Earth™ teachers, healers and channelers Renee Blodgett & Anthony Compagnone and Spiritual Teacher, Author & Master Hypnotherapist Kristen Eykel MHt.


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