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Join us for the Quantum Healing & Power of Your Energy Grid, a 2 week Study with Spirit™ workshop. You can register line here.

Quantum Healing & the Power of our Energy Grids

Understand the Power of your Energy Grid in this 2 week Study with Spirit™ workshop via Zoom. Yogis, lightworkers and holistic practitioners know about the chakra system and how it interconnected to our emotional and physical well-being, however not everyone realizes just how far the energy grid of our body extends which is far beyond the chakras.

The energy body we speak of is known by different names (Light Body, Spiritual Body, the Merkabah Body and others) and can extend up to 26 or so feet outside the physical body.

This 2 week workshop will help you understand your Spiritual Body and how you can use it to heal yourselves & others.

Regardless of your belief system, you’ll find the content riveting — there’s no religious dogma in anything we do.

Come armed with questions, an open mind and most importantly, an open heart.

The Details:

The Power of our Energy Grid is a 2 week Study with Spirit™ workshop, that will run on 2 Wednesdays in July:

  • July 8 @ 6 pm PST | 9 pm EST
  • July 15 @ 6 pm PST | 9 pm EST

Intention is such a big part of self-healing as are the thoughts and actions we throw into the quantum field on a regular basis. New to the quantum field? If so, you’ll be in for a wild ride.

What to Expect:

In addition to acting as vessels for energy healing to occur, we do full embodied channeling as a couple. Half of each class will be teaching what we’ve learned about the energy system and quantum grid and the other half will include live channeling of our guides, which largely make up the Ascended Masters who heal (and teach) through us.

You will learn about the Chakra System and what extends beyond it in the quantum field. In the quantum field, real magic can happen. This is where and how miracles happen and spontaneous recoveries of diseases or ailments that traditional medicine has said is incurable. We hear about these stories all the time, but how does it happen? Is it really a miracle? Are these ‘people’ chosen?

Is it possible that we all have access to this method of healing? Is it possible that healing is done through an energy grid in a quantum field that surrounds all of us as human beings?

“When we tap into our Soul’s Inner Knowing, we can claim it as the Divine Force of all that is….the Interconnectedness of everything, where we are not separate from Source or others but part of a beautiful web of collective consciousness, of which Divine Love is the glue. In this innate knowing, magic can happen.” — Renee & Anthony

The truth is that we are much more powerful than we think we are and we can all rise above traditional linear thinking which is far too restrictive and exhausting. We all overthink, even when we try to determine which path is the right way to enlightenment.

We angst over whether this guru or that guru is the right one, when the true gnosis exists within, for we are not separate from Source energy or Universal Consciousness and never was. From this place, transformation truly starts to take place.

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