June 3-24: Mary Magdalene Unveiled

///June 3-24: Mary Magdalene Unveiled
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Mary Magdalene Unveiled: Learn the Inner Wisdom & Gnostic Teachings she taught 2,000 years ago. 4 weeks of Live Channelings of her teachings

About this Event

Ever wonder who Mary Magdalene was? What was her role was 2,000 years ago? When we first started channeling her ‘soul’ as a couple a few years ago, we never imagined the wisdom and knowledge that would come through, some of which are written in the Gnostic Gospels and some of it not.

Her message at this time in humanity’s evolution is a strong one and it largely has to do with the balance of the divine feminine and the divine masculine — this has been out of harmony for some time among humanity and with the Earth herself. As the coronavirus has thrown Gaia into a long overdue self-correcting phase, we are facing a global crisis — it’s a wake up call that is forcing us to turn inward to focus on what’s truly important in our lives.

This online course via Zoom meets 4 Wednesdays in June (June 3-24 at 5:30 pm PST and 8:30 pm EST) for 90 minutes of live channeling of Mary Magdalene’s soul for ancient teachings and wisdom. There is a syllabus so each week has a core set of topics we will cover, all of which build on each other. Energy healing will be part of each week’s class.


We all carry powerful Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine Energies but how do we show up with both of them in harmonious balance so we can feel aligned with who we truly are?

Over the course of thousands of years, we have developed a way of being, living and thinking that defines us in “boxes” of MASCULINE and FEMININE.

“When we tap into our Soul’s Inner Knowing, we can claim it as the Divine Force of all that is….the Interconnectedness of everything, where we are not separate from Source or others but part of a beautiful web of collective consciousness, of which Divine Love is the glue. This is the harmony & balance we speak of!”

Within these boxes, we have lost our way. Within these boxes, we have been conditioned how to behave. We have developed a belief system of what defines a man (or masculine energy) and what defines a woman (or feminine energy). This belief system is a mass consciousness belief system, not a divine truth that your soul inherently knows.

The truth is that we have both divine masculine & divine feminine energies flowing through us all the time — one force steps forward when we need it while the other steps back. Sometimes we are out of balance and this disharmony shows up in ways that can be destructive and emotionally harmful for ourselves and for the relationship regardless of what role we play.

How do we escape from the confines of these boundaries and definitions? How can we truly show up as the Divine Beings that we are in a harmonic balance of Feminine & Masculine? And, how can we show up in a way that heals ourselves, our partners, our children, humanity as a whole and even our planet, which is starving more than ever to come back into harmony and balance?

FULL-EMBODIED CHANNELINGYou will experience full embodied channeling of Mary Magdalene and Ascended Masters from Higher Dimensions who speak as a collective voice. We also bring forth the combined energies of Jeshua & Mary Magdalene who work through both of us to heal using the combined powerful forces of divine masculine & divine feminine.


Have you ever heard the ancient wise saying that true enlightenment comes when we realize that we are connected to all living things? And, that all is divine exactly as is? Not just connected but that we are one with “it” and “it” is one with us?

Christ Consciousness (not to be confused with the healer who once walked the Earth over 2,000 years ago) is a consciousness of divine love that each of us have within us as human beings.

Divine Love doesn’t see sex nor does it love one sex differently because of human desires and needs. Neither does divine love see color, size, shape, disposition, personality or so called wrongful acts. As humans, we all have access to it, but we get so caught up in DOING that we forget about just BEING!

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