May 6-27: How to Connect with Spirit Guides

///May 6-27: How to Connect with Spirit Guides
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Have you ever wondered if there really is such a thing as Spirit Guides? If so, have you wondered “who are they? And, how to connect to them? What’s their purpose?”

JOIN US from May 6-27, 2020. When you register for the Learn How to Connect with Your Spirit Guides STUDY WITH SPIRIT™ course, you will receive FOUR WEEKS of teachings which include live channeling for 90 minutes per week. Each week, you’ll have an interactive dialogue directly with the Ascended Masters we channel. We will meet via Zoom for four Wednesdays from 5:30 pm to 7 pm PST, and 8:30 pm to 10 pm EST.

During each class, you can ask the pressing questions you’ve always wanted answered. You’ll also learn ancient wisdom and teachings, as well as experience chakra balancing and energy healing.

Who & What are Spirit Guides?

Are there really ‘spirits’ in other dimensions we can’t physically see or hear? Awareness of “spirits” and “energy fields” has been around for thousands of years and is used as part of Eastern Medicine & Healing with much success. In the west, we’ve come to recognize the power of these “hidden forces” and traditional doctors are even starting to incorporate modalities they once rejected, such as cranial sacral, acupuncture, reiki and even sound healing.

Indigenous elders across the world have always tapped into spirit guides and energies to learn, connect, observe and heal and, still do today. What about hearing and seeing beyond this dimension? This is also far from new. Mystics and healers haven’t been the only ones to embrace these abilities either.

Regardless of whether you’re someone who needs scientific proof to believe in something universally present beyond the human body, most of us have had experiences which give us reason to question our traditional conditioning, learning and belief systems often created by some form of dogma or worse, fear. The truth is that Science and Spirituality are coming closer together every day and even renowned teachers and visionaries are speaking about non-duality, quantum realities and unseen energies at major events.

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