Blue Soul MASTERS™ Inaugural Class

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Blue Soul MASTERS™ Inaugural Class

I would like to thank the participants from our inaugural Blue Soul MASTERS™ course.  We held our first class this week and the Ascended Masters were quite strong in their messages and in their healings. I could feel a surge of energy from all of them as they increased their collective energies to ignite the spiritual spark in all who were in attendance.

I had a great sense that they were well aware of who was participating in this first session and the utmost importance of establishing with all of you exactly who you are in this lifetime. In order to be a spiritual healer, guide, teacher and master, we must be well-grounded on this earth plane while simultaneously comprehending who and what we are in this vast energy-verse.

Our guides were adamant that we all understand the importance that we are multi-dimensional high-light beings first and foremost and capable of healing not only with our hands but also with our words or even with a look. Also, what appears to be real here on the earth plane is nothing more than a perception of our own making on an energetic level. In other words, we created our own perceptions of who we in this lifetime and as a result, we can change them as well. There is nothing holding us back but our own belief systems.

When our guides view us, they see no difference amongst any of us from whom they are and want us to know that we are truly interconnected. We may call them the Ascended Masters but in reality, they are who we are but only in their true energetic forms of existence.

When it comes to shadow work and traumas that we have all experienced in this lifetime and beyond, they want us to understand that we have the ability to transmute these energies if we choose. We are capable of changing these slower vibrational energies into high vibrational energies within our energetic light bodies. We are capable of taking full advantage of this quantum field and innate awareness in order to heal ourselves and others within our auric fields. They do not wish that we languish in the energies of fear and self-pity if we are to expand into our true authentic selves.

Remember who you are and where you desire to “frequent” in your vibrational form.


Om-Shanti-Shanti and Om-Hari-Om

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About the Author:

Anthony Compagnone is co-founder of Blue Soul Earth and Blue Soul Circles, and is a trance medium. Working with people directly, Light Beings come through while Anthony is in a trance state with messages, wisdom and healing energy from the Other Side. He is also the founder of Speech Synergy, which is based in northern California. Anthony has spent more than two decades as a bilingual speech and language pathologist & therapist where he helps people and children with linguistic, speech and language needs. As a talented martial artist, he has also practiced and taught a number of disciplines, including his favorites Chinese Kungfu and Kempo.
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