Magdalene & Yeshua on your Noetic Wisdom

Magdalene & Yeshua on your Noetic Wisdom

What is noetic wisdom? You can consider your noetic wisdom as the seat of your intuitive abilities. All human beings have access to that innate wisdom and yet, we often second guess it when we hear our Higher Self (or Higher Mind) speak or we fear it. Others simply don’t understand it. Regardless of what resonates with you, we each have access to this inner wisdom. Some call it Inner Gnosis. Our pagan, shamanic and indigenous brothers and sisters simply connect to the land and know that we’re not separate from it.

During this course, we’ll focus on igniting the Spirit within you so you can tap into these abilities on your own. We’ll channel the ascended masters, with Yeshua and Magdalene being the prime guides who come forth to teach and heal. Energy transmissions and guided meditations will be part of the experience.

Isn’t it time to tap into that innate wisdom and begin to live a more joyous and abundant life? 

This four week Study with Spirit® experience runs on four Saturdays, starting on  January 15 at 10:30 am PST. We opted for a weekend morning to make it convenient for those on European, Middle East and African time zones to participate in the live interactive events via Zoom. You can register here. If you’re new to our work and this is your first course, use NEWBIE-20 for a 20% discount.

NOTE: for those who miss a class or simply want to dive deeper into the teachings, there will be recorded replays for all registered participants.

We hope to see you in January.

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