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Ascension & Beyond with Lori Spagna

I first heard about Lori Spagna and her channeling & healing gifts a little over a year ago and made sure to stop by to hear her speak on the Ascension Panel at New Living Expo last Spring. I went to the Ascension panel this year as well, which was moderated again by Debra Giusti who has a temple in Sebastapol where she hosts incredible teachers & masters focused on ascension, spirituality and higher consciousness.

When I heard that Lori was holding a DNA activation event at Debra’s temple following the show, we had to go. If you’re new to the word ascension, then most likely DNA activation will have you confused as well. As I wrote in my earlier piece as one way to explain it: “as humans wake up and begin to disentangle themselves from the 3rd dimension using a non-physical realm in the 4th dimension (think of the 4th dimension as a bridge to higher dimensions), we can begin to ascend and prepare ourselves (and others) for living in a 5th dimension world.”

Lori Spagna workshop

Lori Spagna is passionate about her work with animals. Credit: Lori Spagna.

In other words, there is so much more to the universe as we know it through our human experience. In a world which has subscribed to the scientific view that Materialism is the foundation and that Consciousness exists in the brain, rather than outside the brain, it is hard to fathom that our consciousness can exist outside of ourselves and is infinite beyond time and space. “It” continues to evolve, learn, grow and have experiences again and again and not just on the Earth plane.

Lori Spagna workshop

Lori Spagna leading a workshop in Sebastapol in late April.

Ascension with Lori Spagna

Lori Spagna’s profound gifts lie in her ability to explain things in simple language nearly everyone can understand in our linear understanding of things. At the end of the day, if the language which is used to teach is too complex, then people will either fear it or dismiss it because it’s beyond what the human brain can process. And, processing takes awhile in the human body to catch up, so even if you are open to diving beyond what Science can currently explain in our current three-dimensional paradigm, it’s important to go at the right pace for you so you can more effectively integrate what you are learning and thereafter, feeling & knowing at a soul level.

Simplicity, Simplicity, Simplicity

We’ve read dozens of books on Ascension, the Fifth Dimension, as well as Galactic genetic codes and activations. Despite being involved in all of it as light workers ourselves, it’s still a complex topic to understand. For simplicity sake, let’s look at the third dimension, which is the one we are living in now. It’s physical for the most part and we can see all that we know and believe or at least that’s our current perception of all that is. A few obvious exceptions of course are our mind (we can’t physically touch it for example) and emotions, which we know are there but can’t see or touch either. Other dimensions include sound and light.

“The primary frequencies of the 3D world are Fear, Anxiety & Scarcity!”

Lori broke it down to make it easier to understand. For example, in our current 3D reality, anxiety, fear and worry are core drivers of the world in which we live and play. Heirachy is also part of our third dimensional reality, i.e., boss is more important than an employee, president is more important than the senate and so on. Competition and separation are normal in this 3D frequency. Examples of polar opposites include: black/white, Russia/USA, Democrat/Republic, Jewish/Catholic, Gay/Straight, Male/Female — you get the idea. It’s become so “normal” for us to live and BE in a separatist world, how could it feel “normal” to exist in one which embraces unity, integration and oneness?

The truth is that it doesn’t for most of us since we have all been conditioned to think that we are separate and to behave in a way which supports this standard world view. Death, disease and divorce are also normal in this paradigm and aging is programmed into this way of thinking as well.  Think of this conditioning as a code if you will, and all of these ways of thinking and norms in our current world are embedded into that code which people on Earth are entangled.

It’s like an ugly web of negativity, where fighting and judgment are not just normal but easy to get looped into depending on the company you keep. Also called webbing or the looping paradigm, it’s as if we are caught in a spider web or repetition of conditioned patterns of how we live, what we say and what we do. This programming (and code) dictates how so many people live their lives and all too often, those patterns aren’t healthy ones.

New Living Expo Lori Spagna ascension

Above and below, Lori Spagna teaches at her Ascension workshop in Sebastapol

If our third dimensional world is stuck in fear, anxiety, worry and scarcity, what are the drivers of a 5D reality? Love, Joy and Peace of course. Says Lori, “you can begin to see things around you and situations you face, including very negative ones, as Net-Neutral.” She uses Donald Trump as an example stating that she can understand his role in this transition and rather than get upset about his decisions and actions, she is neutral about it — it’s a larger understanding of the bigger picture. This is not to propose she is a Trump supporter, but merely sees him and the situation in a net neutral kinda way. This allows for more love, understanding and joy to enter into her days since she doesn’t get caught up in the toxicity of emotions and attachments to feelings which typically play out in the 3D world.

“Love, Joy and Peace are the main frequencies in a 5D World.”

When you begin to operate in this new paradigm, you vibrate differently, bringing in new people and frequencies into your day-to-day existence. The Ultimate Liberation assures Lori, is freedom from these 3D codes.

In her work, she clears some of these destructive and negative codes which simply don’t serve us in positive ways.  SO, when you hear about code activations and ascension, it has to do with clearing unwanted codes which keep us stuck. It is also about bringing in (or activating) new ones from higher frequencies, which ultimately is closer to love. Lori lays it out in a simple way so you don’t get stuck in complicated jargon that will keep you from “getting it,” and moving forward.

Lori Spagna Ascension

Debra Giusti and Lori Spagna

The Shift from 3D to 5D

So, if we’re currently living a 3D existence and we’re moving towards a 5D world, what is 4D you may be wondering? Think of it as a bridge if you will. Our dreams, among other ‘realities’ are in 4D. The bridge between the right and left brain, where your heart opens up beyond what you’ve known and in this open-hearted place, divine love can enter. When this shift occurs and your vibration is raised, you begin to see things differently. Inactive intuitive gifts that we all have as human beings, suddenly get turned on. We can access the non-physical world and transformation in our lives begin to happen.

New Living Expo ascension chakra system Lori Spagna

The chakra system — the heart and beyond (throat, third eye and crown chakra) are open and purring in harmony in the new dimensions. We can access different realities and switch between dimensions if and when we wish.

Think about it — nothing is “real” to us unless it is physical in a 3D world and this way of thinking is “fed” into our consciousness. But, we as human beings are so much more than flesh and bones. Scientists and technologists often deal with the unseen and unknown from a place of fear or simply dismiss it without hard core evidence. The truth is that there’s been plenty of evidence that validates remote viewing (our friend Kala Ambrose does this on a daily basis) as well as psychic and mediumship abilities that allow people to connect to the “Other Side,” — another world in another reality of existence.

What if I were to say that our souls can split and exist in this world (on this planet) while also simultaneously existing in another reality, another planet and another dimension? In multiple realities and multiple universes?

You’d probably think I was crazy and want to see evidence to prove it. But as time marches on and the veil is thinner than it’s ever been before, we are hearing more and more stories of people having recollection of other experiences and other lives during past life transgression work and hypnosis. (see our article on Robert Schwartz who led me through both a past life and in between life transgression – he’s one of many gifted people trained to do this).

Once we become aware of this 4D bridge, things will start shifting for us in miraculous ways. In this world which isn’t all physical, you can create every reality and manifestation by what you energetically and vibrationally “transmit” to the Universe. Our own spirit team tells us all the time, “be careful what you think for it will create your reality even if you can’t see this occurring in real time.” Time doesn’t exist in these other realities either, which is hard for our linear minds to process.

Within these higher realms is the Crystalline realm, which according to Lori is the Christ Consciousness frequency. We also channel Christ Consciousness which when “it” does come through, is about acceptance and pure divine love at its core. When Anthony embodies high spiritual light beings, such as Christ Consciousness, Mother Mary, Archangels and so on, his entire body and breath slows down — even slower than the Theta Brain Breath. We all have the ability to “get there” if we so choose, and it’s a combination of our ‘allowing’, our ‘surrendering’ and our outside environment as to whether we succeed in connecting to those other realms….or not.

There are things in our environment which can shut down the Puneal & Pituitary Glands (think: third eye). Things like 5D electronics, smart meters, EMFs, GMOs, flouride, artificial sweeteners and vaccines all can contribute to blocking us from connecting to Higher Consciousness.

The so called “known” realm of 3D is so limiting — it separates us constantly because of these polar opposite contrasts (straight/gay, left wing/right wing as noted above). The 4 and 5D world liberates us from ‘you’re wrong, and I’m right.’ Says Lori, “it’s liberating because there’s so much we don’t know and that’s okay. The unknown is so infinite that there’s so much out there beyond what we have learned in our current reality. When you realize you don’t need to learn a lesson or “be right,” then you simply download what you need to know seamlessly and effortlessly.”

When we feel we need to learn something or ‘fight’ for something, there’s always a struggle. In a 4D, 5D and beyond existence, you simply “choose” your experience. Infinite information and consciousness can be accessed in this new world. Simply ask what you need in any given moment!

“What if Gods, Goddesses, Angels and more really did exist and you could access all that they know in these higher dimensions?”

Ascension Lori Spagna

Imagine if mystical Gods, Ascended Masters and Angels really did exist! Imagine being able to access their essence, energy and knowledge seamlessly, like a download from a computer chip? Imagine their ancient wisdom and loving presence opening you up to new possibilities.

Free from the Entanglement of Limitations

Most of us were raised to believe in limitations and because of those belief systems, we were held back from doing some of the things we may have been passionate about doing. We‘ve all been there and each one of us has our own story of what we gave up or didn‘t do because of a programmed belief system. Based on the change of frequencies which are now happening on Earth, our past karma is clearing instantaneously. Planets are also doing different things now that these frequencies are shifting.

Imagine having an unlimited choice of how to live your life? Imagine making choices based on primordial love (original love), joy and connection, the primary frequencies in 5D? Celebrate,” says Lori, ‘for we are elevating into this — we are moving into this Higher Consciousness.”

Different Realities, Different Timelines

Most of the stuff I‘ve read (or events I‘ve attended) on Ascension don‘t really explain timelines and why they‘re so important. Lori stressed just how critical they are because without understanding them, you can get stuck in analysis paralysis. It’s the stuff of quantum physics but it doesn‘t have to be that complicated to understand. Lori explains that ONE timeline is a life we are living on Earth here and now. It could be a collective or an individual (or both) agreement for a shared experience.

She explains, “a tertiary timeline is a fractal timeline, which is one that not everyone is experiencing or going through.” In other words, the timelines polarize and separate into different realities. For example, in one timeline, an animal can be lost and in another timeline, the same animal can be found. Lori says, “you can get off a fractal timeline and get back onto a primary one, which is focused on joy, love and peace.” You see, once you get into a vibrational harmony with love, peace and joy, then little miracles start to unfold in your life.

Ways to Raise Your Vibration

Although Meditation is a prime way of raising your vibration, accessing your Higher Self and Global Consciousness, there are other acts which can help as well. Here are a few things which can assist you on your journey to more awakening and love.

  • Nature: walk barefoot in nature. Feel the earth below you. Some people call it Earthing. It can be a powerful way to connect to Source Energy and a Higher Consciousness.
  • Exercise: this shouldn’t be a surprise because exercise keeps things moving. Joyful movement of anything you love to do, will elevate your consciousness and get you into what people in our 3D world may call “getting into the zone.” So, whether it’s dance, running, swimming, cycling or something else, do it and do it with purpose and joy.
  • Water: remember that we are mostly made up of water in our human existence. Add a little Himalayan Sea Salt in some water and drink plenty of it every day.
  • Shower with Intention: when you’re in the shower, use sea salt for clearing – put it on your skin and with intention, ask to remove all frequencies and energies which are negative and don’t belong to you. As simple as it sounds, it works. Anthony and I both do this daily.
  • Sunshine: the sun can feed and nurture us. You may be surprised (or not) to learn that most Americans are deficient in Vitamin D — we need more outdoor fresh air and sunshine in our lives.
  • Breath: Ahhh yes, the power of our breath. When Anthony is channeling, his breath slows WAY down. Think: Ujjayi Breathing, which is a breathing used in both Taoist and Yoga practices. (sometimes called “the ocean breath”). It’s powerful what your breath can create — it will indeed open and expand your awareness.
  • Food from the Earth: having lived in close to a dozen countries and eating healthy organic food in so many of them, I can’t emphasize the importance of healthy food from the Earth. The closer to source the food is the better. Items like greens, beans, onions, nuts, seeds and berries will raise our frequency and vibration. Be aware of what you put into your body and when you do eat, do so with positive intention.

Based on this overview, you can assume that some are “ascending” faster than others. Lori had a great explanation for this in a way that simply “makes sense,” and you can see it in the communities around us. She refers to it as Ascension Waves.

Ascension Waves Explained

Lori talked about various “waves” of people contributing to the Ascension process.

  • Pre-Wavers: These are the folks who have made us ready and prepared for openness, a new way of thinking and embracing love as the primary focus. Some of them are no longer living and some still are. Think: JFK, Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson, Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay, Gandhi, John Lennon. They all created the foundation we need to build upon — so many of us nourished ourselves on their “spiritual food.”
  • First Wavers: the first wavers Lori says were activated by around 2011. These were the folks who started going to drumming circles early, becoming Reiki practitioners and healers, and others who worked in the non-physical realm. (energy work, mediums, etc).
  • Second Wavers: those in this group are learning from workshops, they’re normalizing this spiritual awakening and creating movies and books that bring that new paradigm to the masses. They’re making it understandable and “okay.” And, through many modalities, they are teaching third wavers.
  • Third Wavers: Third wavers are trying to understand it and learning from First and Second wavers via books, movies, events, poetry, songs and so on.

If this still sounds and feels too complicated for you or there are aspects which make sense but others which don’t, start with this: embody trust, faith and love. Be these three vibrations as much as you can in your daily life. Align with it and trust what your Higher Self says, knowing that your intuition is a very real thing. Start spending time with people who are operating at a higher frequency and vibration and you will meet others who are ascending at perhaps a faster pace than you are — they will move you along with them as you get into alignment with their frequencies.

Ever hear the saying that you become who you spend your time with? Well, know it to be true. If the company you’re keeping is bringing you down or surrounding you with negative vibes, it’s time for a change. It may be a hard choice to move away from people who may have been in your circle for years, but if the relationship isn’t healthy for you and your spiritual and holistic growth, then you need to move forward.

So, What About These DNA Codes?

The more you learn about the Ascension process and what is involved, the more you’ll hear about dormant DNA Codes. So, what are these codes exactly? The first two strands are related to the “Records of the Ancestors.” Lori says these “strands” were left for us to resolve. There are no shortage of books talking about related things, such as a diseases connected to an emotional blockage from this or a previous lifetime, i.e,. resentment or anger not resolved. Liver Cancer has been known to be connected with Rage. The good news is that you can clear these records.

The next ten codes are ‘gifts‘ that all humanity will have. In these codes will include the ability to eliminate sickness and disease. First, we need to disentangle from the web, which takes time. Consider these the ten dormant strandspeople working on healing trauma and blockages with people often refer to codes or strands which are dormant — according to Lori, they fall into this category.

Then, there are the 144, 233, 444 strands. Lori spoke of these as the ‘gifts’ you claim in the unknown realm. These codes are beyond the 12 strands and those which we will be clearing for future generations. These activations are for our future offspring and the clearings have to do with our past.

  • Activations = Help with clearing future generations
  • Clearings = Our past karma & lives

Then, there are some activations which assist in the clearing of all of humanity. What came through was powerful as we felt the energies of ascended masters entering the room, Christ Consciousness, the Animal Kingdom, Metatron, Archangels, Lady Nada and a host of others.

It was a powerful night with like-minded souls who all came to learn, grow and ascend. At the end of the day, love is the most powerful force in the Universe, so if we can collectively get to a point where we’re all living from a place of divine love and joy, then imagine what the vibrations on this planet will call forth? Imagine how healing this will not only be for ourselves as humans, but for the planet (and the Universe) as a whole.

Below are some photos from the event Lori led in Sebastapol, California in late April.

Celestine Starr Lori Spagna

Celestine Star who ensured we had a live stream during the event — she’s a powerful force herself, also an author of the Galactic Earth Council, and a Galactic leader working with others to help them ascend in a powerful yet supportive way. I wrote about her book here.

Debra Giusti Lori Spagna

Debra Giusti in her divine temple! We applaud all the work she does to bring people together on this ascension journey. She’s a connected, committed and giving Goddess to say the least. She moderated last year’s Ascension panel at New Living Expo and this year’s one as well.

For More on Lori Spagna

For more information on Lori Spagna’s work, visit her website.  She’s an author, speaker, spiritual teacher, ascension guide, channel, intuitive, energy healer and animal communicator.  Her workshops, events, sessions and retreats focus on how we can learn from animals, align with our true divine Source and a 5th dimensional reality which is where we are heading. She also leads sacred government circles and animal energy healing circles.

You can learn more about unlocking your Dormant DNA & receive a free Sample DNA Activation with a gifted mp3 class from Lori here. And, you can learn more about your Starseed Ancestry and Your Star Family Races with this free class and ebook from Lori here. For spiritually minded animal lovers, you can receive 3 free content-rich energy healing and animal communication & telepathy classes and ebooks for humans and animals here. Enjoy!

Lori Spagna workshop

Photo credit: Lori Spagna

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