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Renee and Anthony have created books and guidebooks focused on aligning the soul, so people can step into their full potential and life’s purpose with ease-and-grace. Their work, courses, consulting and writings combine science and spirituality with the hope of expanding our collective consciousness.

Manifest Through Spirit is a workbook and guidebook focused on Abundance and Manifestation. True manifestation comes when you live and act from a field of abundance. Wanting and longing only brings you more wanting and longing. When you truly understand who you are energetically, you realize that not only is everything else around us energy, but we are connected to all of it. We are one with it. And, we live in an abundant and participatory universe.

From this lens, you have an unlimited number of possibilities and probabilities open to you, so do you decide to step into a path of abundance or deprivation? As human beings, we are born to be natural manifestors and creators but if we don’t believe we can or are aligned with “it”, then we end up choices that sabotage our success, happiness and inner peace again and again. We provide exercises to help you stay in the field so you can live from a field of abundance – not just sometimes – but every single day. 

Metatron & Sacred Geometry was created as an adjunct to our Sacred Geometry course but easily has its own merit and strength as its own guidebook and workbook even if you haven’t taken the course.

Why do some people feel drawn to certain geometric shapes and designs and not others? Consider that even our human DNA is a geometric shape. Because we are all energy, each of us has our own unique frequency and it is how we are known by other energy forms in the multiverse.  

This useful guidebook gives you plenty of inspiration from a diverse number of sacred geometric shapes and symbols across time and cultures, from architecture, religious, culture and pagan ceremonies to nature, including animals. There are also exercises you can do to deepen your awareness around sacred geometry while expanding your consciousness.

The Energy Body & Quantum Healing is a workbook and guidebook focused on the Energy Body. We explore what the energy body is and why a better understanding of it, can shift your perspective on how you live your life.

A better understanding of the Energy Body deepens your levels of awareness and expands your consciousness in such a profound way that your everyday decisions start to reflect that global and universal consciousness that embraces the oneness of all that is.   

Much of the work at Blue Soul Earth® teaches the importance of integrating both science and spirituality into the picture, not alienating one over the other. The Quantum Healing portion of the book isn’t written from or through the eyes of a physicist, but rather suggests that the multidimensional field we all have access to in the participatory multiverse, is available to all of us…a place where we can tap into our own innate noetic wisdom for more empowering answers to the age-old questions of  “who we are? and why are we here?”

Your Soul SPEAKS is is an eBook as well as an audio book that explores your soul and its desire to be in the driver’s seat of your life. When we’re not aware and simply react to what life throws our way, then the ego generally becomes the driving force in our life. When the ego dominates, then we’re out of alignment with what our Higher Self (or Higher Mind) desires, which includes everything in your life: how you eat, the career you choose, the relationships you engage in and even how you treat yourself.

This reflection book encourages you to sit and be present with everything that arises in your life – as it is – knowing that everything is perfect as it is, including all aspects of you. Yes, even your shadows. When you live from a place of Spirit, recognizing that we are energy beings first, then our perspective on everything shifts. We begin to realize the interconnectedness of all living things on the planet. Transformation truly happens when the still-point centers and grounds you. You soon discover, that the world truly does surrender to a quiet mind.

How to Connect to Your Guides is a workbook and guidebook with exercises to help you connect to higher dimensions and realms. There is no one way to connect – there’s only your way. In other words, each of us has the ability to channel guides and our Higher Self (or Higher Mind), however each person has their own unique gifts and intuitive abilities.

We cover the main clairs, focusing on the most known senses: Clairaudience, Clairvoyance, Clairtangence, Clairsentience, Claircognizance, Clairalience and Clairgustance. You’ll discover that one of these abilities is more dominant than others. The question is: how do we ignite that ability and strengthen? And, how do we stay grounded in the process while maintaining discernment along the way. We cover all of it as well as tips and guidelines for how to slow your life down, for in that still-point and silence, you’ll find the keys.  

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