Blue Soul MASTERS™ Application

///Blue Soul MASTERS™ Application

Blue Soul MASTERS™ Application

Welcome to the Blue Soul MASTERS™ Application process. Don’t worry – it’s pretty easy and doesn’t require much time. We simply ask you to answer the following questions and submit them to us for review.

We are looking for what resonates with you and why, as well as your reasons for wanting to take the course. Note that there is no right or wrong answer. All exploration is personal and as such, the spiritual journey is truly unique for each person, just like the blueprint that belongs only to you. Who and what you resonate with will differ from someone else.

We do not subscribe to one way of teaching or belief system as the right way to reach enlightenment or to become your own Ascended Master.

How Buddha reached his “serenity” was different than how Yeshua, Miriam of Magdala and Mohammed got there, however there are core principles that many of the Ascended Masters who once walked the Earth plane shared.

Our goal with the Blue Soul MASTERS™ program is to share these teachings and dive deep with you individually and as a group. Like all of our work, there is no religious dogma. Because time and space knows no boundaries, energy healing and transmissions will be part of this Study with Spirit™ Advanced course.  The course is designed for those truly ready to make a commitment. See Prerequisites for the Blue Soul MASTERS program below.

Blue Soul MASTERS™ Prerequisites

  • You’ve done at least one Study with Spirit™ course on or offline.
  • Spiritual exploration and teaching is not new to you. In other words, you’ve done spiritual and/or personal development work in the past.
  • You are open and ready to take your spiritual growth to the next level. This means not only having an open mind, but also an open heart. Surrender is so key to the awakening process and journey.
  • You must be committed to doing the homework, which includes reading and viewing the curated articles, content and videos prior to each class.
  • You will be assigned to a small teams at the end of Class 1. Part of this advanced course includes meeting with your team via Zoom twice during the six week course (we suggest at a two week interval), however your group decides the best day and time that works best for the group. (we suggest 45 minutes to an hour).

If the following quote resonates with you or touches a part of you that you can’t explain in a logical way, chances are you’re a candidate for the Blue Soul MASTERS™ program.

“The World Surrenders to a Silent Mind.”

We would love to have you join us. Below is the application form — feel free to email us at info at bluesoulearth dot com with any questions or concerns you may have.


Blue Soul MASTERS™ Application Form

When finished, please click the submit button


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