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Blue Soul Valentine Day’s Gift Guide

We love curating gift guides because it allows us to find some unique picks every year that we typically don’t find in other guides. Here are our top picks for this year’s Valentine’s Day Gift Guide. From food, tea, pampering lotions and jewelry to perfume, spirituality, music and more, we’ve got you covered.

Blissful Art Jewelry

This beautiful piece (35.5 inches with 108 beads) comes in Brass and Bronze with lava beads and tourmaline. There’s also Quartz, which is known to harmonize the chakras and align the bodies, and one of our favorites: Labradorite, which is known to be useful companion through change, imparting strength and perseverance. We use the stone a lot in our circles and have plenty of it throughout the house — it’s great for balancing and grounding as well.    energies and sacred meaning to infuse your practice. The nice thing about this option is that you can select other stones as well – we opted for Labradorite but you can also go for Lapis (such a rich and beautiful blue) or Amethyst, which is an all around great stone that anyone would love.

Another gem which includes Labradorite is this Mala, which is accompanied by Fluorite crystals, both meant to be a great all over mind-body-spirit detox.

Each and every necklace has some aspect of personalization which is such a nice feature – most of the options on Etsy for jewelry do not offer this level of customization.  This beautiful piece comes in 3 sizes: 30 inches, 40 inches or 108 mala beads. It is handcrafted using high quality Amethyst, Jasper and Druzy Sediment Stone and you can choose gold or silver.

We love Amethyst because it is such a neutral stone and makes a great gift. Known to help cleanse one‘s energy field of outside influences, its also just a lovely color that resonates light and love.  Jasper is meant to be a stone of physical strange and is ‘said to’ increase one‘s chi in one‘s aura.  We just love the color and the combo with Amethyst – stunning right?

For more jewelry from the Blissful Art collection, check out their Etsy store for more choices and to order.

Skylar Perfumes

We came across a perfume brand we hadn’t heard of before: Skylar. They offer a variety of perfumes and you can opt for a spray bottle or a rollerball. They also have sampler packages as well which make great gifts. We love the Skylar Duo option, which allows you to customize a gift pack — you simply choose two 1.7 oz perfumes of your choice.

The six scents included in either the Sample Palette or any of their other products, including rollerballs and sprays include Arrow, which is spicy, warm, and seductive, Capri which is zesty and sweet, Coral which is fruity, floral, and flirty, Isle, which is clean, dewy, and fresh (meant to be one of their best sellers), Meadow, which is floral and elegant and Willow, which is woodsy, lush, and cool (our personal favorite). Below is a two spray bottle duo — you can of course purchase them individually as well as the entire set of all six.

Also in the same fun scents, they have body washes and lotions — or kits that include a combination. The Skylar Body Wash, Lotion and Hand Cream are both hydrating and rich in antioxidants, and include Hyaluronic Acid which is known for locking in moisture really well.

They also offer something called a Scent Club, which allows you to receive a new, limited-edition scent every month. Check out their website for more information including how to order.

Capresso H2O Steel PLUS Water Kettle

Since we love to entertain, we always have a coffee pot and a tea kettle going. It doesn’t make sense to use a stove top kettle anymore and hopefully all of you reading no longer do. Electric water kettles are definitely the way to go as they’re much faster, safer and more precise than any stove top kettle.
We love the elegant design of Capresso’s H2O Steel PLUS water kettle, which features a beautifully designed stainless steel pitcher and variable temperature settings for versatility when preparing different types of teas. This is a “must have” for all tea lovers.

There’s an automatic reheat function when cold water is added to the kettle. We LOVE that there’s a pause and pour a cup while heating and a removable micro filter spout. Two out of three of the last tea kettles we have tried out all dripped when we poured after the first month. We’re still into the first month of testing out this Capresso tea kettle, but so far so good thanks to its drip free pouring design.

For lighter teas, such as white or green varieties, a lower temperature is recommended, while darker teas will extract better flavor using higher temperatures. The automatic keep warm setting keeps the remaining water at the selected temperature until you are ready for your next cup.

In addition to heating water for tea, the H2O Steel PLUS is handy for brewing French press coffee or heating water for reconstituting dried vegetables and fruits, or with instant oatmeal, and soup mixes. Included are four temperature selections: 212°F which is recommended for black tea, 195°F which is recommended for oolong tea or coffee, 175°F for white tea and 160°F, which is optimal for green tea.


The Capresso H2O Steel PLUS kettle is stainless steel, weighs in at around three pounds and is about 8.5 inches long, 6 and a quarter in width and around 9.5 inches high.  For more information including how to purchase Capresso products, visit their website.

Orbs by Play Clarity

We came across these fun mystical orbs by Play Clarity. You simply ask a yes and no, then roll around while concentrating, then pull your answer out of the Mystical Orb by using your instincts. This beautifully designed snow globe is a great addition to an altar or any spiritual area in your home or office.

This mystical orb dice roller is based on Chakras and will give insight to questions or dilemmas that might come up in your life. They tout that the benefits of this orb include a creative way to get inner guidance, or insights as well as increasing your overall awareness. It is meant to be thought provoking and makes a fun gift.  You can also use it in combination with any of their Clarity game to answer a specific yes and no question.

Clarity believes that everything happens for a reason, so your roll is exactly what you need to hear.  The color coded answers are designed to give you more than just a yes and no and is based on the Clarity Chakra colors. The clarity colors in the globe include purple for mental, red for emotional, orange for spiritual, yellow for physical, blue for the past and green for the future.

Raw Spirit Perfumes

We are huge fans of Raw Spirit perfumes and if you have read us long enough, you know that we don’t boast about brands very often. The ingredients are ‘healthy’ and non-toxic and are sustainably sourced from sacred and natural land around the world. They offer their fragrances in sprays, creams, rollerballs and as sets, including travel sets. Their fragrance offerings also come in different aromas, broken down into floral, fresh and warm. We’re not a fan of sweet perfumes, so we opted to test out the warmer fragrance offerings. That said, the Summer Rain in the “fresh” category is also refreshing and lovely.


They also offer larger 3.4 ounce sprays as well as rollerballs although we think the one ounce sprays are the best for travelers — easy to pack, are in the size restriction for carry on bags and tend to last longer than rollerballs.

From left to right: Rollerballs to

Our favorites are the warm ‘fire’ scents, which include Winter Oak and Wild Fire. Winter Oak is a standout for us because it’s so velvet-y — think smooth, creamy notes of aged American oak and layers of suede, saffron, premium Haitian vetiver and musk. Apparently their Winter Oak fragrance is inspired by walking the oak-lined trails of the Chumash Lands of California on cool winter mornings, when crushed oak leaves and twigs release their rich scent. No wonder we love this scent so much? We are huge fans of the Redwoods and long walks in any California forest.

What originally drew us to the Raw Spirit brand is their focus on sustainability.  In the Winter Oak scent for example, there’s Haitian Vetiver, which is sourced sustainably through a long-standing collaboration between that our fragrance house Firmenich has in established in Debouchette, South West Haiti.  Part proceeds of this scent also support Native American cultural preservation projects. Bravo Bravo! Women will love the Clary Sage, Italian Bergamot Oil, Pepper, Floridian Lemon Oil and Geranium as a top layer.

The middle ranges for our favorite scent include Saffron, Mate Absolute, Clove Bud Oil and Olibanum (such healing and inspiring ingredients right?). The base in this one is Leather Suede, Oakwood Accord & Oakmoss, Florida & Atlas Cedarwood Oil, Haitian Vetiver, Patchouli and Sleek Musks, whereas the Wild Fire‘s top layer is Jasmine Petals, the middle layer is Ylang Ylang, which I‘ve always been a fan with when mixing essential oils and its base is Cedarwood, Australian Sandalwood and Musk.

In fact, for the Wild Fire perfume, they use wild harvested Australian Sandalwood, an ingredient that is indigenous to Western Australia and sustainably sourced.  Raw Spirit perfumes use natural ingredients from all  over the world, which is one of the reasons we were so drawn to it for travelers — one of their tag lines is “meaningful luxury.” We also love that a woman co-founded it and was moved by seeing the incredible injustice and imbalance between indigenous and non-indigenous communities, which drove her to change career paths and jump into building a socially conscious business. For more information and how to order, visit their website.

Oracle Decks

The Goddess Power Oracle by Colette Baron-Reid

Who doesn’t love Goddesses? We have them everywhere including our meditation room. We love how Goddesses depict their archetypal essence, which exists in everyone regardless of culture or belief systems. This deck is all about the feminine aspect of the Universe which is rising to restore balance in the world. She asks: who could we become if we knew how to reclaim our true power? The deck includes interpretations of 52 Goddesses from cultures all over the world. Find it on Amazon.

The Crystal Spirits Oracle by Colette BaronReid

Also by Baron-Reid is this beautifully displayed (art by Jena Della Grottaglia) Crystal Spirits Oracle, which includes 58 crystals, each selected for their healing powers and ability to help you channel divine guidance from the Universe. Every crystal can assist in your daily life from clearing and relaxation to stabilizing energy. The deck has ‘messages‘ if you like from the crystals in order to better connect and live a life filled with purpose, wellness and joy. Find it on Amazon.

The Healing Mantra Deck by Matt Kahn

Mantras are really great to help you go within and to feel empowered — think of them as doses of vibrational medicine delivered into your energy field through the power of your voice. Says Matt, mantras are the language of unity consciousness; where the one speaking its wisdom and the one receiving its power are seen to be the same. Included in the deck are 52 channeled mantras that have been encoded with healing energy, to realign your mind, body, heart, and soul. Find it on Amazon.

He also has a new book out that cover the 10 Golden Rules for emotional freedom: The Universe Always Has a PlanMatt‘s energetically encoded mantras and exercises are designed to help you jumpstart your spiritual growth and access deeper levels of ease, freedom, and joy.

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