Access Higher Levels of Consciousness

Access Higher Levels of Consciousness

Ready to tune into higher levels of consciousness from the guides we channel. Our “Spirit Guides” largely make up the Ascended Masters that cultures across Humanity know well — they are many but speak collectively as one voice through us. We merely act as vessels of divine masculine and divine feminine for the teachings (and healings) from higher dimensions to happen through us.

We wanted to bring your attention to our BLUE SOUL WISDOM video series, which we started working on in 2020 — so far, we have around a dozen videos live you can view.
The videos are each around 10-15 minutes long (a few of them up to 20 minutes) and exist in a fireside chat format, aka interviewing our guides about a wide range of topics including:
  • Universal Consciousness
  • Gnostic Teachings
  • Ancient Wisdom from Ascended Masters
  • Quantum Fields & Quantum Healing
  • BioHealing and our Chakras
  • Beyond the Chakras
  • The Meaning Behind Symbols & Shapes
  • Sacred Geometry
  • Shamanism
  • The Power of Stillness
  • Psychedelics & the Brain
  • Opening Portals to Elemental Realms
  • Understanding the Seraphims & other Energies
  • The Kaballah
  • Meditation, Yoga & Beyond
  • Rituals in Paganism for Connecting to Oneself
  • What is the Soul? What is Spirit?
  • The Akashic Records & Where They Exist!
  • The Crystalline Grid & Our Evolution
  • And beyond…..
So far, we’ve been having a blast with the topics and with our Guides. Each time we record a new video, it feels like a natural and innate calling to ‘it’, whether it be a meandering or reflections around a specific topic or an episode related to a spiritual or philosophical book and their authors.
And, sometimes we are even surprised by the answers in real time, even though we’ve been working with our guides for years.
We will likely be posting two videos a week over the next few months. Spread the word if you enjoy any of them. Since this series is relatively new, we’d love more folks to visit and connect with us (and our Spirit Guides).  Here’s a link to the Blue Soul Wisdom Series and here’s a link to our Blue Soul Earth video channel — by subscribing, you’ll receive notifications on when we post new content.
Note that the quality of the early videos are not the best but they improve over time, so hang in there.
If you have ideas for new content and topics, you can either leave them in the comments here or even more efficient for us would be to email info at bluesoulearth dot com or join our private Facebook group Blue Soul Circles, where we have a community of like-minded individuals who are interested in accelerating their own consciousness as well as the collective consciousness of humanity and the planet as a whole. (NOTE: Our Facebook group is not a page to promote products, books, services or individuals, but a place to share your aha moments and insights about your own spiritual journey, to receive support from others and to send light and your wisdom to others).


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About the Author:

Renee Blodgett is the co-founder of Blue Soul Earth, Blue Soul Circles and Blue Soul Travel. She leads Blue Soul Circles with her twin flame Anthony Compagnone to bring the Spiritual Realm’s wisdom and messages to those on their life path. She is passionate about igniting global consciousness, helping those on their life path and awakening others to their true potential. Most at home in nature, with gemstones and crystals and with her Canon 7D on her arm, she is an avid traveler, writer and photographer. Renee’s 25 years of marketing and communications as founder of Magic Sauce Media are now directed to helping individuals and consciousness-based businesses who lead with purpose and heart. Renee is also founder of We Blog the World, an online magazine dedicated to Transformative Travel. She has been ranked as a top digital media influencer by both Forbes & the United Nations, has published five photo books and is also co-curator of TEDxBerkeley, one of the largest TEDx events in the country.
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