3 Great Spiritual Reads for Spring

///3 Great Spiritual Reads for Spring

3 Great Spiritual Reads for Spring

We always have our noses deeply buried in several books at a time over here so I thought I’d share three new spiritual books that came across our desk lately.

It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of gemstones and crystals and the Queen of Crystals Judy Hall has a new book out. We have them all at this juncture but I refer to her Crystal Bible  and Crystal Bible 2 most regularly (she has three Crystal Bibles in total).

Let’s take a look at 3 spiritual books that are a must read for Spring.

3 Spiritual Books for Spring

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The Crystal Seer

Judy Hall has a beautiful short read out that is hot off the press. In her latest of many spiritual books on crystals and gemstones she has written, she guides you through power crystals for Magic, Meditation and of course, for ritual. Those of you who have worked with crystals know, that in every crystal there is a message and tremendous power. Each stone has a story and we can use that imprint if you like to help us heal ourselves.

spiritual booksThink of it as a portable crystal reference and oracle. We love its vibrant colors throughout. Unlike so many other crystal books out there (we have a ton and quite frankly, I turn to many of them regularly as a resource), this oracle has a full-colored crystal every two pages — so colorful and mesmerizing that you’ll forget about your woes for awhile.

She also includes some powerful information in her introduction if you’re new to the world of crystals. This helps if you don’t own any of her other books. She guides you how to find the right crystal for you (I find that crystals find me when I most need them), crystal attunement (and why this is important) and high vibration crystals.

She asserts that “crystals work by cooperating with you to focus and manifest your intention so to be clear about your intention and why you’re working with the crystal.” For example, we just did a crystal grid around prosperity with our first Blue Spirit Circle and it was powerful. All of us put our intentions into the board and we could feel the energy and vibrancy of the grid as we stood over it.

Judy also guides you how to purify your crystals, activate them, and how to maintain their power. She also goes into Chakras and how to understand them in your body as they relate to healing and crystal energy.  If you’re not familiar with Judy Hall, then get reading. She has over 45 books to her credit and also does healing with crystals in the UK.

Judy Hall’s spiritual books on crystals as well as her newest book is available on Amazon.


Meditations by Marcus Aurelius is hardly new and hot off the press. It’s an oldie but goodie and has been a best seller for awhile. If you haven’t picked it up yet, it’s a great collection of meditations to put your mind at ease, especially when you next jump on that airplane.

spiritual booksBTW, to put it into perspective, the meditations are from the actual Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius (A.D. 121–180), not a modern author.

The book incorporates insights and meditations that he apparently used to cope with his life as a warrior and administrator of a massive empire at the time.

Imagine life heading an imperial throne in A.D. 161? Unlike the day-to-day challenges we face today, Aurelius found his reign beset by natural disasters and war. In the wake of these challenges, he outlined the jist of what this book is based on, which includes a commitment to virtue above pleasure and tranquility above happiness.

I remember working on a value list at the Tony Robbins Oneness event in Fiji and every time tranquility and serenity came up, I wanted to choose them above all else, but at the time, was young enough to think it was somehow wrong to elevate tranquility above things like adventure and connection. Love supersedes them all of course.

The book ties into the tradition of Stoicism, which “stresses the search for inner peace and ethical certainty in an apparently chaotic world. Serenity was to be achieved by emulating in one’s personal conduct the underlying orderliness and lawfulness of nature.”

The book is a modern version of the classic George Long translation, making it easier to follow along and process than the traditional one. As ancient as it is, it will also provide many of the important insights and wisdom that we can apply to our lives today. Bravo!

It’s an epic one which has to be on any great spiritual books list, and you can get it over on Amazon.

The Witch’s Spellbook

This is an accessible guide to casting spells, rituals and enchantments. Remember that this is really about green witch’s customs, so is about aligning with the universe, and tapping into your intuition to live your life fully.

So many people misunderstand witches, ancient ones and modern ones. It’s all about tapping into the resources of our most ancient wisdom and the natural world. I always think of spells that I have read or done as ritualistic intentions really – they’re nothing more than that in my opinion.

What you intend, you manifest and bring into reality. Spells are a bit like that, just as beautiful spiritual intentions are around positive things in your life like love, connection, prosperity and health.

The book is organized by topic making it very easy to read and browse through, as well as access for spells you’d like to perform around certain times of the month (nearing a full moon versus others which may be more appropriate at a New Moon or other times of the year for example).

Included in the book are spells for beauty, sex, health, creativity, charisma, prosperity, self sufficiency, dreams, kicking habits, love and relationships, changing careers, making decisions, fertility, family and more. She also has a cute section on How to be a Good Witch!

This book by Sarah Bartlett is a new launch from Fair Winds Press and is out this month. She is known for other spiritual books including the Tarot Bible and the Essential Guide to Psychic Powers. She’s also an astrologer and divides her time between London and the south of France. Lucky lady!

Find this and other spiritual books over on Amazon.

Be sure to check out our Spiritual Reads section for other great spiritual books, as well as Spiritual Voices and Spirituality.

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