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Blue Soul IGNITE!™ is a membership program where you have an opportunity to connect with a community of like-minded individuals each month as well as ask questions from the Ascended Masters Renee & Anthony channel. There’s no dogma here: the teachings cross borders, cultures and belief systems and are about oneness above all else. The ancient wisdom bridges science and spirituality in a myriad of powerful ways.

Blue Soul IGNITE!™ is a fit if you’re curious about life and want answers beyond what science can explain, the human eye can see & the linear mind can fathom. You know that there’s something deeper and greater in our universe beyond what we know. You believe that there’s a Higher Consciousness beyond what we can understand in logical terms.

Why Join Blue Soul IGNITE!


Perhaps you realize that we’re not on a solo journey after all….that we are all interconnected somehow to each other & perhaps even to all living things. Or, perhaps you’re just curious and feel an interconnectedness and want to learn more.

Perhaps you’ve been worn down from religious dogma and yet you still have faith in something. Or, perhaps you grew up without religion and are agnostic. Or, maybe you have always been drawn to science but are curious where spirituality fits into the picture.

Regardless of what you connect to or believe in, there’s a Higher Consciousness that we are all part of and connected to – and from that place, perhaps you’re ready to consider that simplicity could be the answer. In that simplicity of being, maybe there’s an inner knowing that love is the primal force which drives you or you would like to drive you.

Perhaps you’re ready to embrace a life without internal struggle, anxiety and over-thinking. You’re tired of being in your head all the time and the analysis paralysis because it doesn’t bring you peace.  

The monthly gatherings with Blue Soul IGNITE!™ as well as the membership program’s other benefits are designed to get YOU back into the driver’s seat so your Higher Self (not your ego) can lead, dictating what your life should look, feel and even taste like.


JOIN US if you crave community and want to connect with like-minded souls on a journey to further awakening and deeper consciousness.  

JOIN US if you want to play in both the worlds of spirituality and science and be part of a community that first and foremost, is based on oneness and heart-centered living.  

“Isn’t it time you painted your own life’s canvas rather than being confined by your ancestor’s & other people’s stories?”

“Isn’t it time to free yourself from the fears that dictate too many of your daily decisions?”

Monthly Zoom video calls will allow you to interact with Renee, Anthony and the guides they channel, which largely make up the Ascended Masters.   

Show up to receive & open your heart for alignment and expanded spiritual growth.

Ready to join us? We’d love to meet you.

Become a Member NOW!



Regardless of where you hail from in the world, you can join a community of like-minded souls who are interested in global consciousness – accelerating their own spiritual journey as well as others.

You will have exclusive access to monthly calls with from Spirit Guides & Ascended Masters, discounts off selected Blue Soul Circles™ and workshops, access to other teachers, guests, authors and more. Here are some of the benefits you will receive as a Blue Soul IGNITE™ member!

Monthly Zoom video calls with Renee, Anthony & the Spirit Team they channel. They bring forth both divine masculine & feminine energies from higher dimensions & realms. You’ll have a chance to interact with Ascended Masters & beyond.

Members will receive discounts off selected Blue Soul Circles™and events throughout the year or if not local to the Bay Area, then discounts off selected Study with Spirit™ courses offered via Zoom.

Access to Special Offers from Partners & Community Members. We are creating a partner & community member network and with that growth will come special offers and access to unique gifts, offerings, knowledge & more.

Access to our Community. When like-minded people gather, there is support, learning & soul-expanding experiences you can share with one another. Connecting with others on a similar path is also very healing & collaboration tends to flourish.

Special Gifts & Webinars: From the Blue Soul Chats we plan to do with selected practitioners & visionaries, you can receive access to discounts, gifts & webinars of other teachers, masters, wellness program managers, healers & more.

Early Access to Spiritual Retreats & Workshops: Get early access to retreats & trips to sacred destinations around the world with live channeling & healing on-site. You’ll also get early registration access to Blue Soul Summit™ on & offline events.

Access to Membership Library & “Blue Soul Lounge”. Not yet launched but when it is live, members will find curated articles, books, CD’s, teachers, art and more. The “Blue Soul Lounge” serves to be a creative place for members to hang out, learn and grow.

Members Exclusive Gifts: As our thank you for joining, you’ll receive both the Audio and e-book versions of YOUR SOUL SPEAKS.   We take feedback from our members to create new eBooks & Study with Spirit™

Basic Listing in our Membership Directory: once we launch our membership directory, you can list your offerings & services, so a wider audience knows about who you are and what makes your work so special and unique.

Become a Member NOW!



Also, if you haven’t signed up for our newsletter yet, we’d love to have meet you. By signing up, you will receive twice a month updates on our events as well as interviews with renowned spiritual healers, authors & teachers which are in written form and sometimes on video. We have a Blue Soul Earth YouTube Channel with separate sections dedicated to wisdom & healing.

Blue Soul Wisdom on our channel are interviews with our Spirit Team and Blue Soul Chats are interviews with other spiritual teachers. By signing up, you will receive a FREE Resource guide on suggested online reading, books and our take on channeling, which covers the differences between the various forms of mediumship & other healing gifts.

We are also prolific on Instagram, have a private Facebook Group, a Facebook Page, are on Clubhouse @bluesoulearth and Twitter. Content on our social media platforms & newsletter are FREE and there to also help you to connect with other liked-minded souls who are trying to make sense of our world. Additional FREE guides can be found at the bottom of our website as well on channeling, crystals, manifesting and the angelic realm.



Our Blue Soul Circles and Workshops are powerful & life changing, so if you’re interested in holding one, regardless of where you live, reach out to us & let’s talk. We’re interested in holding healing circles & retreats anywhere in the world. We’d also love to collaborate with river cruise lines & retreat centers so we can channel the Spiritual Realm to attendees who may be interested in awakening and global consciousness.

We can hold them under the stars, in an outdoor tent, in the mountains or on a beach if weather permits. (connecting to other realms in the heart of nature is very healing & restorative). We can also hold them at a community, retreat, yoga or meditation center, in a home, in a school or at a business. Transformation happens in so many unique ways and can be tailored depending on your interest & needs. Email us proposing what you’d like to & let’s create some magic together for you & your community.

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